On George Lincoln Rockwell Part 1

The issue of Rockwell and his lasting impact seems to come up relatively often and is a matter of strong contention between the “true believers” out there who refuse to think critically about anyone deemed a martyr or hero by the “movement” cult, and the pragmatic skeptical people who realize that the man in general was extremely counterproductive and that his lasting legacy is toxic still today.

We see a great many people out there agree when people bring up the toxic imagery and actions of so called neonazis, many eagerly attacking people they see as counterproductive to the overall cause that we seek to represent, which is self interest and self preservation of our people and civilization. As eagerly as these people attack so called neonazis they almost always veer down the avenue of bringing up “skinheads” and making the conversation about them. Apparently too many people these days think skinheads are neonazis and nobody else is, but from where I and other actual nationalists stand everyone pretending to be a heir to the NSDAP legacy is a neo-nazi. The word itself literally means “new nazi”, these people are nothing like the old and have no ties to them other than the superficial and a strong fetishism for their symbolism and aesthetic. Furthermore it is technically impossible for anyone of them to be a legitimate National Socialist considering that National Socialism was the doctrine of the NSDAP written specifically by Hitler for the German people of his time and nobody else, I would go on to state that he and other high ranking party members stated often that it is “not for export” to others. In light of this established historical fact it’s already plain to see that Rockwell was illegitimate in the first place and as such will be treated that way for the duration of this article.

To fully understand the Rockwell situation we need a clear view of the time and culture in which he lived and acted. The post WW2 boom was the last era of overt pride seen in the USA. To the vast majority of European Americans there was no end in sight to their dominance and as far as they were concerned their status as heroes was cemented in the fabric of reality for all time, raising them above the level of criticism regarding any social or political issue. They believed they had just fought the good fight and rid the world of the ultimate evil, as per the propaganda of the day, and as such were absolute heroes. They lived secure in a time of economic boom, technological breakthroughs, hope about the future, constant talk of colonizing space and having flying cars. They really believed that the world was headed to a utopian futuristic state and their kids or grandkids would be off playing manifest destiny in the stars as per Buck Rogers and other space cowboy fantasies.

The great depression was a fresh memory in the minds of many people, the ugly reality of WW1 trench warfare was active in the minds of a sizable portion of the population and many of the adult males a generation younger similarly had unpleasant stories about pestilence and death in Europe from the follow up war. This was an era of hope for the future and bright times ahead. The vast majority of Americans, even those who were below the poverty level, had an attitude of hope and good cheer. Recall the parody cartoons from Loony Tunes regarding the “world of tomorrow”. At this point the fear of a nuclear stalemate with Russia blowing over into Armageddon was still relatively new and not at the fevered and pessimistic pitch it would be later on. I cannot impress upon you enough that this was an era of optimism for the future and bright times ahead. This was the era where people’s minds were filled with ‘The Jetsons’ and John Wayne movies. A high trust society where people regarded honor and respect as the ultimate virtues.

The absolute last thing any white American was worried about was being called racist or offensive or an oppressor, sure they had their views and liked their segregated communities in both the north and the south, but that was just natural to them. Racially aware attitudes were the norm rather than the exception back in this time. With all of this positivity and optimism most people saw no reason not to trust the government and media.

Then the forced integration began. The vast majority of white Americans opposed it. While the integration movement was the strongest in the south the most vicious race riots took place in the north. Again this was a nation-wide push for change which was more noticeable in the south due to the fact that the south had explicit laws regarding segregation, while in the north it was mostly implied and self enforced through peoples right to freedom of association. Despite this state supported social change many people refused to see that the government had become the enemy and that the right of Americans to live as they wished was under attack.

At this time, however, despite the utopian fervor present in most people, there were a few Nationalists out there ringing the alarm bell and attempting to get people to see what was waiting around the bend.

Myself, I half think the massive economic growth and utopian mindset injected into the public mind through the media was an intentional distraction to keep people from considering that darkness was being planned for the nation. Lulled into a false sense of security after such hard times how could anyone not feel optimism?

In the golden era of post war Nationalism we had figures such as Eustace Mullins (the protege of Ezra Pound, and the first man to write a book on the true nature of the Federal Reserve Bank), Senator McCarthy (who you should be familiar with if you’ve gotten this far), John Beaty (veteran of both world wars, intelligence officer with high clearance during the second world war, author of several historical novels, and the first man post WW2 to author a book exposing what was happening to the nation and who was behind it), and significantly Robert Welch of the John Birch Society (the first and most overtly powerful Nationalist organization, who had the strength to influence presidential elections in a way that’s only rivaled today by AIPAC).

During this time you also had the political evolution of an enigmatic man named Lyndon LaRouche taking place. He was still politically confused and only as good as the information he had (still being a marxist and communist sympathizer), but he was on his way to building an underground network and organizational empire which would rival that of the above-ground JBS in size and impact. By the mid 1970s Lyndon LaRouche was a hardline American Nationalist purist, regularly pointing out the machinations of the Zionists as well as the “British Empire”, a term which he used to describe the Rothschild and other Globalist Financiers of the type which now include people such as George Soros. LaRouche was significant in that he was the first to implement what I refer to as Guerrilla Political Activism. He was a constant headache for the system and a serious thorn in its side. He had contacts in the intelligence community which were sympathetic and gave him information and he also had well placed sources in private industry and politics around the world including the Soviet Union. He ran multiple businesses to finance his operations and as such he was the most successful man in American Nationalism post war. Presumably his success is the reason for him remaining nearly unrecognized by the far right. The bowel movement (an old term for the ‘movement’ or ‘WN movement’ favored by National Alliance members which is extremely accurate) is not fond of making heroes out of people which are better than the low capability pessimists who make up the majority of its base. The amount of subversion LaRouche was able to throw at the left and the hidden hands who pull the strings is beyond comprehension and would require a big book to fully lay out. Although, to say he was infallible or all knowing would be absurd as he was taken advantage of by the cointelpro operative Roy Frankhauser who managed to get himself employed as an intelligence operative of LaRouches organization for a period of time.

Considering that we had an extremely complex and well respected, not to mention influential Nationalist movement in the USA during this time it should be very telling that most of you are unaware of its existence and the efforts made by these men to change the course of history, instead most of you think everything post-war started with a flashy, crass, vulgar, and moronic acting man in a home made brownshirt costume who regularly shouted “six million more” and “this time the world” for tv cameras to give the ADL much needed fodder to use as the first white guilt propaganda fed to Americans.

Rest assured that this is by design. You only know what the system wants you to know. The system wants to make sure that all nationalistic and ethnically conscious attitudes are attached to a freakish bogeyman cult which would disgust normal people and turn them away from considering the views it represents, instead of a nationalist community full of intelligent, dynamic, self made men with highly respectable accomplishments in life who may be worth listening to.


The most intelligent and capable man to ever come out of the bowel movement was Dr. William Pierce, and during my early days in the dissident right, in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, he was an almost universally attacked and hated voice of reason by everyone who wasn’t a member or ally of the National Alliance. In his last years he obsessively and viciously attacked the bowel movement, costumed freaks, 1488 clowns, hobbyists, wannabe militants, and in personal rants in the NA compound he even viciously attacked Rockwell for his legacy and the mess he left behind to hinder real progress. This was a hard admission for Pierce to make because a genius level man has a genius level ego and it is extremely hard for one to admit he is ever wrong about something so big, often choosing to stubbornly take his sin to the grave instead of admitting fault.

To quote sections of a Pierce speech from his last days:

“This is something that is obvious to many of the people who we want, but it took me a few years to learn the hard way: to shun hobbyists, to have zero tolerance for people who like to dress up in uniforms and shout 1488 and give roman salutes to tv cameras. I suspect there are still a few Alliance people who haven’t yet developed zero tolerance for these freaks… and that’s why I harp on the subject so often……

You know, people who talk about fighting the enemy in the streets really aren’t interested in winning. They just get a buzz from talking about fighting the enemy in the streets. Their talk is pure self indulgence, pure hobbyism. We are a long long way from the point where we will be able to gain any advantage in the streets. We may want to have a security force for certain functions before then, but what will be notable about that security force besides character and commitment will be discipline and skill, not beer bellies and tattoos (lol twp and nsm, etc).

To sum it up: the Alliance has no interest at all in the so called “movement”, we are not interested in uniting with the movement, and we are not competing with the movement for members. If anything we should be grateful that the movement is out there to soak up a lot of the freaks and weaklings who may otherwise find their way to the Alliance and make problems for us.”

– What did he mean there? Why is it that the smartest man to ever come from the bowel movement attacked and discredited it? He knew as well as anyone else it was Rockwell’s legacy. Often in his days at the NSWPP he would get irritated and implemented a rule banning membership from anyone who brought up “those pesky quotes about National Socialism not being for export”. What made him change? Why did he found the Alliance to be the exact opposite type of group? Why was a founding member of the National Alliance Oliver Revilo, also a founding member of the John Birch Society? Why was another founding member Willis Carto, later of the American Nationalist Liberty Lobby? I think its obvious that he figured out the truth early on and walked away from the scam, but for strategic purposes attempted a semblance of diplomacy with the sort of people he would later grow to hate.


Taking into account the nationalists who were gaining traction and making serious waves what benefit would we get from a clown in a costume driving around in a “hate bus” and giving Hollywood movie villain optics serious airtime?

The text on Rockwell’s “hate bus” has been replaced with something more accurate.

People out there make many excuses for Rockwell’s costumes and antics. They claim that any publicity is good publicity. This isn’t a viable excuse considering the culture of the time, when anyone as brash and bad mannered and offensive as him was universally hated just because everything he did was in poor taste. He acted like this in a healthy society which still valued manners and respectability. Any argument that he was making a positive change through notoriety is absolutely delusional and his antics are better compared to a shock rock band from a later age where society had already decayed and edgy off-putting imagery that offended older people was a big selling item.

Even if publicity through notoriety was his true aim, what kind of people are attracted to negative subcultures like the one he was trying to create? Antisocial people, defective people, losers, misfits, people with no hope to make anything of themselves. Good recruiting material for a cult, very bad recruiting material for someone who wanted to be taken seriously and promote racial or national self interest…. But very good recruiting material if you wanted to make a bogeyman which causes its claimed views to look ugly by association with such disreputable folks.


Facts which by themselves make him a suspicious character:

1. Funding.
Where did Rockwell get the money for his cult? He never had his own income. Eustace Mullins maintained that his main funding came from the ADL itself and I would assume that is correct. Mullins spent some time at Rockwells “compound” trying to figure it out and that was his opinion at the end of it. Lyndon LaRouche confirmed this and added related sources and I quote: “Funding for Rockwells American Nazi Party reportedly came from leading ADL-connected “Our Crowd” New York Banking Families such as the Strauses, who are better known for their controlling interest in Macy’s department store”. One must really ask how much money a man would need to purchase houses and property, clothe and feed around two dozen men, purchase vehicles, purchase printing presses, hold a stockpile of printed material held for later resale, and so forth. This was not cheap. He had donors with deep pockets. Consider how expensive old time printing presses were, consider manually typesetting each page, consider that you would need to print thousands of copies of each book to turn the slightest profit, and consider that most copies just sit around waiting to be sold if you’re only offering them through a mail order catalog. Either Rockwell was gifted several hundred thousand dollars worth of equipment and printing materials or his good friends at the CIA ran Regnery Publishing helped him out.

2. Rockwell the actor.
It is generally not well known that Rockwell’s parents were Vaudeville stars and he was raised around actors and brought up as one by his parents. His father was famous for a whacky character he invented called Doc Rockwell who acted very much like Jerry Lewis later did. I firmly believe Lewis heavily borrowed character influences from Doc Rockwell. In the acting community it’s well known that people use props to help get into character. Rockwell’s father used nerdy glasses and a bowtie to get into his character, Rockwell stole General Patton’s aviator sunglasses and the corncob pipe from General MacArthur to help get into character. Considering how much time he spent around actors and the heavily kosher community revolving around theater, comedy, and everything else he shockingly had very little negative to say about it. His upbringing is a good thing to remember when we consider how he basically lived up to the Hollywood stereotype of a Nazi villain, going as far as ranting about global conquest and shouting “six million more” publicly.

3. Rockwell the repulsive.
It should be obvious to most people that a man shouting obscene and bad mannered movie villain rhetoric on the evening news would be off-putting to normal, healthy white people in the healthy society of that era. The logical result of his antics and optics would be repulsion. It is well known that Dr. William Pierce often had this same argument with Rockwell, but Rockwell never was interested in adjusting himself according to the advice of smarter men, even to the point of refusing to expel Frank Collin after Frank was publicly exposed by his own father for being jewish (due to the amount of open jews Rockwell had in his group I suspect he knew about Frank all along).

Indeed how could a man dressed like the last great national enemy ever hope to gain any kind of respect or support for his views from a nation full of veterans, widows, and grieving mothers who lost sons in the war? He spent a great amount of energy inventing excuses for his antics, but it all falls flat.

4. An eerie recollection from Eustace Mullins.
In the early days of the JBS Eustace Mullins was a member and would often go to their conferences. In these events they would rent out event halls in more upscale hotels and after the event many of the men would retire to the hotel bar for refreshments and casual conversation.

In these early days the ADL had no real bogeyman to complain about and so they would instead protest the JBS meetings, calling them nazis, picketing outside, and generally attempting to have them discredited and gain sympathy using the same old tricks they have used since the war ended.

Of course using those smear tactics and buzz words against respectable business men and successful military veterans and people who were well dressed and well spoken wasn’t going to help the ADL propaganda machine or their donation income very much…. But they did have a plan.

As recalled by Eustace Mullins on an interview video I watched long ago the ADL protesters came into the hotel bar after the conference and attempted to be friendly with the JBS members. “No hard feelings fellas, it’s just business after all. The politics stay outside. Let us buy you a few rounds of drinks.” And the ADL members attempted to intoxicate the already buzzed members of the JBS which included Eustace himself. At some point the friendly drunken banter turned to subversion, of course, with the ADL members suggesting something along the lines of “Well you guys are basically nazis anyway, why not just be open about it? Why not go public and say what you really mean? Why not be radical? You don’t even have to use the symbolism, but if you did who would blame you? It is America after all, you have freedom of speech.” of course the JBS members were no fools and knew fully well what this meant. Eustace Mullins recalled that the ADL members were laughed out of the bar.

Of course this story is extremely significant considering that not too long afterward Rockwell showed up doing exactly what the ADL was busy looking for someone to do…….

My personal list of reasons on why Rockwell was controlled opposition:

1. Daniel Burros
Burros was Rockwells party secretary. The official story is that when Burros found out he was jewish he committed suicide. The real story is that Burros was suicided by a double tap to the back of the head at his good friend Roy Frankhausers home. Frankhauser was a cointelpro agent and informant inside Rockwells group who over his career worked inside the communist party USA, the minute men, and the KKK. The reasoning for this is that Burros contact information was found in Lee Harvey Oswalds personal phone book and loose ends needed to be tied up. That should come as no surprise, since anyone worth his salt knows the self-chosenites had JFK removed, it stands to reason that the militant ones involved in psyops and active subversion would be connected in some way.

2. Frank Collin. Frank was Rockwells protege. He was meant to be the eventual second in command / replacement and when Rockwell was killed he attempted to assume control of the cult. There was a strong rejection of this and the cult fragmented with half of the people leaving with Frank to start a new group of their own. The reason for such heavy disliking of Frank was due to his regular purchasing of then legal underage homosexual pornographic materials as well as Frank’s father exposing him to the group as being Jewish in order to have his son thrown out. Predictably Rockwell refused to remove him.

3. Importing the O9A from England.
It has been established that National Socialism was not for export, was not an internationalist or globalist ideology or government, and was never intended for anyone but the “German Volk” in German lands. This is explained and documented in a companion article which will be posted later on.

Despite not being able to claim a credible connection to actual National Socialism Rockwell went far out of his way to prove the system and Hollywood hysteria correct and show that it was indeed a globally minded ideology of conquest. One tactic used to further this agenda was the establishment of what he called the “Wold Union Of National Socialists” which united similar controlled opposition groups in various nations in order to present the image of an international menace. The first foreign group to join was the NSM, which was an English neonazi group that had already managed to be totally infiltrated and subverted by the O9A. As such when they became equal partners with Rockwells own group in this Larp Union of Controlled Opposition they of course did their usual subversive and infectious techniques to spread satanism and even more freakish and extreme cultism which eventually resulted in the outright militant posturing of Tomassi and the Satanic militant bogeymanism of James Mason. It really shouldn’t be be shocking to anyone that these freakish individuals are connected to a satanic group whose philosophical outlook can be best illustrated in the terrible novel “Iron Gates”.

4. Rockwell’s dedicated liaison for the ADL.
Jack Anderson, the protege of “Washington Merry-Go-Round” columnist Drew Pearson was Drews official liaison to the Rockwell. The tab for Anderson’s expenses was paid by the ADL according to sources which Lyndon LaRouche had. Pearson ran public relations for the ADL by building up Rockwell’s group as a major public menace while maintaining regular and friendly phone contact with Rockwell. Rockwell made these contacts in the print media while he was employed by William F. Buckley to help found the “National Review” magazine. During this time with Buckley he was picked for his role as the ADL’s “fuhrer”.

5. Dishonest and Inaccurate Larping.
One significant action taken by neonazis around the world which is historically inaccurate and more akin to something from Hollywood is public displays of attention seeking. These either manifest as a protest or as a flag march or a combination of the two, often with a bullhorn and subordinate members of these groups standing around glaring menacingly at counter protesters. This is another Rockwellian invention with no basis in pre-WW2 history (unless you count the antics of Moselys crowd, who were also considered illegitimate and an object of polite ridicule by the NSDAP. See accompanying article for more information) and again is done purely for the effect that the image presents later through the tv screens as white guilt propaganda to aim at average whites.

The only pre-rise to power example of the NSDAP marching with their flags waving was during the beer hall putsch. Aside from that all incidents of them marching around with flags was while doing victory marches and celebrations after they won power. The idea of marching around in a pretend victory march before they gained power probably would have made the NSDAP laugh and mock whoever presented it.

All NSDAP meetings and speeches were given in controlled, secured, and well guarded areas with roaming patrols of SA in the area hoping to head off and prevent protesters or violent enemies from showing up in large numbers and ruining things. There never were any public events or speeches where the party leadership would have been targets for the police or communists. This is simple logic, logic which larpers and bogeymen for the system absolutely lack….. because lets face it. Effective private meetings and speeches don’t make good video clips to cry over on the evening news. The ADL had enough of closed meetings while trying to subvert the JBS.

While it is obvious why Rockwell and his protege Frank Collin did public attention seeking events, seeing as they were controlled opposition, it may not be apparent why people still do it today. Simply put these people are just Rockwell’s legacy, attempting to go through the motions of what he did without understanding the why, because they think it gives them legitimacy. Absolutely incredible that he was so successful in building his cult that today the ADL has people doing this stuff for free.

6. His assassination.
The lie that cemented his legacy as a martyr and hero for the “movement” he created. The official bowel movement story is that he was assassinated by the system due to being a threat. Really nobody but an idiot would consider anything threatening from a man who told people he would become president in 1972 with the campaign slogan “Jews are thru in 72”.


In reality he was killed by a man who was his sidekick and minion. A Greek fella who changed his name to Jonathan Patler. While accepting ridicule over his swarthy Greek features he became incensed that Frank Collin with swarthy Semitic features was left alone. He tolerated a lot of abuse in the group from Rockwell and his cronies including Collin. At some point it became clear that he saw through the lie and the ensuing arguments led to him being thrown out of the group. The official reason of his dismissal was “sympathy for marxist views” which was absolutely absurd to accuse someone of who toed the line obsessively and looked up to Rockwell like a father. Of course he left saying he would be back, later ambushing Rockwell at a laundromat and shooting him to death. Interesting to note is that in a semi-recent interview “Patler” says he still loves Rockwell like a father. Definitely not the words that would be spoken by a government assassin, or marxist infiltrator. Those are the words of a true believer who found out the ugly truth and had his world shattered before his very eyes.

7. James Guttman.
While evidence tying him to activity during the reign of Rockwell is sparse, it is easily proven what he was responsible for doing under the watch of Frank Collin in the late 1970s. This is a good indicator of how neonazism is used by Zionist interests, as this is the only known time in which their machinations backfired and they were exposed in the public media.

In this instance I will include several paragraphs in-tact from the “Counterintelligence” section of LaRouches publication:

undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined

As you can see this speaks for itself. Anyone enterprising enough can research the names involved and despite the system liking to keep the truth scrubbed from the history books you will still be able to pull up references to confirm what is said. Who has noticed that there are a lot of fake hate crimes and fake antisemitic incidents perpetrated by the people who pretend to be victims? In reality this was the same thing but on a much larger scale.

8. The obsession with “Hate”.
Many people today complain that “white pride” and innocent white self-interest are equated with “hate” everywhere from wikipedia to the news media to the government. Very few people are willing to accept that this was another of Rockwell’s efforts which simply played out to its logical end. Taking over “pro white” views from respectable people simply by the act of shouting more loudly and being constantly featured in the media was the avenue by which he did this. One specific method was by, among other things, riding around in a so called “hate bus” and giving the media the opportunity to report on every event he rode to as an “expression of hate”. It’s plain to see he helped discredit the pro-segregation protesters simply by showing up on their side wearing his costume in his “hate bus”. The long term effect of this and other actions is simply equating everything pro white with hate.

What does all of this mean? How should we act in light of this information? Any smart person would know that the only purpose of controlled opposition is to discredit the position of all sincere opposition via guilt by association. We all should by now be familiar with the quote by Zionist Movement founder, Rabbi Theodor Herzl when he said that “in the future the anti-semites will be our best friends”. It is time to recognize just how literally he meant this.

As far as I am concerned the entire 1488 / WN / whatever movement is corrupt from the roots up and as such is worthless. You cannot build something strong and healthy from a damaged foundation. If you have ever wondered why the bowel movement has accomplished exactly nothing since the time of Rockwell until today your question is now answered. There is no way to separate the poisoned antics and optics of the past from the present and reform it. I would advise everyone to disavow it and all of its slogans and symbolism, and actively attack it while promoting a clean untainted path for the future, free from all of the baggage it has built up.

What of the future? We live in a time where more and more European Americans are seeing the truth, or at least seeing that something is severely wrong. We live in a time where more are looking for answers than ever before. By its very nature the “movement” is meant to turn functional and respectable people off. They will predictably look elsewhere for answers, and many will even be hostile towards the truth due to the way that the bowel movement has misrepresented it for the past several decades.

A prime example of this is the fate of the Rhodesians and South Africans. White genocide in South Africa has been ramping up for decades and since the only people talking loudly about it were the counterproductive freaks in the bowel movement the situation was dismissed and ignored widely by almost everyone who heard about it. That is the effect that the movement has on truth. Sadly the only way to change that was for Donald Trump to bring it up and make it a matter of national news. At that point it no longer was a fringe topic represented by ugly freaks, but a mainstream issue. Of course our enemies continued framing it as a “white supremacist” conspiracy theory after Trumps statement to keep it out of the public mind, but it failed. This resulted in multiple petitions for allowing Afrikaners into western nations as refugees, and even resulted in Russia granting citizenship rights to any which chose to move there.

We clearly need something new and nontoxic, we clearly need a nationalism which doesn’t disgust people who have been programmed by the system and which can propel them to the truth without facing the stigma of being “one of those guys” that the media wont shut up about. As far as I’m concerned the Identitarians in Europe have the right idea. They have spread information and awareness to the point of helping German and Austrian citizens recognize the dangers of the UN treaty regarding unlimited and unchecked refugee resettlement. Despite massive media blackouts and repression this resulted in massive protests in Germany filled by normal, average, patriotic and productive citizens. No bowel movement group has ever had such a positive impact, none has ever done anything but set the cause back. As far as I’m concerned groups like Lega Nord are also showing a different, correct idea. They have managed to gain power in Italy and are becoming more popular with each passing year.

I and others are working on something new and positive for Americans which will attempt to fill this need. We want to change things for better and we wish to help our people and benefit them, not disregard them as the “movement” does because they refuse to share edgy memes and worship bowel movement heroes or larp as national socialists. The time for hatred towards “normies” is over.

Be the future you wish to see. Either you are with us or you are against us, and any of you who choose to hold the cause back due to love of the larp are the enemy. If you follow Rockwell’s movement you serve the Zionists whether you are honest enough to admit it or not.