On “Whiteness”

Why I’m not “White” and why I’m a “European American”.

I’ll preface this by saying that I don’t consider myself “white” and haven’t for some time, despite not really talking about it. Its not because of some recently discovered admixture in my blood. It’s not because of some sudden seething self hatred for myself and my ancestors either. In reality it is simply because it is a terrible term to define yourself by, and not only is it a terrible term it is one that’s owned and defined absolutely by those who are hostile to us and wish to use the term as a weapon against us.

It’s not just that I reject the “white identity” provided for me by the system, with all of its baggage and accusations of being evil, devious, and somehow implicitly demonic. It’s that almost none of the alleged attributes of “whiteness” apply to me. For this reason I consider calling myself white to be as stupid as calling myself a capitalist when I have no capital.

Let’s consider things based on how the word is defined by those who are most likely to use the term “White”. According to them whiteness implies power and privilege, it implies an easy ride in life, it implies that there’s some kind of invisible network that we use to help each other get ahead while holding others back.

The only people I see out there with this “power and privilege” are the rich and the Jews. Clearly its nobody but the rich and the Jews who are able to exercise a collective force to benefit themselves at the expense of everyone else… Clearly nobody but the rich and the Jews are out there saying things like “my fellow whites we have to change this toxic whiteness we all exhibit” and “my fellow white people, it’s time we accept and atone for our privilege” “my fellow white people we have to stop defending ourselves and think of everyone else”. I don’t see construction workers, or factory laborers, or any other type of wage slaves talking about making their own lives harder for the benefit of strangers who don’t deserve the sacrifice.

Clearly the people being preached to and ranted at have nothing to say on the matter because they have neither power nor privilege and are left confused as to how this “systemic white racism” benefits them at all. Clearly if they had power and privilege they wouldn’t be fighting for a livable wage, same as most non-whites. Clearly if they had power or privilege they wouldn’t be training their replacements in the tech industry, the rich then replacing them with much lower paid foreign workers. They wouldn’t be watching construction wages stagnate and shrink over the last few decades as cheap illegal labor undercuts their negotiation power. I sincerely doubt that anyone with power or privilege would be screaming and protesting just for $15 an hour while being unable to stop the influx of foreign people willing to do the same jobs for $5 an hour. Anyone with a basic knowledge of supply and demand can tell you that competition lowers prices. If only Americans were competing for jobs, and nobody else was allowed to come here and get hired, at all, and no jobs were allowed to be exported, at all……… you wouldn’t care about $15 an hour because you would be making much more than that already. This is how it USED to be in the USA, back when a man could make enough money with a full time job to support a wife, and 3 kids, and buy a house, and a car…

Well I have some news for you, blue collar European Americans, this so called white privilege doesn’t benefit you at all. You struggle to make ends meet, you have little if any control over who you live around, the environment you raise your children in, and how you are treated by members of other ethnicities. The only groups who have this power again are the rich and Jews. You are more likely to be denied a job or a college entry due to your race than anyone else. You have NO say over who or what you are exposed to in your own neighborhoods or how you are represented in the media, in sitcoms, in movies, in music videos, in the news, or anywhere else. EVERY other group out there can easily complain and protest and make things happen if they are shown or referred to in an unflattering light, but YOU cannot. While one can say that other ethnicities have been shown in in degrading ways in the past, how long ago was that? We also saw redneck yokels mocked: don’t forget how idiotic the Beverly Hillbillies were shown as, we also saw the once hyper-typical New England WASP stereotype mocked. Who have we never seen mocked? The REAL WHITES: the rich and the Jews. I would like to be shown ONE example in American mainstream media where this hasn’t been the case.

When was the last time the media criticized Bill Gates for demanding all of our American tech workers be put out of jobs in favor of cheaper foreign workers? When was the last time Monsanto was put on blast for destroying farmers lives, or bribing politicians, or getting the news corporations to cancel unflattering reports on the health effects of their products? When is the last time someone on TV criticized Israel for using Palestinian children as target practice? There is REAL power and privilege. Let me tell you that our collective power and privilege is much closer to that of the Palestinian children laying in a pool of blood than it is to the people who slaughter them for sport and keep any mention of it out of the news. Clearly we must begin to think in a manner which reflects reality because if things keep getting much worse in the West our own children will face a similar grim reality to those Palestinian children maimed by illegal white phosphorus bombs, or sniped for sport by bored IDF soldiers. Weren’t we all taught that women and children, civilians, are not targets and that killing them is a war crime? Imagine having the power and privilege to get away with something the Nazis apparently couldn’t.

I’m regularly reminded by my Irish pride friends that the Irish in this country until about 100 years ago were considered not-white. Now if you are to judge by appearance that would be an insane and nonsensical statement to make, people today would scratch their heads in confusion at the concept of calling a paper white ginger “nonwhite”. Apparently then they were considered nothing more than, as it was put so commonly, “niggers of pale skin”. Why? Well consider that the Irish were often poor, often indentured servants, often having little or no power or privilege on any level at all and having next to no control over their lives aside from being drunk and fighting out of sheer frustration. Does this sound at all familiar? If the Irish were not white back then due to their lack of power and privilege I would say that the entire working class and the vast majority of the middle classes of European descended Americans are not white today. We have no free speech, we have no right to dissent unless its framed in a way where we are attacking ourselves, we have no ability to criticize those who attack us based on our skin color and heritage. We are the “niggers of pale skin” of the modern age.

In my mind accepting the loaded leftist label of “white” for ourselves is moronic and self harming. What does it serve? The only benefit I can even see anyone claiming is that without calling ourselves “white” people wont be able to claim to be generic “white nationalists” anymore, which in reality is no loss to anyone, we would be better off. I’ll save my reasoning behind that for another article but rest assured the entire concept of “white nationalism” benefits nobody and has accomplished nothing but harm and setbacks for the cause of our survival as westerners and European Americans.

From this day forward whenever anyone accuses you of being white or having white privilege throw it back in their faces!

Say to these scoundrels that you’re NOT white, that you’re a European American and you have no power or privilege because if you did they would be silenced for harassing you.

Throw it in their faces that the only people on social media calling out whiteness happen to be Jewish or rich and since you’re neither the word doesn’t apply to you.

If they insist on referring to you by that outdated toxic term DEMAND to know what privilege you have. Be ready with the statistics proving that unarmed “whites” are more likely to be shot by the police than any other group, be ready to link to the fbi crimes statistics pages, but overall do not back down and do not accept the identity THEY have chosen for you, that THEY have chosen to be a weight around your neck to hold you down with.

Tell THEM to check THEIR privilege. Nobody needs a negative sjw dork harassing them. Demand to know if they’re white themselves. If they say as much tell them to stop using their privilege to harass you because you aren’t white like them. I see absolutely no reason to play their game they way they want us to. Going against the grain in this instance is really in our own best interest. I hope you understand and agree.

At some point when this gains enough traction people will see that there is a clear choice between looking at themselves through the eyes of our attackers or looking at themselves with a clarity and innocence that they’ve never felt before. After all, if they’re not “white” they don’t need to have any guilt, do they?