Boomers, Marxists, Larpers, and Fascism

Boomers, Marxists, Larpers, and Fascism

We can all visualize the generic image of some random dirty hippie or antifa calling anyone it doesn’t like a “fascist”. Likewise we can instantly recall seeing boomers do the same in regard to Marxists and communists, to them anyone they don’t like is also a fascist – or sometimes a nazi. Similarly we have all seen multiple examples of internet cool guys refer to themselves or their buddies as “fashy” or “fash” or “fascists”. What all those groups have in common is the belief that fascism is a general term, a sort of umbrella term, and not concrete whatsoever.

In the common lexicon there seems to be what I refer to as:
1. Big ‘f’ Fascism. In reference to Mussolini’s political party and the doctrine which it followed.
2. Small ‘f’ fascism. The system approved use of the term which encompasses all other meanings people give the word.

Intelligent people in dissident right circles are generally the only folks who use the word as defined in example one. Larpers, boomers, marxists, and the unenlightened normie mob all fall into example 2.

Why did this happen? How did this happen? As usual we can blame Marxists for the perversion and misuse of our language and for forcing their “newspeak” onto us.

Look back to post WW1 Italy when Mussolini and his Fascist party rose to power. Dynamic, new, fresh, and vigorous. They came about to oppose Marxism and patch over what they saw as the failings of socialism. Nothing like them had been seen before and as such there wasn’t a defining term for their type of politics aside from their own party name.

The Fascist party wished to being about a heightened Italian national pride, and to promote strength through unity. Like Germany, Italy was a relatively new nation, having only just been united out of many smaller states and cities. They made people look back to the collective history of ancient Rome, and brought back use of Roman symbolism, including the Fasces. For those of you who need help: No, using a fasces is not an indication that something is Fascist or fascist. Ancient Rome was neither. The Republic of the Unites States has also never been despite heavy use of the symbol. In the header for this website is a statue of George Washington leaning on a fasces. If you need me to tell you that a symbol is not a manifesto you’re beyond reason.

Mussolini was aware he had many fans and inspired foreigners to consider making their own unique militant nationalist parties. Because of this he famously said that “Fascism is not for export”. As most of you know actual nationalism is not universal because no nationalist system is universal. That would go against the very concept of nationalism so deeply that it should go without saying, but cheap lazy copycat types do exist, and they are only capable of parasitically existing off the hard work of others. Hence why these low effort/low capability types brand themselves using the terms and slogans they stole from others. Of course we also have a massive infection of larpers who are more concerned with the image and superficially posing however they can to fit into it. To the larping “fascists” out there: no, you are not actually Fascists

Mussolini and his Fascist party were the first major headache for the international communist agenda. As a former socialist with heavy marxist understanding Mussolini was uniquely capable of recognizing and countering threats from these people. This earned him a place of scorn and hatred that wouldn’t be matched for decades until another man took the spot of top communist enemy.

During the Wiemar Republic in Germany, after WW1, the international communist conspiracy chose to make the former Prussian Empire into the new central focus of its expansionist goals. Radical communists rioted, murdered, and staged revolutions. They temporarily took over governmental buildings, towns, neighborhoods, and small cities. Because Germany wasn’t allowed a proper military due to post war treaties they relied on a coalition of Militias comprised of patriots and war veterans called the Stahlhelm and the Freikorps to retain order and fight the communists.

In this era the German Communist Party adopted the tagline “Antifascist Action” also known as “Antifa”. While used as a slogan it was extended to be the name of their more militant wing of direct action shock troops. Note that this was BEFORE the NSDAP really had much for membership, momentum, or street action. Then, same as now, the communists decided to refer to anyone resisting them as fascists. When your biggest threat gives you a black eye and effectively bans communism from an entire country I guess your natural instinct is to call everyone by their name. Where have we seen this before? Which tribe occasionally calls their collective enemies all “Amalek”? It’s no coincidence they also always run communism. Who specifically calls everyone “Nazis” to shut them down?

When the NSDAP did rise to prominence to match the level of other Freikorp factions, enough to be noticed, the habit of marxists referring to everyone as fascist was already well established. While it is true that Hitler was inspired by Mussolini it is also true he was much more inspired by others including Oswald Spengler, and to be technical National Socialism was much more based on Spengler’s “Prussian Socialism” than it was on Italian Fascism. When leftist run media and dishonest politicians asked the NSDAP leadership if they were Fascist the NSDAP leadership rightly said they were not, and even went so far as to say “Just as Mussolini claimed Fascism is not for export, we too claim National Socialism is not for export”.

When the accusation of fascism was used against Germany, they laughed it off. As did Franco and his Falangist hybrid party in Spain. So called “Austrio-Fascism” was never an actual term used by anyone other than media mouthpieces who needed a name to identify the new breed of Austrian militant nationalists in the post WW1 period. I challenge anyone to dig up an example of any so called “Austrio-Fascist” referring to himself or anything else by that term. Just because wikipedia says something doesn’t make it true. Likewise Rexism was not “fascism”, it was its own custom ideology which was much closer to Falangism. Likewise with the Romanian Iron Guard. Who would claim that aside from a shared appreciation for militaristic organization they were very much like Mussolinis Fascist party? Nobody who has seriously researched either would.

Unlike marxist based ideologies, where every communist party that rises is all based on the central core belief system, militant nationalist parties of the previous century had NO common doctrine or belief system that they were founded on. While all marxists quote marx you cannot ever claim all small “f” fascists quote Mussolini. They never called themselves fascist seriously, only no talent copycats like Mosely did this, at least as far as I am aware. Their only common threads were militancy and a rejection of both socialism and capitalism to one degree or another.

It would be smart to ask yourself why the system would lie in this way, to put all of these unique nationalist third position parties into a common category that didn’t actually exist. It would be smart to also ask why Ghadaffi’s third position nationalist government or Peron’s own third position nationalist government is not seriously considered to be “fascist”. Clearly the small f definition is only really meant as a slanderous umbrella term depending on the race of the people involved, too many people in Syria and Argentina are brown, so they cannot be “fascist”. It ruins the official narrative.

It is difficult for them to generically talk of “fighting fascism” if some of their fascists are brown therefore small f fascism is just as much of a fraudulent concept as racism or generic white identity. The goal seems to be scaring everyone who isn’t European blooded away from the concept of anti-globalist 3rd position beliefs, as well as using it as a “white guilt” tool and bogeyman against Europeans.

In summary:
Boomers, marxists, and tribal fellow travelers all seem to refer to everything they don’t like as fascist. Despite this having been normal for around 100 years it is not accurate or correct. People resisting the lies ought to know better. Larpers stupidly play into the lies like a badge of honor, after all they’re the same people who say things like “they’re going to call us nazis anyway, why not just BE one.” In reality calling yourself a “fascist” unironically is no different than calling yourself a “racist” unironically. You’re using enemy mind control words.

Wise up and stop playing the systems game.