On George Lincoln Rockwell Part 2

In part 1 of this series my attitude was largely mocking and insulting which was meant to shock his fanclub and the cult of delusionals who take Rockwell and his image at face value, despite him being an obvious caricature and “nazi villain” of the type Hollywood reinvents every time new white-guilt propaganda needs to be rolled out.

In this piece I will attempt to avoid repeating that energy, but it may be difficult for me to totally reign in my contempt so bear with me.

Let’s dive in:

In the previous article I mentioned his childhood being raised as an actor by his parents, and how he dialed in his character as actors often do using props. Most importantly I mentioned his use of General Douglas MacArthurs corncob pipe as a prop to get him into the headspace of the role he wished to play, namely as a strong leader.

Why General MacArthur? The General was a well respected and highly recognized leader of men; strong, charasmatic, intelligent, formidable, and who was incidentally heavily obsessed over by Rockwell before he was selected for his role as plastic fuhrer by the powers that be. By Rockwells own account in “This Time the World” he was at one time almost a total fanboy of this man and claimed that he would have been the “Greatest President”. While it can be reasoned that this was an attempt to further stain MacArthur’s memory due to Rockwell’s affiliations we will not go further in this direction. Rockwell most likely took great enjoyment from acting out fantasies of himself as the dynamic MacArthur.

Also MacArthur was rabidly hounded as being the “next Hitler” by many in the media for his staunch nationalist attitudes which did not escape Rockwell or his employers. This can be seen in excerpts from “This Time The World”, one of Rockwells two unremarkable books. As a side note why did Rockwell need two “Mein Kampf” like books which said basically the same thing when Hitler had only one? Because Rockwell was operating from a place of contempt and inferiority, and from a need to be better, bigger, more dynamic, effective, etc than Hitler. The best played role is laid out larger than life for maximum impact, and you have to play it hard if you’re going to attach yourself to and subvert the name and symbolism of a man with that much historical impact.

An admission of his own illegitimacy:

As you know from my previous writings National Socialism was not created for or given to anyone but German citizens of the greater German third empire. It was a nationalist movement and as such was meant for one specific people, because that’s what authentic nationalism does. Nationalist movements are by their definition not “international”. Anti-nationalist movements like Marxism, Globalist Capitalism, and other such things are international.

Of course Rockwell knew this, he openly admitted to it in “This Time the World”. Rockwell lamented the fact that Hitler was an isolationist, a German chauvinist, and had no interest at all in a global movement, or a Europe wide movement, or a pan-racial movement.

Considering Rockwell’s knowledge of this inconvenient truth and that he took strong issue with it any thinking person would wonder why he insisted on stealing the name and symbolism of a movement which never was intended for export and which would never have allowed him as a member. Sure, the NSDAP allowed volunteers to fight along side them, but it was a war against international bankers and the looming threat of global communism. Neonazis seem to shrug off that Germany was allied with the Japanese and helped train the Nationalist Chinese army and the Indian resistance forces which tried to run the British empire out of India. They pretend that foreign volunteers were somehow citizens of the Reich and therefore “National Socialists” and because of this any “white man” could have been. I suppose if that’s the case then the various Moslems and Orientals and Africans which were allowed to volunteer must also have been citizens of the Third Reich with full membership in the party. Pick one or the other. Either foreigners who fought were allowed in or they weren’t……… How many historically illiterate neonazis will claim that Hitler allowed all of these non-Europeans full citizenship and political rights? They can’t have it both ways.

I’m sure many of you are aware of the Leon DeGralle quotes about NSDAP Germany often titled online as “We Dreamed of Something Marvelous”. How many of you paid attention to his words which refer to it as a “German movement” multiple times and nothing else? If DeGralle had no problem calling it that there is no honest reason for anyone else to oppose it.


“Hitler, never having traveled, was an incurable isolationist and chauvinist.”
and “Had he started from the beginning, not with a GERMAN movement, but with a WHITE MAN’S movement encompassing all white men in the world, he would have taken a lot longer to win but he would have been sure of winning. You can’t beat an international movement with a national movement any more than you can create a nice clean place in a sewer.”

Of course reading this you can see two things. Firstly an open admission that National Socialism was, as Hitler loved saying, “not for export” and was German only. Secondly you can see that Rockwell was actually anti-nationalist and clearly believed that no nationalist country, or coalition of nationalist countries could ever resist the present global order. His attitude was that globalism is needed to fight globalism, so he was in fact a globalist. Considering everything I have read in his books I think he was a Globalist Capitalist. He definitely was not interested in any third position political or economic views that I know of. Aside from basic rants about international finance and bankers he really had no problem with parasitic capitalism, as long as it was done by the “white man”. You would think that for someone who pretended to have such a deep connection with Hitlers party that he larped around in costumes trying to look like them, well, you would think he would at least know that WW2 really was a close call and that it could have easily gone the other way. Especially if the USA never entered the fight.

I hope you see the dismissive and demeaning attitude Rockwell had for Hitlers movement as being a hypocrisy of the strongest order when Rockwell attempted to steal so much from them for his own use. …..Yet another aspect of the man that doesn’t make sense if he was “legitimate”.

What Rockwell described in his book while criticizing staunch nationalism of the NSDAP was the creation of what we know today as the “white nationalist” movement. Rockwells fetish for stealing didn’t end with Hitler. Rockwell also stole the concept of “white nationalism” from the radical Marxist “black nationalists”, stole the communist black power fist and colored it white, and recycled the slogan “black power” into “white power”. Of course he knew who was really behind Marxist black nationalism. This did not bother him and you will see why by the end of this article.

His post war-pre naonazi history.

In ‘This Time the World’ Rockwell mentioned a fair amount of running around with various dubious characters in the “conservative” spectrum. He referred to most of them as “secret nazis”. While most of what he claimed cannot be verified and clearly some of it is made up he does mention his impression and opinion of important figures at the time including Senator Joseph McCarthy. What is extremely notable is his lack of mentioning figurehead people who were highly important and highly respected in American Nationalist circles such as John Beaty or Robert Welch. John Beaty, who wrote “Iron Curtain Over America”, who was a veteran of both world wars, who was so high up in the intelligence chain that he prepared the presidents daily report on world affairs, and who personally interviewed hundreds if not thousands of intelligence assets.

A far smarter and more legitimate man than Rockwell, who by some “coincidence” Rockwell seems to have never heard of.
We are supposed to believe that Rockwell had no knowledge of these men and their open effort to expose the same people Rockwell claimed to be against?

If Rockwell was legitimate he would have surely heard about this John Beaty, his impact, his credibility, and his following in higher levels of the various military branches. Not only would he have heard of this man he would have spoken highly of him and his work. While most of Rockwells rants were pure speculation John Beaty actually had the research and work put in to verify his claims. Of course there is the issue that John Beaty was an actual Nationalist. Casting light on the self-chosen tribe and their manipulations in the United States as well as globally would definitely have brought him to the attention of someone like Rockwell.

Considering that Rockwell was not legitimate we can see why he would wish to keep from giving this man even more attention. The illegitimate does not stand well next to the legitimate.

One of Rockwells important pre-neonazi connections which he suspiciously misrepresents is his time working under William F Buckley and assisting Buckley in setting up the National Review. As many people know Buckley was a CIA asset who was instrumental in turning nationalistic conservatism and isolationism into neoconservatism that’s pro-zionist and globalist. Considering the aims of Buckley, and his allies in the Zionist movement it’s again clear to see why Rockwell avoided mentioning John Beaty, and instead aimed for promoting the Hollywood style “nazi-menace” image which helped stifle ethnic self interest in European Americans. Of course Rockwell had a dismissive attitude for Buckley in ‘This Time the World’, which was an act to mask the true reason why he was working for a man with the connections Buckley had. When Rockwell claimed that Buckley was “cagey on the jewish question”, well, what would one expect from a man whose coffers were filled by the CIA and Zionist Lobby, and who was tasked with re-engineering conservatism to be more in line with the new order? Of course Rockwell knew this and his attacks on his former boss are purely damage control considering that everyone of importance knew he had been a devout follower of Buckleys and that he must distance himself from Buckley in order to preserve Buckleys public image.

It’s worth noting that Buckley was an important figure in Regnery Publishing which promoted destructive and toxic libertarian ideals such as those promoted by Ayn Rand, and which was also meant to advance the new vision for American Conservatism. Many of you are familiar with my old quote “What have the conservatives conserved?”, well thanks to Buckley and Regnery they have not conserved much of anything and it is on purpose.

Rockwell was chosen for his role as plastic Hitler while working for Buckley founding the “National Review”, Buckleys neo-conservative newspaper.

Rockwell’s Holocaust Fetish:

In the late 1950s and early 1960s the “holocaust” wasn’t very widely known. It wasn’t a part of American curriculum and it wasn’t talked about on television or in the movies. Historical books documenting the war made little to no mention of it and the official Red Cross documents on the war also failed to mention it.

Considering this you would be smart to question the motives of a man in a homemade nazi costume who went to public events, protests, and almost any situation that would put him in front of a television camera or journalist to shout “SIX MILLION MORE, THIS TIME THE WORLD” Indeed at this time almost nobody in the USA had heard the number 6 million in conjunction with questionable wartime activities done by the NSDAP.

Rockwell also had a peculiar habit of casually talking about gassing people when giving interviews to the media. The image he worked hard to promote was absolutely in line with the narrative looking to be pushed by Hollywood and the ADL. Some people would say you cant buy that kind of publicity but in this case I would argue that they did and they got every dollars worth.

In one print article I own a copy of, from the Texas Observer, dated October 05 1962 Rockwell goes out of his way to play this outlandish cartoon role. Here are some selected quotes from this article.


From the article author:

“Knowing that the more publicity fanatical he is, the more publicity he can wrest from the news columns, Rockwell obliges with a brand of scurrility that would have made Hitler turn green with envy, and he supplements it with a peculiar sense of humor that both embarrasses and confuses his critics. How does one take seriously a person who casually discusses which US Jews will have to be gassed when he takes over and then adds they will have their choice of flavored gasses- raspberry, tutti-frutti, or heliotrope?”

“Rockwells publications reflect the caliber of his organization. They are semi-literate”

“The Stormtrooper is a monthly 32 page magazine” “Containing features such as a “surrender pass” which entitles the holder to such benefits as being ‘gassed toward the very last’ and meanwhile being lodged at “the fabulous new Miami Beach hotel, the Auschwitz Arms”

From Rockwell:

“Nothing can now stop us, and the Jews are already talking about ‘smelling the gas’. Our motto is ‘The Jews are through in 72’. (Which is the year Rockwell plans to be elected President.)”

“We advocate gas chambers for traitors because the extent of the traitorous conspiracy requires a large scale method of execution.”

Of course none of his public antics could do much to help his own cause. We all know his excuse, that he was simply fishing for attention to spread his message, but unless his goal was to turn anything he mentioned into a joke that people would reject, it is clear that he was either a moron with no idea of how people work, or more likely acting as a provocateur on behalf of another agenda to discredit and advance a particular narrative. You understand which view I have regarding this.

His Jewish membership:

As noted in Part 1 Rockwell did indeed have more than just a couple Jewish members. His fanboys will claim he was “infiltrated”, but this is clearly impossible considering his open admission of Jewish membership, leaders, and event organizers in another interview I own a copy of.

This interview was printed in “The Realist” issue 27, June 1961.

“Q. You said you have a Jewish member?
A. One of the most intelligent, cleverest men here. I don’t know whether I should give his name because the poor kid would be bitterly persecuted.
Q. The name doesn’t make any difference.
A. He has a very Jewish name. And just yesterday he requested membership. And also, the head of my party in Los Angeles- who was just arrested, and put on a wonderful demonstration on behalf of Eichmann (alleged mastermind of holocaust, so essentially a holocaust celebration march)- is named Leonard Holstein, a Jew.
Q. How do you know these guys aren’t spies?
A. I do not know, and there is a possibility they would be, and I’ve told every one of them that they will be suspicion for quite a few years and the first time I catch any of ‘em pulling any shenanigans I will make it very, very clear that stuff doesn’t pay. I believe in the Nazi methods of discipline.
Q. Which in this specific case would be what?
A. Well, all I could do is take legal measures at this point, but in 1972 I will have the courts at my disposal and I shall see that examples are made.
Q. By the way you don’t identify with Abraham Lincoln do you?
A. No, except that I think he was a great man.
Q. Now you expect to be in the presidency in 1972?
A. In ‘73. I’ll be elected in ‘72.
Q. Do you really, actually, sincerely believe this?”
A. With all of my heart, sir. I’ve given up everything in my whole life, everything that’s worthwhile, for this single goal.”

This interview tells us three things:
1. He did have openly Jewish members organizing and leading under him. (At this point it was better to admit it than deny it as he was being exposed by the nationalist community and the intelligence operatives who informed them. It was an open secret in most circles already).
2. He specifically had Jews organizing Holocaust Celebration marches among other things. (Who here isn’t aware of the Jewish fetish of staging “antisemetic” hate events and vandalism?)
3. He seriously expected people to believe that he and his cult believed he was going to become president.

This Jewish leadership and organizational base can be illustrated further by noting his Jewish party secretary and ADL agent Daniel Burros, as well as his protege and intended successor Frank Collin (real name frank Cohn/Cohen). Taking this into account it’s not at all shocking that after Rockwells death, one of Franks own event organizers was exposed in the media as being “James Guttmann” (real name Mordecai Levy), who was an operative for both the ADL and JDL, and who was staying with the Zionist counter-demonstrators who were planning to oppose his Nazi/Klan march in Feb 1979, so they could coordinate together.

The ADL and JDL were running both sides. Considering everything I’ve shown here it would be extremely foolish to believe it hadn’t been this way since the beginning. Zionists invented neonazism, they funded it, they staffed it and they used it for a dual purpose:
1. To keep normal everyday Jews scared of all this fake militant antisemitism so they would toe the line hard and submit with unquestioning loyalty to the agenda.
2. To discredit any “pro-white” sentiment. Any issue that was talked about by these people was automatically disgusting and because of this the first white guilt propaganda used in the United States was aimed at normal European Americans with the implied message “You don’t want to be like these evil genocidal gas chamber loving freaks do you? Then just accept whats happening and don’t fight back.” Rockwell was used in this way to disrupt the segregation movement in the south and disgust many supporters into abandoning it.

Final thoughts:

It is clear that Rockwell was in no way representing himself as a so called “National Socialist” ideologically. He had no concern for the political doctrines of the NSDAP, and he had no concern for even promoting the idea that he did. It is well established that he was only concerned with being a “NAZI”, whatever that is, which in this case just seems to be someone wearing a costume shouting about Jews and trying to advance a certain destructive narrative that can only benefit our collective enemies. As shown earlier he did recognize and agree that Hitler believed National Socialism was for Germans only.

Did he honestly believe he would become president while larping as a “NAZI” and shouting about jews like some b-rate movie villain? I believe that to be impossible unless he was severely mentally ill and almost totally incompetent. But until his last days he maintained that this would happen, and he would gain power by converting “millions” of Americans into being Hollywood “nazis” like himself. A fantasy like that would even be hard to sell to a 12 year old, yet he expected millions of adult Americans to buy it, or to at least believe that he himself believed it. This calls into question the intelligence and gullibility of his contemporary followers as well.

If you aren’t yet convinced at the very least that there was something extremely suspicious with Rockwell then congratulations, you are a cultist and cannot be saved. If you are smart enough to realize it was a scam, and by extension all of his inventions and the things which branched off from him such as “White Nationalism” and “1488” and the concept that Americans can be “nazis” or “national socialists” are scams too…. Well congratulations. You have just made your first step toward the real truth. Reject the controlled opposition movement meant to hold European Americans back and stop play acting foreign ideologies. Following the path he laid out does nothing but feed the people who are attempting to destroy our civilization and cause our people to become extinct.

Reject the movement, reject neonazism, reject Rockwells globalist White Nationalism, and above all represent your people and nation in a way that actually counts for something. Repeating failed actions from the past will not save us. Promoting people who fetishize the fail movement will not save us. Repeating fail optics will not save us. The movement he created has accomplished exactly nothing for our people. It has only helped those who are attempting to destroy us. It is now and always has been a controlled opposition.