Post Truth Civilization

It seems today that many people have forgotten about a topic which was referenced fairly often by many of us in the dissident political sphere between 2014 and 2016. Sometimes I would hear the phrases “post-truth society” and “post-truth politics” multiple times a day, or at least once a week. What happened? Clearly discourse and the ability to define our reality has been altered against our best interests.

Many of us who were familiar with the concept of being post-truth were well aware of the long term implications. We knew things would only get worse and our enemies would only double down on their positions. We knew that they would lie, lie, lie, and when caught and called out ignore it or change the subject with more lies so fast most normal people never caught the previous exposed lies by the time that mass attention shifted.

Politicians, the media, and corporations lie to our faces regularly in every way imaginable. A good example are these terrible covid “vaccines” being forced onto everyone. It’s been proven that these toxic compounds do not prevent infection or transmission of disease. This means they’re worthless, they do nothing to the person injected with them, aside from possible deadly side effects. The risks from micro-clots killing you are much higher than the risk of death from our joke of a pandemic, this is also clear to see from proper observation. Despite this the lie is always the same: “Get the shot or you’re killing people” or “get the shot or you will create super-variants”. It’s been proven that the “vaccinated” have higher viral loads by 250%. Instead of being a boon these toxic shots are clearly a burden, yet the lies continue forever and ever. Truth has been discarded by everyone in one way or another in today’s world and there is no longer much of a struggle to champion truth for its own sake. We have too few comrades in this struggle today, but it wont stay like this forever.

Similarly we are lied to about the state of the economy, racial issues, the environment, you name it. Nothing ever happens to those proven as liars. Normal people do not hold them nearly accountable enough. At the rate things are going nothing will stop until vigilantes are tearing these people apart on liveleak videos like cartel executioners have done in the past. When our society does collapse, and I believe it is inevitable, very harsh measures will be enacted by the common people and their new governments to anyone suspected of uttering un-truth.

Today you can help by organizing your friends and loved ones who are receptive to our cause and asking them to actively counter the lies that we are all subjected to. Raise your voices and do not be intimidated into silence by our power-mad overlords. We need to show our presence to the others out there who feel as we do, they must see they are not as alone as they feel.

A good source of stickering material relevant to some of the lies we face can be obtained from the white rose organization. They will of course have the occasional boomer take about historical events but overall they seem to be positive and well meaning. I am in some of their chats on telegram and they generally seem to have the same level of intolerance for “anti-white” hatred as as they have intolerance for other forms of crude racial baiting. While there will always be outliers in every group understand this is a generalization, and for those of you who obsess over ww2 and crude humor, just keep it in your pants.

Understand that the fake pandemic is the primary mechanism which the system is using to weaken and enslave us and therefore countering the lies they tell on this issue should be our primary concern.

An interesting synchronicity:

While writing this article I decided to search duckduckgo and see if i could find an image to steal for use in the header of this article, while doing so i saw that Andrew Torba- the CEO of Gab had today written an article on the Post-Truth society we are living in, same as myself. I generally do not accept coincidences at face value and believe that we have been touched by a ripple in the collective unconscious, or divine inspiration despite him being a christian and me being a heathen.

Here is the link:


How can you think straight and make rational decisions when each and everyday you hear conflicting and contradictory information from “authoritative” sources? You can’t. No one can. That’s the whole point. That’s why the powers that be are doing this. Welcome to the secular hell of a post-truth world.

We don’t need to wear masks. No wait, now we do. Hold up now we need to wear two masks. We can stop wearing masks now. Surprise, we need to wear masks again. Actually it turns out masks aren’t as effective as we thought.

We just need 15 days to slow the spread. Now we need a month. Maybe a year. Never mind, we didn’t need to lockdown at all and it caused more harm than good.

Don’t take any vaccine that Donald Trump rushed to market. You didn’t get the vaccine, are you nuts? The vaccine is highly effective. Oops it looks like highly vaccinated Israel is having a major outbreak. Get the vaccine or lose your job.

Are you keeping up? This is the reality of living in a post-truth world.

They want us shell shocked with rapidly changing information overload which leads to option paralysis and fear. When people are in a state of fear coupled with option paralysis they are very susceptible to manipulation and easy to control.

While we are all dazed and confused they are destroying families, small businesses, and entire nations. They are rigging elections, they are botching troop withdrawals to flood western countries with refugees, the American border is being invaded by hundreds of thousands of people, they are buying up single family homes and pricing you out of the market, they are printing endless money and inflating your currency.

They are transferring trillions of dollars in wealth to themselves and shutting up each and every last voice of dissent to it all while doing it.

All while the while you worry about a virus that statistically you have a 99% chance of surviving with the immune system God gave you.

It’s exhausting and impossible to keep up with by design. It’s meant to drain you mentally, physically, and spiritually so that you submit to their control. Don’t.

In the post-truth world anything goes. Chaos reigns. Those who create the chaos manifest their means of control. Do not comply. Do not give them one inch. Stand your ground. Hold the line.

Christians reject the post-truth world. We have absolute Truth in Jesus Christ and His Gospel as a firm foundation on which to stand. God is our authority. Not the CDC. Not the Biden administration. Not the WHO. Nor the talking heads on CNN and Fox News.

In the darkness of chaos Jesus is the Light that leads us to salvation. Jesus saves. That is the fundamental Truth of the Gospel. Now more then ever we need saving. We need Truth. We need Order.

The battle rages on, but the war has already been won and we must never forget that. We must cling to the cross and stand firm in our convictions. We must love one another, obey God, and humble ourselves enough to fully depend on Him in this time of great trial.

I know we can do it, because we serve the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Creator of the universe. May you find comfort in His Truth and keep the faith.

God bless you and God bless America,

Andrew Torba
Jesus is King

Fanatical Hatred is Un-Germanic.

The Hollywood version of history is so strongly ingrained in societies collective subconscious that people instinctively assume that Germans are and probably always have been cold, spiteful, & vindictive people. That they are the ultimate form of the evil which the “white race” is uniquely guilty of, according to our detractors.

Being cold, calculating, and overly-logical are only half of the personality traits ingrained in German culture. Totally ignored are the characteristics of being stoic, cheerful/jolly, and highly talented in cheerful music and soul-expanding artistic expression. Nowhere in history spanning the last 2,000 years have we seen sadistic or evil tendencies, aside from vastly exaggerated tales of the Nazis (many of which have been disproven and quietly forgotten about in the past 70 years, such as shrunken heads, bars of human soap, and jew skin lampshades).

Instead of being evil and devoid of morals the Germanic tribes were always extremely obsessed with justice. We need to remember that the concepts of good and evil were Germanic and existed before the arrival of Christianity in Europe.

I quote the premier research organization on Germanic spirituality and morality, the Norroena Society: [The very words “good” and “evil” come from GERMANIC languages and date into pre-Christian times. In Old Norse “good” comes from goðr, and evil is directly from the Saxon language, with its root yfel. Its Old Norse equivalent is illr, which is directly connected. Not arbitrarily, directly.]

Considering that the god of justice and war, Tyr, was sometimes more important to continental Germanics than even Wotan the above quote from the Norroena Society makes perfect sense.

During WW2 a Germanized Jew named Ernst Lissauer, who was a very staunch nationalist, who believed fanatically in Prussianism, created a phrase “Gott Strafe England” (which became a powerful meme in WW1 Germany). He also wrote a song called “Die Hassgesang Gegen England” (hate song against England). Both were advanced by the military and government to help stoke anti-English feelings in order to help the war effort, but the Nordicist circles, German folkish groups, and other people who’s attitudes and influence would later mold the Nazi party opposed the slogan and the song.

Ernst Lissauer

To quote his wikipedia: [Despite his obvious zeal, Lissauer ended by pleasing no one. He came to be criticized by the vigorous anti-Semitic movement of the day for expressing such “fanatical hatred”, which they considered “unreasonable”, “utterly un-German”, and “characteristic of nothing so much as the Jewish race”. Houston Stewart Chamberlain declared that the Teutonic German did not “wallow in Old Testament hate.” Over in England, Arthur Conan Doyle said in his book The German War: “This sort of thing is, it must be admitted, very painful and odious. It fills us with a mixture of pity and disgust, and we feel as if – instead of a man – we were really fighting with a furious, screaming woman.”]

Another example of this German mentality can be seen during the Nazi era in the vast majority of their folk/marching songs. Most have an uncanny upbeat message, or are love songs, or are songs about valiant behaviors done by historical figures, such as:
1. Erika – a lovesong

2. Schwarzbraun ist die hazelnuss – a lovesong

3. Wir sind des Geyers schwarzer Haufen – the song of Florian Geyer, Medieval German Folk Hero

4. Westerwald- about how beautiful Europe is.

If the attitudes of the Germans during the Nazi period were sinister or malevolent in any way it would have been reflected in the songs used to motivate and energize the troops on marches. While some of the marching songs regularly used predate the Nazi government others do not. If the Nazis wanted a different energy in their motivational music they surely would have made different songs less in sync with the historical Germanic spirit.

The previous mention of the historical real Nazis brings us to the issue of today’s neonazis who seem as unaware of true Germanic spirit as do normies and boomers who only know what they watch on the history channel or in Hollywood films. It should be concerning to observers how obsessed many of these neonazis are with ugly un-Germanic attitudes of the type which got Ernst Lissauer attacked, attitudes which were called Jewish and “old-testament”. Some further reading to expand on the concept of neonazism being illegitimate can be found in my 2 earlier articles on Rockwell and the article I wrote on the NSDAP rule of National Socialism being “not for export” and reserved for Germany only.

While on the subject of neonazis promoting spiteful attitudes which were considered Jewish I would like to recap from one of my earlier articles on the subject of Jews being behind neonazism.

This clip from a 1979 newspaper illustrates one of our worst problems

The sentiment seen in levi’s rally application is commonly seen today among neonazis. Considering the root of these people as a Zionist psyop after ww2 it shouldn’t be surprising that they echo attitudes which are extremely foreign to the Germanic soul.

To the neonazis reading this:
1. Good and Evil are not Christian concepts created to weaken the race, they are ancient instinctive values.
2. Your Hollywood bad guy views condoning sadism are alien to the race, making you mentally ill.
3. Your political ideology is a lie. Created by the tribe of people you claim to hate. You manifest the views that our enemies wish we had so they can justify destroying us.
4. You know nothing of the so called “aryan spirit” that you people talk about. Especially if you enjoy black metal or left hand path garbage.

The natural Germanic spirit is for positivity, justice, intrepidness, and good. Anyone who disputes this does so to justify their own excess.

Be sure to see my upcoming article on related germanic values Lagom and the law of Jante.

Agenda 21 and Climate Lockdowns. Part 2 of “The Great Reset” Series.

Agenda 21 and Climate Lockdowns:

The Post-Covid Lockdown Scenario

We are all, by now, aware that the so called “new normal” is never meant to end. The powers that be have a lot riding on the ability to restrict our movement, supply chain, economic output, farming output, and the market surrounding all of these things and tampering with critical items such as electricity generation and vehicle fuels.

These abilities never were explicitly requested by the powers that be and we never explicitly consented to them, but the effects of these combined measures over the past year and a half have set us neatly into a situation of weakness.

We are reaching a point where the hysterical media response to a very underwhelming “pandemic” has us collectively burnt out, the majority of us are no longer willing to be prisoners in our own homes, watch local small businesses die, wear meaningless masks with no real filtration ability, or anything else remotely like the cattle-like compliance expected of us.

Additional schemes pushed relentlessly by an illegitimate government installed by massive voter fraud, such as: gun grabs, destruction of national oil and energy production, witch hunts against dissenters online, demonization of police with the intent of replacing them with a federal police force, and extreme levels of gas-lighting against the American citizenry are not only causing a backlash in states such as Texas, Florida, Missouri, and so on…. But these measures also clearly illustrate that there is no intention of slowing down their efforts to deconstruct and rebuild society in their preferred form, which is easily seen in the form of “The Great Reset”, “Agenda 21”, and “Agenda 2030”. Of course very few of these schemes will pan out if they are unable to disarm the citizenry of the United States.

Think tanks have run many war-game scenarios regarding a potential civil conflict of patriots vs government and in most of these scenarios the government loses. It stands to reason that they wouldn’t fare well against a 7 digit population who are mostly armed and are pissed off, especially when they had trouble squashing the various non-state forces in the middle east over the last 20 years, not to mention the war of independence here was also a prime illustration of how guerrilla warfare against a tyrannical government with a well trained army would play out.

The next stage in their machinations is to destroy civilization and usher in a world where “you will own nothing and like it”, where you will rent everything, where you will have no personal vehicle, no pets, nothing other than the shirt on your back, where you will not travel freely without permission in town let alone across the country, and where you will have technology keeping track of all these things for the people who consider themselves your masters.

This next stage will be likely signaled by “climate lockdowns”. This time the lockdowns will likely be indefinite. Due to the ability of these people to gas-light and shift goal posts it would be foolish to assume otherwise. Who remembers “two weeks to flatten the curve” turning into 18 months of our lives stolen?

Consider the motions that are being implemented across society to ease us into agenda 21 positions such as the present situation in California:

1. Dumping massive amounts of fresh water into the ocean, then claiming there is a drought from climate change. This is being used to harm farming and cause food shortages.

2. Stopping preventative burns in the Californian forests which result in massive wildfires which are blamed on climate change. This is being used to raise taxes on energy use and force people out of rural areas and into cities.

3. Cutting energy production capability which leads to brownouts, which is used as an excuse to force people into accepting that they cannot use appliances freely. This is priming people for a future where all electricity is rationed.

4. Working from multiple directions to force people into switching to electric vehicles which have a limited range and track everything you do. You will not easily be able to evacuate in an emergency. You will have trouble keeping a fully charged vehicle during constant brownouts and power rationing. The grid cannot handle even 1/5 of the vehicles on the road being electric. Internal combustion vehicles can be modified to run on alternate fuels which can be relatively easily made, they want an end to this freedom.

5. Weapon and self defense restrictions which are clearly only in place to disadvantage honest people, and which do nothing to prevent criminals from doing criminal acts. This effort is meant to make it harder for honest people to rise against a corrupt state when enough people wake up to whats planned for them.

6. Contact tracing. Getting you used to being always tracked and always spied upon in your daily interactions with others. They believe you deserve no privacy, and that you have no reasonable right to be left alone in life.

This incomplete list illustrates some of what is in store for the rest of the Western World.

The smart cities full of smart pods where you will own nothing and be happy while eating bugs and soy don’t seem very far fetched anymore do they?

Resist, work towards making your county a second amendment sanctuary county. Make sure your local sheriff is a second amendment sheriff. Network with others and stand up to create grass roots opposition. You have the power to save the world.

Voter Fraud And You: The Current State Of 2020. Part 1 Of “The Great Reset” Series

To many of us it’s abundantly clear that chicanery and fraud have taken place in the 2020 election cycle. To some of us it isn’t immediately clear. To sheep and lemmings there is no possible way anything dishonest has taken place and we are all paranoid and hysterical. These people are sadly addicted to the lying corporate media and never will see reality until it is too late to stop what’s coming.

The best starting point to explain this is to simply contrast voter support for Hillary in 2016 against the voter support for Biden in 2020. We are told to believe that 2020 has seen the highest ever voter turnout in American history. With the exception of just a small handful of critical cities Biden has actually performed worse than Hillary did in 2016. We are expected to not notice that in the vast majority of urban areas he performed worse than she did, but expected to believe that in the critical urban areas he did better than any candidate in American history. What do you suppose the odds are of this mysterious wellspring of support in only the most critical areas? Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia are the ONLY places where he outperformed even Barack Obama, who skated into power on some mythical rockstar status given to him by women and “minorities”. (1)

Considering that enthusiasm for a presidential candidate who is clearly senile is obviously low across the board, and that his support seems hinged on come concept of duty to get rid of Trump, it is clear why he performed so badly in most urban areas. Keep that senility in mind when Biden slips and says something with no filter which he most likely should be more tactful about. For those of you who aren’t aware Biden has infamously said on national television that he “doesn’t need your vote but needs your support later” and “we have the largest voter fraud organization in American history”. (2)

If you look at the many videos of witness testimony regarding fraud and illegal actions in the voting centers and with the ballot counting, and if you look at the abundant video evidence actually showing examples of vote tampering and illegal activity it’s not hard to see that this is really the case. The illegal action of leftist ballot counters blocking republican ballot watchers from doing their jobs should be enough to invalidate any votes processed in the facilities they ran. If they had nothing to hide they would not have prevented the ballot watchers from doing their jobs. (3)

As for the electronic votes there is ample evidence that the companies involved have knowingly shipped machines with severe security vulnerabilities and “software features” which easily facilitate vote tampering by ballot workers. Hackers have been pointing out the easily utilized flaws in these machines for at least the past 3 years and nothing has been done to fix them. (4)

These machines are also supposed to remain disconnected from the internet while they largely have been connected during this election cycle, which opens the door for these machines to be remotely monitored and remotely manipulated. So called “vote flipping”, as seen in both Michigan and Wisconsin, where tens and hundreds of thousands of votes were witnessed going from Trump to Biden were blamed on “software glitches” while hundreds of thousands of votes for Trump were totally deleted. We know this because these machines have easily inspected code and leave records of every computational action they perform. Of course all of the “glitches” found so far have only been in the favor of Biden. What a coincidence. The largest voting machine company, Dominion, had as its Officer of Strategy and Security a man named Eric Coomer who was also extremely active on social media running an Antifa profile which regularly posted about Trump in a negative and extreme way. As you can see there would be a strong incentive for him to facilitate or ignore any effort to sabotage the election process. This also helps account for the suspiciously high vote count for Biden in the critical urban areas. (5)

Considering the amount of “glitches” and suspicious activity at the ballot counting centers it’s not shocking to see that voter registration of dead people is again being used as a tool to provide the child sniffer higher numbers, but something new which I haven’t heard of before is using the identity of pets to create voter registration and cast fraudulent votes. (6) The identities of normal living people have also been stolen for use in fraudulent voting. (7)

A recount has been scheduled for Georgia, but the recount is to be done exactly how the first count was done. There will be a strong lack of republican ballot watchers, and no ballots with mismatched signatures or other disqualifying characteristics will be discarded according to various complaints I have read. There will be no significant change to come from this fake attempt at appeasing angry voters. (8)

The big takeaway is this: Votes DO matter. If they did not this entire fiasco would not be going on. Next time your larping, wannabe-militant, pseudo-accelerationist friends claim it’s all fake remind them of whats going on presently. That is a lot of money and political favors spent over “nothing”. Sacrificing the legitimacy of their controlled media and causing backlash against social media companies is a lot of damage to inflict upon themselves over “nothing”.

We can rest assured that this struggle will continue for some time into the future but the end result is unclear. As I see it this is a showdown between the bankers, corporate media, wall street, military industrial complex, agenda 21 n.w.o freaks and the “orange man”. How far can he get against a rigged system and army of npc marxist drones? I will be the first to say that I’m not really a supporter of his but in this situation him and I have common foes and as such I prefer him to the alternative. Biden taking power will result in more than just going back to “normal” with new endless wars and white guilt propaganda ramped back up and all the rest of our past normalcy. It is much, much worse than that.

The main reason these people are all foaming at the mouth to be rid of Trump is simply that he is an egotistical wild card. He serves himself first. He doesn’t take orders and he doesn’t accept being pushed around. That benefits us simply because the enemies of all mankind are on a schedule and their deadline is coming up fast. Agenda 21 has been in the works for decades. George Bush first signed his name to it in the early 1990’s and it was at this time he started obsessively talking about a “new world order”. (9)

Agenda 21 is a UN plan to implement global communism under false pretenses. This isn’t communism as marxists and communists envision communism, it’s communism as communism really is in practice. Of course marxists would disagree, as far as they’re concerned true communism has never been tried. Past communism has been funded by Big Bankers and Wall St. (10)

Don’t forget it.

Stay tuned for the follow up article explaining what is planned for us all, as well as more information on Agenda 21.

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Corporatism: what it is and what it isn’t.

Like fascism itself corporatism seems to be poorly understood by everyone from boomers to Marxists to the so called far right who larp as “fascists” some of the time. Like the misunderstanding of Fascism itself and the definition of the word Fascism this ignorance is deliberate, caused by a steady and long running misinformation campaign by our collective enemies.

To understand the concept of corporatism you have to understand Fascism itself, namely that it was founded as a political doctrine by ex-socialists (seeing the destructive potential and massive flaws in marxism they evolved and rejected it). It would be foolish to assume that socialists are wrong about all things, despite usually being stupid and evil. The simple fact is that “socialism” predates marxism and Karl Marx could easily be considered an effort by a certain rich cabal of banking families to subvert the movement. Indeed a little deep research exposes his links to the Rothschild family.

While marxist socialism is extremely polarized and seems to be rabidly against the concept of corporations and bosses and investors and private enterprise Fascism was not. Created to solve the failings of the socialist political trends of the era, Fascism found ways around the problems inherent in so called “capitalism” by correctly addressing them. While it is extremely foolish to pretend that corporations are generous, kind, socially responsible, and contribute to the health of the nation it is also foolish to pretend that they cannot BE FORCED to become so.

The method devised to force corporate greed from being destructive to the nation and its citizenry was corporatism. Imagine corporatism as a promise. Imagine a strong government holding a gun, loaded cocked and ready, and watching diligently. Whenever destructive, greedy, parasitic, amoral, or irresponsible behavior is exhibited by the corporation the safety is removed and the government takes a single shot at its head. You manage corporate misbehavior by being the unmerciful boss of the corporations bosses. Otherwise you do not seek to interfere because politicians are not businessmen and its clear from the failings in communist countries that politicians sinking their claws too deeply into industry kills it. That is corporatism.

Corporatism is often described as a merger between government and corporations, but this is extremely vague and lends itself to misinterpretation. The misinterpretation potential for that description is so extreme that today’s system is often described as corporatism. In reality we have the inverse of corporatism. The corporations and governments are together in a vague merger of course, but in our system the corporations hold the gun and the government does as its told. This can easily be seen by big pharma sending its board members and lobbyists to senior positions in the FDA, and Monsanto sending its board members and lobbyists to senior positions in the FDA and USDA. The very institutions meant to apply a sort of corporatist pressure against greedy and destructive corporations have been taken over by them. Why? Because there never was a gun pointed at their heads to prevent it. Because our system wasn’t built with the concept of reigning in greed before it becomes a terminal illness. We can change this but in order for it to work we must be absolutely clear on our goals and how we will enforce them.

In today’s world the banks, media, big tech, and big oil have more political power than our own governments. Only an insane boomer or retarded libertarian would call what we have “corporatist”.

While being an invention of Fascism it is still a universally applicable concept unlike Fascism itself and should be advocated for. At the end of this decade the tired argument of “let them do what they want, if you don’t like it go build your own banks, facebook, tv network, etc” will be finished for all time. Nobody who survives whats going on today and coming in the near future will be stupid enough to still say such monopoly excusing anti-freedom nonsense. It is up to us to make sure that better ideas become normalized in the Right.

Cantwells Court LULZ And Fedbait Run Amok

*All outside links mentioned here are listed at the bottom.

Today while chatting with a few friends I was directed to a thread on Kiwi Farms regarding notorious meth boofing libertarian/WN crybaby Christopher Cantwell.

If you’re at all familiar with me you know that I’ve been saying for years the dude is obviously a federal informant running a honey pot operation, and that him hosting the fed-bait cringe-cast “the Bowl Cast” is further proof because absolutely nobody would promote those unstable freaks (not shocking considering he was associated with TRS who are well known for informing on and doxing people themselves. TRS we remember what you did to Identity Dixie).


It is also a general rule that the biggest tryhards in the “movement” are people who are either infiltrating and trying to make a reputation for themselves or people who, for whatever reason, are compensating, whether because they’re mixed race, have mixed kids, are former serious criminals or drug users, have severe mental illness, are Jewish and want to help advance the stereotype of movement people as the worlds biggest clowns, or simply are hired provocateurs or informants with a sort of informal temporary immunity.

can you cringe any harder?

It is because of this I assumed the leader of the Bowl Patrol, a fella calling himself Vic Mackey was one of the above. For those unaware he was/is the leader of a dorky internet cult which is in essence 1/2 atomwaffen and 1/4 Dylann Roof fetishists and 1/4 Ram Ranch homosexual jokers, they also had a podcast which Cantwell hosted called “The Bowlcast”. Mackey and I had a chat on wire several years ago when he was under the mistaken impression I like neonazism, terrorism, and fetishizing mass murderers and mentally unwell behavior. He decided I am not very cool by the end of it. Well today I was pleased as punch to see he was named in Cantwell’s primary court proceedings and his real name is “hispanic”. Of course, I’m rarely wrong in these things, but it always does tickle me how predictable these situations always are, even if the run of the mill lemmings who support the “movement” are never smart enough to comprehend the most obvious patterns without massive outside help.

sure dude, mass murderers are sooooo good for your cause eh? lol
(this part of the conversation was Vic Mackey bitching about “Weev” for only ironically talking about D Roof.

Andrew Casarez, aka Vic Mackey, never did seem like the wisest guy so it was also tickling to read that he harassed Cantwell endlessly and was therefore among the great number of people who Cantwell was reporting on and complaining about to the FBI, there is a fair chance he may have been the most reported on and complained about individual in Cantwell’s life.

There still are people out there who regard Cantwell as some kind of poor suffering political prisoner, a victim who was smashed by the state for standing up for truth and justice. That is honestly pretty pathetic. Anyone out there who thinks an unhinged crybaby tweeker is worth anything or is a help to anyone at all is sick and needs mental counseling.

I read a funny article about his first day court proceedings on some goofy anti-extremist website and was highly amused. Face it, people like Cantwell, and the Base, and Atomwaffen, and Bowl Patrol do not exist to do anything other than feed free ammunition to our enemies. I say “our enemies” in the loosest possible way. They aren’t my enemy and I’m not theirs, they are disgusted by the same freaks in the “movement” I am and it’s understandable that normal people would assume everyone who supports the preservation of western civilization and who advocates for European Americans on any level is some kind of disgusting human trash, because from what they see its always true. Normal folks never see the good people (who never last long in the ‘movement’ before becoming disillusioned and dropping out), they only see the loudest ugliest people out there, who always make the cause they pretend to love look bad, starting with the ADL agent Rockwell and reaching into the modern day through these freaks. This is of course why I am openly and loudly against the “movement”, neonazism, white nationalism, and all the other cancer ridden dead-end bullshit these bad actors promote.

I called an Uber for all the buttmad neos reading this.

And so, considering that these people are always morons and trash who make the truth look bad and evil I will mention another article from the same site. This one references Siege-Tards attempting to dox a so called anti-fascist podcaster, harassing his home, and attempting to intimidate the residents there by taking pictures of it and mentioning the address publicly on podcasts such as the Fed-Bait moron festival “Goy Talk” which was run by a “totally legit guy and not a fed, dude” who wore a mask and used a pseudonym while selling t-shirts and merch to collect peoples names and addresses. LOL. These suspicious folks all tend to congregate closely around each other, don’t they? The residence these people were harassing did take notice, and the occupants were highly shocked by the negative attention because as an innocent family with no connection to the podcaster what would they think? They sold the house and moved out of state. The next family to live there? Also harassed by these siege morons. The dox intel provided by Vic Mackey and Paul Nehlen was clearly not good


Of course the defining characteristic of these people is excusing or denying their harmful activity with the phrase “its just a meme dude”. I’m reminded of an old running joke where you do something terrible to someone and play it off. The humor in the situation came from insisting “its just a prank bro”, but in all of these cases we are the only ones being “pranked”.

Link to Kiwi Farms thread on Cantwell:

Link to article regarding Cantwells first court appearance:

Link to article regarding Siege-Tards targeting innocent family:

Quick Primer on the Freaks Known as “The Order Of Nine Angles” (O9A)

Inside of the Bowel Movement (old term for the “wn movement” used lovingly by National Alliance members before Pierce’s death) there exists a cult who, according to their own words, infiltrate and spread ‘sinister’ energies. They are a “satanic” cult you could say, but they would claim this is not an accurate description. Others would call them a cult of “energy vampires”. In reality a totally in depth and nuanced explanation is pointless to the purpose behind this article. Most people would agree they’re some sort of demonic cult and that’s good enough.

If they really worshiped ancestral gods like Wotan they wouldn’t have such a talmudic view of humanity. Their job is to lie, infiltrate, and destroy.

Their views are, like most satanic cults, very “Talmudic”. O9A of course pushes this outlook further than most others, even going as far as considering all non members to be subhuman cattle they refer to as “mundanes”. Mundanes at best, to them, are only fit for fleecing, abuse, tormenting, killing, etc. The members are the chosen people, a higher class of people, they refer to themselves as noctuleans. I refer to them as “noctules” which is a direct reference and comparison to syphilis pustules.

Their influences are best seen through the influence of freakish wannabe terrorist groups like Atomwaffen, the general “Siege Culture” movement and the behavior of all plastic militants in skull masks. The “white sharia” thing is also able to be traced back to O9A as well as the popularity of Soviet fetishism resulting in “nazbol” and also the short lived popularity of Duginism in the USA to a lesser degree.

Their history begins in England in the early 1960s. O9A was a typical Hollywood cartoon version of a cult. They were a dark energy cult and would seek to channel dark energy from various historical sources. Their three favorite sources were Nazi Germany, Stalinist Soviet Russia, and Islam. The Fetish for the Germans came from the nonstop badguy German propaganda common in England at the time, calling the NSDAP as Satans Army more often than not, overblowing all possible wartime excesses to a ludicrous degree, and of course never ending banter about atrocities which were later disproven or quietly dropped by historians. The reason why they fetishized the Soviets was of course due to Stalin’s purges, the gulag system, the Holodomor, and the mass rape and murder of women and children by the Red army as it advanced west into Europe during the war. The reason for fetishizing Islam should be obvious. They’re just barbaric and backwards. No more needs to be said.

They made themselves influential through edgy meme culture and constantly pushed the boundaries of whats acceptable and whats not by silencing naysayers by always claiming “its just a meme bro”. This of course led to the logical conclusion: normalization of their views and energy to some degree. They have a cultists fetish of poisoning the well and turning others “sinister”. When they got made fun of for their “siege” nonsense they shifted and rebranded themselves as “ecofash” which was just siege plus recycling for people who wouldn’t survive a weekend in the woods. The cycle has continued through various evolutions and the prime energy and motivations are always the same.


How O9A initially made it’s way to the USA was by infiltrating and taking over an English neonazi larp group called the NSM. By the time they had total control over that organization George Lincoln Rockwell, paid ADL actor, added them as a sister organization and second in command of his larpy “World Union Of National Socialists” which he based on the old ComIntern model more or less. With the O9A infected NSM in this position they were primed to spread their idiocy globally, to anyplace where neonazis larped, and they did. It is no coincidence that by the time James Mason was working under the Jewish neonazi pedophile Frank Collin (who was Rockwells protege) Mason was obsessed with satanism and disturbing imagery and being for lack of a better term “sinister”. Mason has kept this momentum ever since and it is really not at all shocking that O9A found it’s way back around to him through a separate operation via Atomwaffen which promoted the fetishization of his cringe manifesto “siege”.

James Mason with Frank Collin

Would you like some porn little boy?
Mason and his race saving, positive, great optics, totally helpful boyscout followers.

In their ideal world everything will descend into a chaotic madness where they are able to roam freely preying on people and living out their fantasies. A prime example of the fantasies these people have can be found in the book “Iron Gates” which in the first chapter alone glorifies killing infants and raping their crying mothers. It only gets “better” from that point

Why are they accepted at all? Ignorance mainly. The bowel movement has always been extremely idiotic and low tier about everything it does. There never has been any real set of standards or morals behind it. It has only existed as a subculture of losers who are accepted and accept anyone else simply because they happen to be “white”. When you have something as worthless as that it isn’t exactly difficult to walk in and make an even greater mess of things. The constant bleating by bad actors such as Mike Enoch that people shouldn’t “punch right”, and everyone should unite together no matter how scummy or shitty some of the people are is only meant to reinforce this inherent weakness in the bowel movement. Of course these bad actors preach destructive slogans in part to protect themselves from being held to account for their own scandals, but it is also their job to make sure the bowel movement remains 50% honeypot and 50% psyop to keep normal folks disgusted by European American self interest and collectivization. In light of this there is no way the issues caused by O9A could have been avoided, and there is really no way to fix them. The movement is a lost cause because of this, which shouldn’t matter much to anyone who sees it for the controlled train wreck its meant to be.

It is up to everyone to hold themselves to higher standards and morals, and to promote a heroic and positive mindset and energy in those around them. Humor is fine, memes are fine, even morbid trench humor is fine and keeps soldiers and medics sane in horrific situations. However, people need to know where to draw the line and have no tolerance for anything which leads to sadism, terrorism, negativity, and anything else which will only hurt the true cause of preventing European extinction and the destruction of Western civilization. This clearly also means rejecting the NPC slogans promoted by TRS to protect themselves and others from being held responsible for their own shortcomings, I’m looking at you “Mike Enoch”. Show us those divorce papers and a real DNA test. Maybe then we will take you seriously when you demand we stop “punching right”.

The Current Hegelian Dialectic in the USA. Part 1 of the Great Reset Series.

It has become increasingly clear that the soft communist party has no serious expectation of Joe Biden winning through any legitimate means. The man is clearly senile, he started a speech in front of a mestizo coalition by wandering on stage almost a minute late, fumbling with his phone, and playing Despatico into the mic while bobbing around like it was his jam. Say what you want about Trump but compared to Biden Trump seems like the most coherent person in existence. This isn’t lost on people. No matter how much some people hate Trump they cannot seriously look at Biden and say “yes this is a viable alternative”.

The only plausible explanation for his use is to propel the gun grabbing dominatrix cop Kameltoe Harris into the white house and put her in charge shortly after by retiring Biden on mental health grounds, or some other excuse if they want to save face for him. This conclusion can be justified by two facts. 1. Joe himself said that he wants his vice to be someone who is good enough to run the country “because face it, I’m an old guy” as he said. 2. Kameltoe referred to the next presidency as the Harris administration openly during an interview. She isn’t the senile one here, she isn’t so easily confused. They soft communist party wants a hardliner, a gun grabber, and someone who ticks enough boxes in the oppression olympics to satisfy their most ardent anti-white sjw freak followers. Kameltoe has no name for herself aside from locking everyone up she possibly could in order to further her own career, guilty or not, and blocking those who were later found innocent post-conviction from getting compensation from the state.

Still yet, it wont come easy. Leftists are anti-cop. The entire social system from the bankers to corporate media to leftist politicians and professors are pouring this rot into the heads of the moron lemmings who still believe that covid is the most deadly thing since the bubonic plague. They all exist in a state of agitation toward the police, so strongly in fact that even when a rabid looking black maniac charged police with a rambo knife and got shot down like a berserk zombie people still blame the police and riot. They are not very pleased with Kamilla Kop gaining national power. It does stand to reason shes there simply to take a hardline stance against the freakshow in the event that they do manage to use mail in voter fraud to secure the presidency for the “Harris administration”. Problem Reaction Solution. We gain a gun grab and a police state in the name of protecting us from their own mobs.

That brings us to Trump. He has wisely refused to overstep his bounds and give his enemies the chance to brand him as a “fascist dictator” who mercilessly crushes all dissent. He has successfully managed to place the blame on the mayors and governors who allowed the riots to happen and escalate. Shockingly this has caused people who I never expected to join his side. His support has been swelling massively as people become more and more frustrated with the out of control leftist antics destabilizing things. For example the nasally voiced effete podcaster Tim Poole has decided to stop his “wise and principled centrist” (diet leftist) stance and has become very strongly in support of the president and even the idea of implementing an organized suppression toward the rioters. He is far from alone. The issue with Trump here is that when the mayors call off the police, and the governors call off the national guard he is not free to shut down the riots…… unless he deputizes police as federal police who are now arresting rioters on federal charges. It seems like a smart solution. The corrupt DA and Mayors and Governors are refusing to press charges against their minions so this ensures they get shut down, but! This is in fact the first step of a nationalized federal police force, which has been a goal of both controlled sides of the political spectrum for decades. It is no coincidence to me that this is happening the same year when the REAL ID act goes into effect.

I will give a brief mention of the communist terrorists committing arson all across the west coast in order to cast us further along into a state of chaos in which people will give up any freedom to regain normalcy simply because I suspect that as it plays out it will feed into the Problem Reaction Solution paradigm. At the time of this article being published there have been approximately 12 arsonists arrested across the west coast, and at least one who was released only to go out and commit arson another several times before being arrested again. Just like the rioters these people are being let go, they are not being meaningfully charged with anything, and yet again this is going to result in Trump using Federal Marshals and deputizing local police under the Federal Authority. I believe I am justified in seeing this as a deliberate ploy to diminish states rights by proxy. Whether he is in on it or whether they are presenting solutions where he has no other choice is not relevant, it is happening either way. Whenever the communists finally DO take over again, for good this time, everything will be in place for their abrupt transformation of the American social and political fabric.

Our “late stage capitalist” society matches very closely with communism in these respects:
1. Federalized police and no regional autonomy. (its coming, as I mentioned)

2. Leftist shock troops terrorizing weak people into compliance.

3. Cancel culture, forced compliance with their social politics. Led by multinational corporations, bankers, and mass media all who essentially hold total monopolies.

4. Centralized industry and supply chain, monopolies. Watch the documentary “Food Inc” to see how extremely centralized and non-local our food chain is and compare it to the soviet one responsible for planned famines. All it takes to change things is for the government to nationalize Monsanto and the other monopolies and we are exactly where the Soviet system was. Walmart, Amazon, etc.. are all future branches of government.

5. Banker control. These people want a digital currency mixed with a social credit system. They want to control your purchases and your opinions. Look at how the big credit agencies are shutting down charities raising money for Kyle Rittenhouse. When all money is digital expect much worse, the gloves come off because YOU have no cash anyway. Comply or starve.

6. Corporations funding and supporting the change. This may be news to people but the Communist Russian revolution was totally funded by wall street. Why? Well of course it had to do with the fact that communism was the political will of a certain self chosen tribe and their tribal brothers also run wall street and international finance. At the end of the day these people simply become the government, they become the kommissars, their monopolies become the monopoly of the state and they retain all the power and comfort they already have. These people lose nothing under communism or they wouldn’t support it. It amazes me how retarded libertarians cannot comprehend this and maintain that the corporate boot on their neck is fine as long as it isn’t the states boot, They’re the same thing today.

7. Social conditioning. Look how alarmed teachers are that students are being forced to learn from home where parents may observe the propaganda they feed our children. They remember what happened to Bela Kun in Hungary and are afraid that a similar backlash may happen here.

8. Absolute media consensus. We all know the media is controlled by a small group of cohorts. We also saw during the Obama years that the media acts as a mouthpiece for the government, when it likes the government. During this administration they all act as a mouthpiece against the government, even fox news: the so called conservative alternative. The Soviet American media is already installed, just waiting for its matching government to present itself.

I would like to add that Trump banning so called “critical race theory” may be too little too late, but it is an impressive gesture and shows that the mainstream right, the normie right, the people we have mocked for years, they may finally be ready for some harsh truths. It seems that in the current age very few logical people can keep their head in the sand and pretend European Americans aren’t under attack.

As I’ve said a hundred times before, the fail 1488 WN freak movement wasn’t ever going to wake these people up, the enemy did. I’m proud to see the controlled opposition freak show movement fail in its job to keep normies on the “good guy” side of the fence. Despite the best efforts of our enemies, the bogeymen and morons they put in charge of the bowel movement have only delayed the inevitable, they haven’t stopped anything. When Jeff Schoep and Matt Heimbach ran off like rats from a sinking ship I knew the day would soon come where their jobs were obsolete.

Keep your heads up and stay on the defense, but give the enemy nothing until the time is right. Remember, we are the good guys. We are only acting in defense. We are not malicious. Do not feed the enemy. We will all know when the time is right to act, and if it comes remember that we are doing this for our nation, heritage, freedom, and the future of our children. We do not act out of hatred. The enemy does this. We are good, they are evil. Do not be lured into a trap that will only serve the long term aims of those who wish to disarm us and destroy us.

Stay safe.

Origin of the Term “Nazi”

This is a fun one.

While most people assume Nazi is a contraction of the word National Socialist this is incorrect, the NSDAP leadership and their supporters rarely used the term seriously, (aside from the German American unity group known as the German American Bund who DID use the term Nazi publicly during their 1939 speech in Madison Square Gardens. This took place while claiming that they are not Nazis and know fully well that Nazism is not for export and has no place in America). *to read more on National Socialism

While legacy NeoNazis/ paid bad actors like Rockwell did use the term openly to describe themselves and anyone to the right of the mainstream (same as neocons and marxists do, and for the same reason) most modern neonazis attempt to give themselves an air of legitimacy by only referring to themselves as “National Socialists” and rejecting the term Nazi. *to read more on Rockwell

The original German use of NAZI had a meaning similar to “redneck” in America and was used mainly as a smear against rural Bavarians. This is easy to find from multiple sources but the most succinct information to quote comes from the New York Times. *article here

To quote the New York Times:

“Nazi” is a remarkable example of the very different routes a word can take through the world. In this case, that word is the Latin name “Ignatius.” In Spanish, it followed a noble path: It became Ignacio, and then the nickname Nacho, and then — after a Mexican cook named Ignacio Anaya had a moment of inspiration — it became delicious, beloved nachos. In Bavaria, a much darker transformation took place. Ignatius became the common name Ignatz, or in its abbreviated form, Nazi. In the early 20th century, Bavarian peasants were frequent subjects of German mockery, and “Nazi” became the archetypal name for a comic figure: a bumbling, dimwitted yokel. “Just as Irish jokes always involve a man called Paddy,” the etymologist Mark Forsyth writes in his 2011 book “The Etymologicon,” “so Bavarian jokes always involved a peasant called Nazi.” When Adolf Hitler’s party emerged from Bavaria with a philosophy called “Nationalsozialismus,” two of that word’s syllables were quickly repurposed by Hitler’s cosmopolitan opponents. They started calling the new party Nazis — implying, to the Nazis’ great displeasure, that they were all backward rubes.

It is always fun to see that no matter how much some things change other things always stay the same. Globalists, Cosmopolitans, Leftists, and their trendy lapdogs who parrot their sentiments without thought always have and always will refer to people who resist their insanity in contemptible terms which seek to belittle their social and mental capabilities, presenting them in a manner that implies near retardation levels of thought.

Boomers, Marxists, Larpers, and Fascism

What does “fascism” even mean anyway? These people sure don’t know.

We can all visualize the generic image of some random dirty hippie or antifa calling anyone it doesn’t like a “fascist”. Likewise we can instantly recall seeing boomers do the same in regard to Marxists and communists, to them anyone they don’t like is also a fascist – or sometimes a nazi. Similarly we have all seen multiple examples of internet cool guys refer to themselves or their buddies as “fashy” or “fash” or “fascists”. What all those groups have in common is the belief that fascism is a general term, a sort of umbrella term, and not concrete whatsoever.

In the common lexicon there is what I refer to as:
1. Big ‘f’ Fascism. In reference to Mussolini’s political party and the doctrine which it followed.
2. Small ‘f’ fascism. The system approved use of the term which encompasses all other meanings people give the word.

Intelligent people in dissident right circles are generally the only folks who use the word as defined in example one. Larpers, boomers, marxists, and the unenlightened normie mob all fall into example 2.

Why did this happen? How did this happen? As usual we can blame Marxists for the perversion and misuse of our language and for forcing their “newspeak” onto us.

Look back to post WW1 Italy when Mussolini and his Fascist party rose to power. Dynamic, new, fresh, and vigorous. They came about to oppose Marxism and patch over what they saw as the failings of socialism. Nothing like them had been seen before and as such there wasn’t a defining term for their type of politics aside from their own party name.

The Fascist party wished to being about a heightened Italian national pride, and to promote strength through unity. Like Germany, Italy was a relatively new nation, having only just been united out of many smaller states and cities. They made people look back to their collective history of ancient Rome, and brought back use of Roman symbolism, including the Fasces. For those of you who need help: No, using a fasces is not an indication that something is Fascist or fascist. Ancient Rome was neither. The Republic of the Unites States has also never been “fascist” despite heavy use of the symbol. In the header for this website is a statue of George Washington leaning on a fasces. If you need me to tell you that a symbol is not a manifesto you’re beyond reason.

Mussolini was aware he had many fans and inspired foreigners to consider making their own unique militant nationalist parties. Because of this he famously said that “Fascism is not for export”. As most of you know actual nationalism is not universal because no nationalist system is universal. That would go against the very concept of nationalism so deeply that it should go without saying, but cheap lazy copycat types do exist, and they are only capable of parasitically existing off the hard work of others. Hence why these low effort/low capability types brand themselves using the terms and slogans they stole from others. Of course we also have a massive infection of larpers who are more concerned with the image and superficially posing however they can to fit into it. To the larping “fascists” out there: no, you are not actually Fascists

Mussolini and his Fascist party were the first major headache for the international communist agenda. As a former socialist with heavy marxist understanding Mussolini was uniquely capable of recognizing and countering threats from these people. This earned him a place of scorn and hatred that wouldn’t be matched for decades until another man took the spot of communism’s top enemy.

During the Wiemar Republic in Germany, after WW1, the international communist conspiracy chose to make the former Prussian Empire (the second reich) into the new central focus of its expansionist goals. Radical communists rioted, murdered, and staged revolutions. They temporarily took over governmental buildings, towns, neighborhoods, and small cities. Because Germany wasn’t allowed a proper military due to post war treaties they relied on a coalition of Militias comprised of patriots and war veterans called the Stahlhelm and the Freikorps to retain order and fight the communists.

In this era the German Communist Party adopted the tagline “Antifascist Action” also known as “Antifa”. While used as a slogan it was extended to be the name of their more militant wing of direct action shock troops. Note that these militias fighting communists existed BEFORE the NSDAP really had much for membership, momentum, or street action. Then, same as now, the communists decided to refer to anyone resisting them as fascists. When your biggest threat gives you a black eye and effectively bans communism from an entire country I guess your natural instinct is to call everyone by their name. Where have we seen this before?

When the Nazis rose in prominence to match the level of older Freikorp factions, enough to be noticed, the habit of marxists referring to everyone as fascist was already well established. While it is true that Hitler was inspired by Mussolini it is also true he was much more inspired by others including Oswald Spengler, and to be technical National Socialism was much more based on Spengler’s “Prussian Socialism” than it was on Italian Fascism. When leftist run media and dishonest politicians asked the NSDAP leadership if they were Fascist the NSDAP leadership rightly said they were not, and Josef Goebbels even went so far as to say “Just as Mussolini claimed Fascism is not for export, we too claim National Socialism is not for export”. The common attitude was that each ideology was not the same and not meant to be copied or used by outsiders, quite the opposite of marxism.

When the accusation of fascism was used against Germany, they laughed it off. As did Franco and his Falangist hybrid party in Spain. So called “Austrio-Fascism” was never an actual term used by anyone other than media mouthpieces who needed a name to identify the new breed of Austrian militant nationalists in the post WW1 period. I challenge anyone to dig up an example of any so called “Austrio-Fascist” referring to himself or anything else by that term. Just because wikipedia says something doesn’t make it true. Likewise Rexism was not “fascism”, it was its own custom ideology which was much closer to Falangism. Likewise with the Romanian Iron Guard. Who would claim that aside from a shared appreciation for militaristic organization they were very much like Mussolini’s Fascist party? Nobody who has seriously researched either would.

Unlike marxism based ideologies, where every communist party that rises is all based on the central core belief system, militant nationalist parties of the previous century had NO common doctrine or belief system that they were founded on. While all marxists quote marx you cannot ever claim all small “f” fascists quote Mussolini. They never called themselves fascist seriously, only no talent copycats like Mosely did this, at least as far as I am aware. Their only common threads were militancy and a rejection of both socialism and capitalism to one degree or another.

It would be smart to ask yourself why the system would lie in this way, to put all of these unique nationalist third position parties into a common category that didn’t actually exist. It would be smart to also ask why Ghadaffi’s third position nationalist government or Peron’s own third position nationalist government is not seriously considered to be “fascist”. Clearly the small f definition is only really meant as a slanderous umbrella term depending on the race of the people involved, too many people in Syria and Argentina are brown, so they cannot be “fascist”. It ruins the official narrative.

It is difficult for them to generically talk of “fighting fascism” if some of their fascists are brown therefore small f fascism is just as much of a fraudulent concept as racism or generic white identity. The goal seems to be scaring everyone who isn’t European blooded away from the concept of anti-globalist 3rd position beliefs, as well as using it as a “white guilt” tool and bogeyman against Europeans.

In summary:
Boomers, marxists, and tribal fellow travelers all seem to refer to everything they don’t like as fascist. Despite this having been normal for around 100 years it is not accurate or correct. People resisting the lies ought to know better. Larpers stupidly play into the lies as a badge of honor, after all they’re the same people who say things like “they’re going to call us nazis anyway, why not just BE one.” In reality calling yourself a “fascist” unironically is no different than calling yourself a “racist” unironically. You’re using enemy mind control words.

Wise up and stop playing the systems game.