On Christianity: Why I refuse to attack it and why you shouldn’t either.

I’m going to start this by saying that I am not a Christian, but I am deeply sympathetic to it for various reasons that I will explain. I think that the obsession with attacking it instead of the direction its going is extremely toxic and overall bad for any positive political or social movement. I have not converted to any branch of Christianity. I have no plans on doing so. This article is based purely on moral conviction and logical reason. Nothing more and nothing less.

1. Who attacks Christianity? Why do they do it? Why are you on their side?

Most of the worst attacks on it come from people who also see us, our civilization, and our culture as an enemy to attack just as viciously. Many years ago before the alt-right started I foolishly attacked Christianity alongside these people and didn’t see it for what it was. I did so enthusiastically and I did so frequently. I used many of the same arguments that many of you use today, many of the same arguments that our collective enemies use, inadvertently placing myself somewhat in their camp. While I never liked them, or attempted to be allied with them, and hated them just as much as I do now I refused to see what I was actually supporting.

It’s impossible to deny that there is a strong and all encompassing attack on Christianity itself coming from many directions simultaneously for various reasons, but all of the attackers are firmly banded together in a coalition, united in this cause. Who are they?

– Marxists. Karl Marx coined the term “opiate of the masses” and ever since all of his political followers have retained the same attitude or taken it farther. Communist countries have gone as far as shutting down churches and incarcerating priests and nuns and faithful followers in labor camps. During the Spanish civil war churches were burned, priests were murdered, nuns were burnt alive and raped, and their corpses were dug up and desecrated.

– Social Marxists. The Frankfurt school and its followers consider it an impediment to their destruction of the family unit, social tradition and order, and an impediment to moral relativism. Just as they attack traditional family structure to cause societal weakness they also attack Christianity. They seek to subvert traditional western morality and replace it with their own twisted form of morality.

– Moslems. While they technically consider Jesus to be a prophet they are extremely hostile to Christianity and attack it and try to have its practices and holidays and public signs of adherence banned. They seek dominance wherever they establish themselves and consider it a roadblock to their progress. They want to assume total political and moral authority through the monopoly of religion in the areas they live.

– Jews. If it’s not Sarah Silverman tweeting about how great it is that the Jews killed Jesus it’s some random local coalition protesting government buildings with Christmas holiday displays, public businesses with mangers, crosses hanging up, Christmas caroling, public prayer and whatever else. They do this while attempting to have the same government buildings put up displays with menorahs. They will have a collective seizure at a Christian display at the white house but seem happy to get the white house to display a giant menorah on the front lawn. Those of us who are well read have also seen what they say in the talmud about Jesus and know well that this has been their attitude for almost two thousand years.

– Anarchists. Those among you who have been paying attention have surely heard the term “no gods, no masters” at least once. While some of you may agree with this slogan please understand that you have a short sighted view and don’t see the long term effect of this attitude. When these people say that slogan they are also rejecting traditional morality of the sort often seen in the Christian values that have inspired society to stay on a certain course, although imperfectly. The absolute rejection of the spiritual relegates man to a material only being living in a world where nothing at all has any higher or moral value other than what mankind decides to apply to himself, there is nothing larger than yourself to live for, life loses that extra meaning that comes from spirituality of any stripe as long as its sincere, and in the end people are nothing more than intelligent meat machines. This all leads to nihilism.

– Neo-pagans. These are especially cringy individuals who are little more than the fedora wearing atheist “intellectuals” of the past who have found a new fun image. They rarely espouse legitimate and historically valid views regarding their professed beliefs and instead use these ancient paths as a vehicle to superimpose their hyper-modern SJW values into; including anti-white self hatred, marxism, anti nationalism, cultural relativism, anti-traditionalism, and so forth. Over the past ten odd years I’ve watched these creatures multiply in numbers so quickly that now they make up the majority of the so called “pagans” in the world and online. They set the dominant culture there and this often bleeds over in many ways to the “nationalist pagans” and folkish elements. It has gotten so bad I haven’t represented myself as one openly or engaged socially with them or their groups for almost ten years. Their antics have inspired similar attacks in return from “nationalist christians” and traditionalists so in many cases they have caused a false fragmentation of our circles that doesn’t deserve to exist at all.

– Corporations. Nothing annoys the greedy capitalist machine more than a spiritual path which tells people to be frugal, to save, to plan ahead, to reject consumerism, to reject globalist consumer pop culture, to reject hedonism, to interfere with their profit margin. They are threatened by people who value the family, traditional roles, housewives, and tightly knit families. Those who feel that they have the justification from a higher power to defend these things are a thorn in the side of those who would make us all consumer clones.

– International Finance, Bankers, Credit Companies. This is the easiest of all. Imagine how unhappy they would be if Christianity found its root values again and usury was banned in the west, or even if Christians simply refused to participate in a system of debt.

2. My second reason for supporting it goes back to a point I’ve made several times earlier. Morality. People maintain that we don’t need religion to make us moral and I would agree to some extent, but morality comes from two places in society and two places alone. Philosophy and religion. The problem with allowing philosophy to alone dictate morality is that it is much more easily subverted and that it comes in far too many forms. Religion, and especially Christianity is supposed to be monolithic. It is supposed to have universal core values that are largely common even among all of its factions.

The problem with philosophy is simply that you’re left with whatever form the rulers of society want you to have. Everything from Socrates to Marx to the insane cocaine fueled rantings of Freud to the Art of War by Sun Tzu can be considered philosophy. For example the Art of War is the philosophy of successful and strategic warfare and tactics rather than some kind of direct manual. It is intended to show you a certain way of thinking that you can apply to many things. Marx wrote a philosophical doctrine that has been interpreted differently by different people and governments. Philosophy can be changed, rewritten, banned, bastardized, and reinvented much more easily than spiritual and religious beliefs. The Frankfurt school took very little time to adapt Marxism to social degeneracy and decay and the co-opting of so called marginalized groups when they realized that the working class wasn’t interested in their nonsense. Their newly invented world view, their philosophy, its a toxin that’s ingrained in every feminist, every leftist college student, every SJW, progressive, and every politically correct nice guy in the USA. Their philosophy gained so much influence so quickly that we see it manifest in new extreme directions every half decade or so. Look how easy and fast it was. It wouldn’t have been easy at all if Christianity wasn’t already subverted from within. Degenerate philosophy will not rise to dominance if higher, spiritually based values also exist and are firmly rooted in the people.

As far as I’m concerned real Christians have never attacked me for my beliefs, they have never attacked me at all for any reason. They expressed concern and interest in me that was less selfish than many others in my life. Of course they wanted to convert me, they wanted me to join what they see as the truth and the right side of things and I don’t blame them for it at all. That’s something we all do to some extent with our views. There are quite a few hypocrites, quite a few who misunderstand how they should be acting who act wrongly, but realistically they are about as legitimate as the degenerated churches pushing Marxism or telling us we should respect their pro-homosexual anti-religious clergy who want to remove crosses and put in Moslem prayer rooms for the sake of inclusivity.

It took me a good long time to arrive at this viewpoint. I’m now at the stage where I admit freely that despite the shortcomings Christianity has been a net positive for the west and deserves the respect and defense of us all. We never would have had the crusades, we never would have had the winged hussars driving the Turks from Vienna, we never would have had the Spanish inquisition and reclamation of European lands from hostile invaders. Thanks to the positive influence of the religion alcoholism in Russia has gone down in almost the exact ratio that church attendance and membership has risen.

Everyone reading this needs to make a choice on where you truly stand. Either you respect and tolerate something which has largely been good for us all over the past millennia, up until the point where infiltration and subversion has made is almost terminally ill, or you side with the people who are destroying it, our civilization, and our people.

It is impossible to separate Christianity from Western Civilization unless you reject the last 1700 years of European History.

Are you going to willingly disown your heritage, are you going to let your enemies win?