What is “White Supremacism”?

White supremacy is something we have all heard a thousand times from people that attack European Americans who speak out for their best interests. At one point in time some of these misguided people were actually using the term to describe themselves without knowing what it really means.

In the purest definition “white supremacy” would indicate a system where whites rule as the supreme power over anyone and everyone else. The vast vast majority of people called white supremacists these days are usually nothing more than “white separatists” or sometimes just people who don’t enjoy living in diverse areas and who ‘white flight’ to the suburbs or rural areas to get away from loud “minorities”, bumping car stereos, shootings and urban riots, dangerous neighborhoods flooding over into formerly safe ones, section 8 housing ruining formerly safe and tranquil neighborhoods, and similar issues. If a European American or Asian American parent laments the ethnic makeup of the school district and the disciplinary issues of the area as being due to the makeup of the other ethnicities in the student body that too has and will again be called a sign of “white supremacism”.

At some point noticing unflattering aspects about other groups and attempting to avoid these unpleasant things has become synonymous with the urge to rule over them with an iron fist. Like “white privilege” and even calling yourself “white” this is a loaded term that the system uses to beat us all down into submission so we don’t resist their social experimentation.

If someone was to seriously ask me for an example of “white supremacy” in today’s world I would point out that the iron fist “Israel” has over Palestine is the only real current example. You quite literally have an occupation government there which is slaughtering people for fun, which steals their land, burns down their orchards and crops, bulldozes their homes even with them still inside, and then pretends its all justified when a few of them start throwing rocks back at their aggressors. That is supremacism. Where else in the world today can you find “white” people doing this to anyone on any level? If you want to be generous you can also claim that the endless American wars in the middle east and endless occupation forces are another example, and in a way they are, but lets not forget that this is nothing more than the extension of Israeli foreign policy and that the USA is only there as a wardog to do its bidding. I would therefore lump all American aggression in the region as being just another aspect of “Israels” existence and really no different than the plight of the Palestinians in any way other than level of severity.

If you want to find the next best historical example I would point to the extinct British empire. The way in which they’ve treated the Irish, the Scottish, and the Welsh, who the English did NOT consider white has been talked about in many books and needs no further explanation here. The way in which they’ve treated their more swarthy colonies also needs no further explanation but I will still bring up a few aspects of them in an attempt to draw a line between the past and today.

The British empire really came into its proper existence with the revolution of Oliver Cromwell. Cromwell was largely funded by international Jewish money lenders who had been outraged that the Jews had been expelled from England for coin clipping, and that several hundred had been executed as punishment. As a sure sign of things to come the first thing Cromwell did after inviting them back was wage a fresh war of occupation and genocide against the Irish. As Cromwell allowed the Jewish money lenders back into England they wasted no time buying positions of influence in his new “Republic” which set the direction for the future of the so called “British Empire”.

Two revealing incidents of the money lender ran British Empire happened with the Jewish David Sassoon’s influence through his “David Sassoon & Co”. An influence that resulted in two wars with China over opium. While not being widely talked about today David Sassoon, and later his son, ran (among other things) an opium trading operation that he refused to staff with anyone but other Jews. The opium was all grown in the British territory of India, processed by his company and imported along the normal British empire trade routes into China which caused the modern worlds first opioid epidemic. The damage to the economy and social fabric of China was so severe that the Chinese government attempted to put a stop to it.

Considering what we know about Jewish “white supremacy” and how it treats people who dare stand against it we aren’t surprised that in response Sassoon mustered the full might of the British military to crush and subdue the Chinese government and make the world safe for “free trade” once again. Despite having lost one war over this issue the Chinese government tried to stop the epidemic once again, which of course resulted in another war to defend the Sassoon’s drug pushing monopoly. He died in 1864 leaving his son Sir Albert Abdullah David Sassoon in charge of the company. Having made so much money for the “British Empire” Sir Albert Abdullah David Sassoon was awarded the the title of baronet.

Gaining a title of nobility for destroying lives through drugs and warfare…. That to me sounds quite a bit like “white supremacy”. How many of the ethnic British soldiers and sailors had any benefit from this? How many died? Most were conscripts, drafted into service via press gangs, or were simply too poor to find other work. They don’t sound like they had any part in this “supremacy”. The common man often really does have no say or influence but of course according to our attackers, the real “white supremacists”, we must all share the burden while the responsible parties walk away with a clear conscience after lecturing us.

The common thread between the “white supremacist” British Empire and the “White Supremacist” Israeli police state should be very clear to see. To paraphrase Voltaire: “You can tell who rules over you by noting who you are not allowed to question”. This secret history is kept well hidden by the people in power for a good reason, the reason simply being that they have the power and supremacy to do so and they wish not to be seen in their true forms.

Many American readers will say “what about slavery”? Wasn’t African slavery in the Americas another example of “white supremacy”? Yes, it really was, and it is my third example with a common thread in this article. Of course existing before and along side of the African slaves were also tens of thousands of Irish slaves, in the sugar plantations in the Caribbean, as well as in the United States, that’s something I refuse to leave out because of the absolute disgust and denial mainstream historians have with the truth regarding the treatment of the Irish (another symptom of white supremacy I suppose).

As with the David Sassoon & Co mentioned previously who was responsible for heavy trading of various goods and of using extreme force to make sure their business was profitable we had groups like the “East India Trading Company” (Jewish Ran) which had a private military force double the size of the British Empires own military. This company was very heavily involved in the slaving trade which existed previous to the one here in the Americas and is mentioned here as a side note.

Similar to the East India Company and David Sassoon & Co were a multitude of “banking house and financier” (Jews) owned and founded trading companies which while presumably in competition with each other often worked together in mutual agreement and made sure not to step on each others toes. This explains the foundation and ownership of almost every slaving vessel which brought Africans to this hemisphere. The major slave traders were also usually members of this monopolistic tribe, or European employees or former employees, or in the case of the French areas in the south many were also French nobles.

One valuable tool which helps inform normal people about the truth regarding this is the African American run website called “We Thought They Were White”, which lays out the truth, names, and exists primarily to deflect African American animosity from the broader European American population. It is only one small website but it does a big job standing against the lies we are all taught in school regarding “collective white guilt”.

I wont bother going into further detail about the history of the slave trade here, because I want you to read “We Thought They Were White” https://wethoughttheywerewhite.tumblr.com/ I want you to bookmark it, I want you to share it, and I want you to post stickers with links to the website in highly visible areas where African Americans tend to gather. These stickers will be for sale at production cost from one of our websites in the future.

I hope this article has helped you gain perspective on the concept of “white supremacy” and enabled you to argue better against the concept when its pushed down onto us from the liars and lemmings which mindlessly repeat what they are told by the people who rule us. Wanting whats best for your own people isn’t supremacy, self defense isn’t supremacy, wanting to live around your own kind in peace isn’t supremacy…. What we want is natural, healthy, and human. Thanks for reading.