The Upcoming Disturbance – A Worst Case Scenario of the Corona Panic in the USA

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Many of those who are speculating on how bad things will get in this country, whether its in regard to martial law, food shortages, mass casualties, economic collapse, or whatever else are usually leaving one important variable out of the equation. Our low trust non-homogenous population and how they will react to a collapse.

We have seen videos from China of dead bodies lined up along the sidewalk with blankets or sheets over them waiting for collection like some Monty Python skit about the dark ages. We have seen videos of Chinese people welded into their homes to enforce quarantine. We have seen multiple mass body pits burning in China as proven through thermal satellite images. We have seen videos of Chinese “doctors” running around in full hazmat suits with guns shooting people down in the streets. China may be brutal and insane like any communist regime, no matter how watered down they may be, but I can foresee a scenario that would prompt us here in the USA to see an almost equal level of martial control over the populace. Why? Simply put, because of our “minority population”.

When the people who create and exist in unsafe, dangerous, crime ridden cesspools decide collectively to act out it will cause a large panic, so large that most everyone will be begging for big daddy government to solve it via brutal repression. Martial Law here we come.

Don’t believe me? In New Orleans during Katrina blacks went around in armed groups raping, robbing, and looting. Of course not all blacks did this and some were also victims, but it was still almost totally them doing it. In response the cops went around disarming normal honest people in their homes, sometimes with the armed black looting gangs only half a block away robbing and looting in full view of the cops. If that isn’t enough to convince you then look back to the LA Riots, or the more recent riots in Fergusen Missouri over a dead worthless street hooligan. We have all seen the many screenshots of “black twitter” talking openly about looting and robbing in white areas as soon as they’re able to. Imagine this happening nationally.

As for the so called “Hispanic” population here, look south of the border and see how they’re presently robbing and looting grocery stores, look at how a week ago they tried to hijack a WalMart semi truck after it left a Dallas/ Ft. Worth area distribution center. The driver ran 6 or 7 of them over while attempting to flee the truck jacking. Of course not all “hispanics” will be involved but they are the population from which most of the organized attempts at causing such havoc will be from.

Keep in mind that in hard hit areas like NYC cops are already beginning to to get infected at an alarming rate and are beginning to drop out of service from complications. This will only increase and when the remaining cops quit or when their numbers are too few reality will set in fast. An intended result of all this will be less police on the street one way or another. Public order will decay swiftly and the innocent people will become victims in numbers we haven’t ever seen in our history. Expect to see this happen everywhere to some degree. The options will then be militias, federal troops, or the sheriffs deputizing large amounts of the population to retain order.

I recall the book “Civil War 2” from the 1990s which covered the possible future breakdown of America and which was brave enough to speculate on what the ethnic situation would be in such a scenario. I won’t give away too much here but suffice to say it predicted a great amount of conflict and blood lost on American soil in all regions of the country. Now from the perspective of someone who has read this book, and who can apply the lessons from it to this present situation I truly see a highly chaotic situation preparing to unfold. We are looking at something which, unless the secret hands who hold this farce together slip, will forever destroy the United States and potentially also civilization on this continent, at least for a decade or two.

We all likely have seen the decoded genetic material of the Covid-19 virus and the geneticist who showed the decoded material inserted into it from the HIV virus. We are all likely aware of the artificially long RNA string with its odd and confusing 33 “a” markers at the end of it which clearly can not be a product of natural selection, evolution, or any other natural force. We know we are living in unusual times and its been proven by the handful of articles from big publications stating that it’s now “legal” for scientists to make killer flu strains and other killer viruses. Why now? To proactively excuse what may later be found out and punished.

Here is my take: We have all been exposed to this artificial virus since October in one degree or another. The leak from the Wuhan Level 4 laboratory happened in early October apparently. The Wuhan area is a very large manufacturing hub and a great amount of their products come here. Sick workers making goods that come here, coughing on items and packing materials which then ship directly to us…… allegedly in an optimal environment the virus can last 16 or more days on the surface of something when not exposed to heat or direct sunlight, such as the interior of a box or huge shipping container.

The virus allegedly becomes transmissible in only a few days after exposure. Most cases of infection are “asymptomatic” which means they don’t show any symptoms or only show the most mild of symptoms, but they are still able to pass it on. Also the vast majority of tests sold by the Chinese have been defective. While some could say this is an accident I would say this is a serious enough situation where such a screw up would not be tolerated by a totalitarian state who really wants this problem squashed. If it was an accident it would not have gone on this long. Clearly the goal is mass global destabilization. The virus has a patent on it in Europe and the USA from what I’ve seen. Vaccines for it were in development since before the outbreak happened and they will be forced onto us at gunpoint if the scoundrels who run everything have their way. Remember who owns big pharma, the banks, the media, and big agriculture.

As the economy collapses, (and it will at some point because it is nothing but a debt based ponzi scheme), and food dries up in these ethnic urban shitholes who rob and steal and bankrupt almost all grocery stores out of their areas, and where fast food places have bulletproof glass around the counters, we can expect them to roam into less ruined areas in search of plunder and food. The societal breakdown described in the book Civil War 2 will at least partially play out and collide with the pandemic and the governmental wish for total martial law. If anything the ethnic temper tantrums will justify Chinese like levels of regimentation and heavy handedness. Plan on getting away from urban areas if you can… Or perhaps the people like Trump who want the system to limp on will find a way to salvage it and this will just be the Great Depression part 2. But I personally doubt it.

The mass panic from the lemming morons who are hoarding everything is making it hard for anyone else to properly prepare for whats ahead. But we can at least rest easy in the thought that many of these people will leave us nicely stocked pantries and bathrooms when the unrest starts, or when they die off from the virus they catch during their nonstop hoarding runs. (that massive death toll, eh? lol)

We are presently under a 14 day shutdown in most areas. It has rendered many people unemployed. What will happen after? Will everyone go back to work? Unlikely. But if done right, if the shut down ends before a potential upcoming spike in casualties and serious infections begins we will have a small window of opportunity where the lemmings stop hoarding, and the smart people can stock up on their supplies before the real storm begins.

If we have a future situation anything like China, Iran, or Italy then this present time is like the calm before the storm. Everyone at the top knows there is no such thing as “flattening the curve”. Our medical resources will be vastly overwhelmed in a scenario where 90% or more of the population is exposed to the virus. We can expect that perhaps 80% will have no symptoms and out of the other 20% maybe ¾ will be mild to sub-severe but able to stay at home instead of a hospital. That leaves 5% of the United States requiring direct medical care in a facility. By my math that’s around 16,472,035 people between the storm and next summer. This does not factor in the amount of second and third infections in the survivors (presumably you do not build a resistance to this disease thanks to the HIV DNA). Do we have the ICU beds to take care of 16.5 million people? Do we have the doctors or even the tests available? Do we have the ventilators needed? Urban areas will of course be the worst hit but rural areas will suffer also. The only practical advantage rural areas have is low minority populations and lots of rednecks with guns who wont tolerate any bullshit in their neighborhoods. I foresee rural areas and small towns with regular patrols of veterans and civic minded locals keeping eye out for trouble.

I hope I am wrong but I foresee this thing taking at least a year to fully play out. Things will likely never return to normal. The advice to my readers is: wait for the calm before the storm to hit its xenith when hoarders stop panic buying then go out and snap up all the ammo and required supplies you will need, make alliances with people you can trust locally, and band together in the event of trouble, and for the love of the west don’t ruin it with any over the top larpy political fringe talk. There is plenty of time for a well thought out version that later on when they start wanting answers and you are hunkered down with your collection of videos, memes, saved articles, and pdf books ready to show everyone. You have been stockpiling information haven’t you? Don’t tell me you waste all your time listening to TRS or other worthless podcasts or wearing skull masks in selfies while doing roman salutes in your bathroom mirror…. Lol. Nah of course you don’t, my readers weren’t in remedial classes growing up.

Remember, normal people don’t like freaks and extremists of any kind. WN dorks are as bad and disruptive in their eyes as commies are and for good reason, if you need elaboration feel free to check out my earlier writings. Media lies and idiots acting like bogeymen making them look right have damaged our cause for decades. Blend in, subtly promote the truth, be outstanding and respectable and earn your place as a respected member of the community and over time they will adapt their views if you are an upstanding alpha individual.

Above all stay safe, many of us have our names on lists. I would not put it above this system to set up quarantine camps and start collecting some people who test positive for the virus. You may not even have it but if your name is on the list because they want you removed it will happen anyway. In this case expect to hear “Sorry fella, you may not think you’re sick but your name is on the list. Remember that most cases don’t show symptoms. Come along peacefully or you will be forced to comply”. Keep in mind that you cannot reason with the state agents who come to collect you during this situation. As far as they’re concerned the list is accurate and you’re an infected. They do not see themselves as agents of a great evil. They do not hate you, the people who collected our names for these lists hate you. If they do not see themselves as your enemy you cannot try to reason with them as if they are trying to hurt you. I am not condoning violence, I am condoning evasive measures. My only wish is to see people avoid being hurt. Many of these people in the National Guard and Army Reserves are good well meaning people who want to aid their country in a crisis. If they see enough messed up things they can easily become our allies and comrades against the system later on. The system is aware of this and deathly afraid which is why the top two fake “terror threats” named by them are so called “white nationalists” and “angry veterans”. If things break down far enough expect National Guard members to loot weaponry and vehicles and form their own militias. Refer again to the book Civil War 2 for elaboration on this subject.

When conflict starts to escalate along ethnic lines more people will become aware and band together with their own for defense. This will not make them open to your fringe political ideologies, but it will make them open to your memorized crime statistics and a sense of self preservation will make them act accordingly. They will not want to consider themselves racist, and honestly they will not be. Any of you who show crass racist behavior will likely be shunned. They will genuinely wish things could be different. Remember this and interface with them accordingly. Most of you will not need this advice but there are still far too many people infected with the toxic rhetoric and dead end attitudes of the “movement” who should be aware of this. Remember: healthy communities are built on self love, not hate of the other. If you wish to help our people look out for themselves you will act accordingly.

Take care of yourselves, defend your loved ones, defend morality, defend whats left of the west, and live to fight another day.

We will get through this.

Download the PDF of Civil War 2 here:!OBdykKzK!VjifsraHL9NhFYzNcYgJxIURnOPiyKrS33DryGlJLXg

NRA New Orleans Hurricane Katrina Martial Law and Gun Confiscation Video: