The Current Hegelian Dialectic in the USA.

It has become increasingly clear that the soft communist party has no serious expectation of Joe Biden winning through any legitimate means. The man is clearly senile, he started a speech in front of a mestizo coalition by wandering on stage almost a minute late, fumbling with his phone, and playing Despatico into the mic while bobbing around like it was his jam. Say what you want about Trump but compared to Biden Trump seems like the most coherent person in existence. This isn’t lost on people. No matter how much some people hate Trump they cannot seriously look at Biden and say “yes this is a viable alternative”.

The only plausible explanation for his use is to propel the gun grabbing dominatrix cop Kameltoe Harris into the white house and put her in charge shortly after by retiring Biden on mental health grounds, or some other excuse if they want to save face for him. This conclusion can be justified by two facts. 1. Joe himself said that he wants his vice to be someone who is good enough to run the country “because face it, I’m an old guy” as he said. 2. Kameltoe referred to the next presidency as the Harris administration openly during an interview. She isn’t the senile one here, she isn’t so easily confused. They soft communist party wants a hardliner, a gun grabber, and someone who ticks enough boxes in the oppression olympics to satisfy their most ardent anti-white sjw freak followers. Kameltoe has no name for herself aside from locking everyone up she possibly could in order to further her own career, guilty or not, and blocking those who were later found innocent post-conviction from getting compensation from the state.

Still yet, it wont come easy. Leftists are anti-cop. The entire social system from the bankers to corporate media to leftist politicians and professors are pouring this rot into the heads of the moron lemmings who still believe that covid is the most deadly thing since the bubonic plague. They all exist in a state of agitation toward the police, so strongly in fact that even when a rabid looking black maniac charged police with a rambo knife and got shot down like a berserk zombie people still blame the police and riot. They are not very pleased with Kamilla Kop gaining national power. It does stand to reason shes there simply to take a hardline stance against the freakshow in the event that they do manage to use mail in voter fraud to secure the presidency for the “Harris administration”. Problem Reaction Solution. We gain a gun grab and a police state in the name of protecting us from their own mobs.

That brings us to Trump. He has wisely refused to overstep his bounds and give his enemies the chance to brand him as a “fascist dictator” who mercilessly crushes all dissent. He has successfully managed to place the blame on the mayors and governors who allowed the riots to happen and escalate. Shockingly this has caused people who I never expected to join his side. His support has been swelling massively as people become more and more frustrated with the out of control leftist antics destabilizing things. For example the nasally voiced effete podcaster Tim Poole has decided to stop his “wise and principled centrist” (diet leftist) stance and has become very strongly in support of the president and even the idea of implementing an organized suppression toward the rioters. He is far from alone. The issue with Trump here is that when the mayors call off the police, and the governors call off the national guard he is not free to shut down the riots…… unless he deputizes police as federal police who are now arresting rioters on federal charges. It seems like a smart solution. The corrupt DA and Mayors and Governors are refusing to press charges against their minions so this ensures they get shut down, but! This is in fact the first step of a nationalized federal police force, which has been a goal of both controlled sides of the political spectrum for decades. It is no coincidence to me that this is happening the same year when the REAL ID act goes into effect.

I will give a brief mention of the communist terrorists committing arson all across the west coast in order to cast us further along into a state of chaos in which people will give up any freedom to regain normalcy simply because I suspect that as it plays out it will feed into the Problem Reaction Solution paradigm. At the time of this article being published there have been approximately 12 arsonists arrested across the west coast, and at least one who was released only to go out and commit arson another several times before being arrested again. Just like the rioters these people are being let go, they are not being meaningfully charged with anything, and yet again this is going to result in Trump using Federal Marshals and deputizing local police under the Federal Authority. I believe I am justified in seeing this as a deliberate ploy to diminish states rights by proxy. Whether he is in on it or whether they are presenting solutions where he has no other choice is not relevant, it is happening either way. Whenever the communists finally DO take over again, for good this time, everything will be in place for their abrupt transformation of the American social and political fabric.

Our “late stage capitalist” society matches very closely with communism in these respects:
1. Federalized police and no regional autonomy. (its coming, as I mentioned)

2. Leftist shock troops terrorizing weak people into compliance.

3. Cancel culture, forced compliance with their social politics. Led by multinational corporations, bankers, and mass media all who essentially hold total monopolies.

4. Centralized industry and supply chain, monopolies. Watch the documentary “Food Inc” to see how extremely centralized and non-local our food chain is and compare it to the soviet one responsible for planned famines. All it takes to change things is for the government to nationalize Monsanto and the other monopolies and we are exactly where the Soviet system was. Walmart, Amazon, etc.. are all future branches of government.

5. Banker control. These people want a digital currency mixed with a social credit system. They want to control your purchases and your opinions. Look at how the big credit agencies are shutting down charities raising money for Kyle Rittenhouse. When all money is digital expect much worse, the gloves come off because YOU have no cash anyway. Comply or starve.

6. Corporations funding and supporting the change. This may be news to people but the Communist Russian revolution was totally funded by wall street. Why? Well of course it had to do with the fact that communism was the political will of a certain self chosen tribe and their tribal brothers also run wall street and international finance. At the end of the day these people simply become the government, they become the kommissars, their monopolies become the monopoly of the state and they retain all the power and comfort they already have. These people lose nothing under communism or they wouldn’t support it. It amazes me how retarded libertarians cannot comprehend this and maintain that the corporate boot on their neck is fine as long as it isn’t the states boot, They’re the same thing today.

7. Social conditioning. Look how alarmed teachers are that students are being forced to learn from home where parents may observe the propaganda they feed our children. They remember what happened to Bela Kun in Hungary and are afraid that a similar backlash may happen here.

8. Absolute media consensus. We all know the media is controlled by a small group of cohorts. We also saw during the Obama years that the media acts as a mouthpiece for the government, when it likes the government. During this administration they all act as a mouthpiece against the government, even fox news: the so called conservative alternative. The Soviet American media is already installed, just waiting for its matching government to present itself.

I would like to add that Trump banning so called “critical race theory” may be too little too late, but it is an impressive gesture and shows that the mainstream right, the normie right, the people we have mocked for years, they may finally be ready for some harsh truths. It seems that in the current age very few logical people can keep their head in the sand and pretend European Americans aren’t under attack.

As I’ve said a hundred times before, the fail 1488 WN freak movement wasn’t ever going to wake these people up, the enemy did. I’m proud to see the controlled opposition freak show movement fail in its job to keep normies on the “good guy” side of the fence. Despite the best efforts of our enemies, the bogeymen and morons they put in charge of the bowel movement have only delayed the inevitable, they haven’t stopped anything. When Jeff Schoep and Matt Heimbach ran off like rats from a sinking ship I knew the day would soon come where their jobs were obsolete.

Keep your heads up and stay on the defense, but give the enemy nothing until the time is right. Remember, we are the good guys. We are only acting in defense. We are not malicious. Do not feed the enemy. We will all know when the time is right to act, and if it comes remember that we are doing this for our nation, heritage, freedom, and the future of our children. We do not act out of hatred. The enemy does this. We are good, they are evil. Do not be lured into a trap that will only serve the long term aims of those who wish to disarm us and destroy us.

Stay safe.