Thoughts on “White Nationalism” Part 1

This image, to me, sums up White Nationalism totally.

I will preface this article by saying that I do not feel an automatic kinship with people just because they are white, I do not support people automatically just because they are white, I do not advocate for people automatically just because they are white, and frankly the idea that I must support and give everyone who happens to be white a chance is insane to me. Its as insane as the idea that I must treat everyone of every other group as an individual rather than as part of a collective whole with dominant traits and patterns. I’m far too busy for that kind of behavior and frankly its below me. It is below anyone who is serious.

Let me elaborate. I am an elitist. I do believe in eugenics, I do believe that some people are beyond saving or being useful because of how god or nature or fate made them, how they were raised, and because of their own personal choices and attitudes in life.

For example I find little to no value in a fat spoiled soft modern male who never played outside growing up, who never gained valuable life lessons about respecting others, about social hierarchy, about male roles and behavior, about masculine attitudes outside of caricatures about beer bacon and beards as promoted by soy sucking hipsters, and who, for lack of a better term, are feminized to the point of being no better than a gelding.

I find no value in white trash of Walmart. I find no value in the sort of people who join groups like the KKK or TWP or NSM or even fake identitarian groups like IE or Patriot Front. I also find no value in soyfaced open mouthed meme people wherever they may exist. While this may come as a shock to many of you this is actually the correct attitude. Some of you may reply “Who else will we find to join our organizations? Who else will have the time to go march around or put up flyers on car windshields or hang banners from freeway over passes? Productive people with careers and families and potential don’t want to do this.” While you are correct that productive people, people with potential, people with skills and direction and focus in life would not want to join a mediocre group who advocates such juvenile 1980s teenaged skinhead “activism” you seem to miss the implication of all this. Maybe the people who are worth something are onto something, and maybe you aren’t. Maybe the reason you cant find quality, dynamism, or actual growth is because when you primarily seek to recruit those who have nowhere else to go and nothing else to do, then, you in turn prevent the people with something to offer to turn away.

People can blame others all they want for not wanting to join their “super smart and awesome” “totally gonna change everything and save the race this time” organizations, but in reality the blame lies solely with the organizers and creators of the groups and nobody else. It is a theory of mine that these people want to do “something” so badly that they really don’t care at all if its negative, productive, destructive, or just pointless. For them the illusion of action is more than enough. The number of times they get mentioned on the local news over their flyers being posted on telephone poles and car windshields is all the evidence they need that they are making an impact. It never once occurs to them that their betters, people who actually can think their way out of a wet paper bag, may not be attracted to such low tier antics, and may have no interest in joining and following groups led by people who have no higher strategic potential than these stale old 1980s era skinhead actions.

Of course the blame doesn’t lie solely on the mediocre people who found and run these groups or their even lower tier members who feel important and special for the first time in their lives. No, the blame also lies largely at the feet of people who are here to keep the mainstream narrative on course. For these people nothing is more important than the steady stream of activity and “hate antics” which fuels the media machine, the ADL, and the SPLC lists and keeps those donations rolling in because the threat of “hate and extremism” is shown to be as high as ever. These are the people who shout from above that we must not “punch right” and that we must “unite despite our differences”. To me it looks like they really want us to do the work for them and destroy the distinctions between the smart people and the destructive freaks so the media and ADL doesn’t have to. To me it seems they’re attempting to make us accept toxic counterproductive behavior from the cringe neonazis, siege freaks, and everyone else. I suppose some people who don’t have a very strong logical ability may agree that the face value premise of unity is good, but these people clearly lack the long term vision to see how accepting bad behavior and ideals as normal will make the struggle harder and harder for us in the long term, especially as the arrests for their unhinged behaviors continue to rise.

When the ADL and SPLC are not using fake anti-jewish hate crimes and fake black church burnings as talking points before covertly removing references to those incidents from their websites once they’re proven to be fake they’re padding the stats with clowns like Cole Williams and his TWP 2.0 group. I’m sure they must feel like a real live “big boy” group for their contribution to the ADL machine and the mainstream (and TRS) narrative. Nothing is better and more validating than being a free bogeyman for the people who profit off of you and gain more momentum to destroy your people with. Congratulations and thank you for your service! Lol.

As I’ve stated earlier, this can be summed up by a plain fact which I expect rational people to understand; not everyone is worthwhile, not everyone is worth trying to save, not everyone can help, and not everyone has a real contribution to make. I’ve heard in the past many people say that not everyone is fit to be a leader, clearly this is the case but it hasn’t stopped these fail groups from arising time after time. I’ve heard the leaders and members of these fail groups parrot similar sentiments at times, but clearly they lack the self awareness to apply the advice to themselves. I’ve also heard these people say “Well if you don’t like our group go make your own”. This could be considered a valid point, except for the nagging detail that they, by virtue of their low potential, bad optics, bad strategies, bad membership, and general dreg like lumpenprole existence are being pushed to the forefront of the enemy propaganda machine which really does in essence “poison the well” of discourse.

I really shouldn’t expect these people to be smart enough to understand that by virtue of being morons, white trash, hollywood cartoons, and wannabe terrorists among other things that they poison and taint the message that we all are trying to spread. They make OUR job ten times harder because in order to respectably promote the idea of our survival and advancement we have to simultaneously rehabilitate the image of that idea, we have to present it in a light which isn’t tainted by decades of ugliness and stupidity and white trash organizations acting like the genetic dead ends they are. If we had no baggage from these low potential freaks who only benefit the enemy our job would be much much easier. If we had none of these freak organizations or independent people promoting the same trash in recent history our job would also be much much easier. In light of this it should be clear who is on OUR side and who isn’t.

If you expect to make a positive impact, and if you really want our western civilization and lineage to survive its time to start looking at yourself much more critically. Things are getting worse every day and nobody is acting appropriately. There will be NO “boogaloo” to wipe the slate clean, and if there was those of you who need this advice wouldn’t survive it anyway. As I’ve said before multiple times its time to emulate the real nationalists and identitarians in Europe. Outside of your online echo chambers nobody is impressed about your 1488 WN social points or virtue signaling. They find it to be a turn off. If you’re serious about making a difference you need to man up, take responsibility, and accept that its your DUTY to serve and try to protect your people. That includes being approachable, that includes being smarter than the “movement” has ever been. That includes being nonthreatening. That includes acting “normal”. None of your internet “fashy” virtue signaling will help you with your real task. That also includes rejecting the white trash lumpenprole freaks who make it easy to write us all off as morons. Push those people back into the shadows where they belong. They don’t represent me or my people.

Those of you unwilling or unable to do whats necessary to actually make a positive impact were correctly attacked by William Pierce as adventurers, hobbyists, misfits, and freaks seeking some kind of politically incorrect diversion. You have no value to your people, to civilization, or to the cause for our survival.

For those of you out there who are doing it wrong I can only hope you wise up. Time is running out.