On Optics, Censorship, Witchhunts, Free Speech, and the Future

I chose to write the first article on this site about a specific topic for a very important reason.We have witnessed a paradigm shift in how the system treats online speech and nobody really has made note of it, in the most literal sense of the word we have reached a turning point. Where is the outrage? Where are the paranoid claims that the sky is falling? Where are the people as worked up over the implications of this event as they were about leftist propaganda regarding net neutrality? The reason there is no outrage is because the situation that set a precedent involved the sort of person who the rest of the world finds to be an obnoxious disgusting moronic freak, including myself and the others involved in this project.

Of course I’m referring to the chronic edge-posting and fed-posting by one particularly diseased individual, who went overboard thanks to encouragement from other sick individuals and managed to get himself arrested as a potential hazard to the world over his social media activity.

I and many others have been predicting for some time that these skullmask wearing pseudo-terrorists, who are merely nihilists and sadistic freaks pretending to be slightly less obnoxious neonazis, would cause an event before the 2020 election cycle to kick off a wave of censorship, anti-right backlash and sentiment, and somehow set a precedent to justify the system arresting and harassing people over their social media activity. While we expected some sort of violence this event was still effective enough, partially due to the event from Christchurch NZ.

All it takes is one time before it becomes normal and this mentally defective individual who thought he was some kind of rebel warrior fighting for his race blundered his way into a situation where we all now must worry about our potentially offensive internet behavior and past activity being dredged up and used against us by the system itself. Personally I have spent the last several days purging all facebook comments and posts just to ensure there is nothing I may have said in the heat of the moment online which could result in a real life jail-based postblock when arrests for this thing become common. As an aside I will make note here that there has never been one single instance where these neonazis have ever benefited the race they claim to be fighting for, instead they have constantly benefited the people who they claim are their enemies. Funny how the controlled opposition plays out, isn’t it?

We are soon entering EU/UK level online behavior policing, and we have nobody to thank for it but these neonazi clowns who Hitler would have purged himself for being antisocial elements. Pardon my speculation here but these people are far worse than the SA were ever rumored to be. While the SA were rowdy drunken antisocial brawlers and perverts who scared little old ladies they never were Satanic terrorist worshiping freaks with a fetish for extreme sadism who wear their mental instability on their sleeves as a badge of honor. If you at all doubt the mental state of these people I would urge you to read one of their favorite fetish novels, written specifically for their little cult, called “Iron Gates”. You can read it online for free.

Moving forward its imperative that everyone accepts the new way. We can no longer reasonably expect not to be arrested or attacked by the system itself over our online posts. Any of you foolish enough to associate with these people will find yourself guilty by association and being watched more closely than someone who avoids them like the plague. We live in a surveillance state and any of you openly interacting with these freaks on the internet leave records of it everywhere you go. It’s time for any of you who aren’t a totally lost cause to walk away and tell those freaks you want nothing to do with their sabotaging and provocating behavior. We have no time for hobbyists and adventure seekers and antisocial elements. There must also be zero tolerance towards people who share their rhetoric and the associated memes ironically.

Since we are now becoming Europe in regard to online policing we had better start acting like it if we expect to survive into the future. Everyone from libertarians and nationalists to neonazi clowns and even feisty boomer Trump supporters will be affected by this at some point. Either we move forward like the European Identitarians and smart nationalist parties such as Lega Nord or we get silenced into oblivion. Their survival strategies and presentable optics should be a lesson to us all.

As a final note I would tell anyone reading this to view their online activity as being a totally open book with no secrecy. Don’t say or promote anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother or mother to see. You can explain rational political and social beliefs to anyone if you’re smart, but you also know where to draw the line. It’s time to start thinking about how you look to average people because as the arrests start mounting all they will hear about is the sick freaks going to jail for posting pictures of cringe and gore who claim to be on your side. It is time you get used to disavowing them.