Quick Primer on the Freaks Known as “The Order Of Nine Angles” (O9A)

Inside of the Bowel Movement (old term for the “wn movement” used lovingly by National Alliance members before Pierce’s death) there exists a cult who, according to their own words, infiltrate and spread ‘sinister’ energies. They are a “satanic” cult you could say, but they would claim this is not an accurate description. Others would call them a cult of “energy vampires”. In reality a totally in depth and nuanced explanation is pointless to the purpose behind this article. Most people would agree they’re some sort of demonic cult and that’s good enough.

If they really worshiped ancestral gods like Wotan they wouldn’t have such a talmudic view of humanity. Their job is to lie, infiltrate, and destroy.

Their views are, like most satanic cults, very “Talmudic”. O9A of course pushes this outlook further than most others, even going as far as considering all non members to be subhuman cattle they refer to as “mundanes”. Mundanes at best, to them, are only fit for fleecing, abuse, tormenting, killing, etc. The members are the chosen people, a higher class of people, they refer to themselves as noctuleans. I refer to them as “noctules” which is a direct reference and comparison to syphilis pustules.

Their influences are best seen through the influence of freakish wannabe terrorist groups like Atomwaffen, the general “Siege Culture” movement and the behavior of all plastic militants in skull masks. The “white sharia” thing is also able to be traced back to O9A as well as the popularity of Soviet fetishism resulting in “nazbol” and also the short lived popularity of Duginism in the USA to a lesser degree.

Their history begins in England in the early 1960s. O9A was a typical Hollywood cartoon version of a cult. They were a dark energy cult and would seek to channel dark energy from various historical sources. Their three favorite sources were Nazi Germany, Stalinist Soviet Russia, and Islam. The Fetish for the Germans came from the nonstop badguy German propaganda common in England at the time, calling the NSDAP as Satans Army more often than not, overblowing all possible wartime excesses to a ludicrous degree, and of course never ending banter about atrocities which were later disproven or quietly dropped by historians. The reason why they fetishized the Soviets was of course due to Stalin’s purges, the gulag system, the Holodomor, and the mass rape and murder of women and children by the Red army as it advanced west into Europe during the war. The reason for fetishizing Islam should be obvious. They’re just barbaric and backwards. No more needs to be said.

They made themselves influential through edgy meme culture and constantly pushed the boundaries of whats acceptable and whats not by silencing naysayers by always claiming “its just a meme bro”. This of course led to the logical conclusion: normalization of their views and energy to some degree. They have a cultists fetish of poisoning the well and turning others “sinister”. When they got made fun of for their “siege” nonsense they shifted and rebranded themselves as “ecofash” which was just siege plus recycling for people who wouldn’t survive a weekend in the woods. The cycle has continued through various evolutions and the prime energy and motivations are always the same.


How O9A initially made it’s way to the USA was by infiltrating and taking over an English neonazi larp group called the NSM. By the time they had total control over that organization George Lincoln Rockwell, paid ADL actor, added them as a sister organization and second in command of his larpy “World Union Of National Socialists” which he based on the old ComIntern model more or less. With the O9A infected NSM in this position they were primed to spread their idiocy globally, to anyplace where neonazis larped, and they did. It is no coincidence that by the time James Mason was working under the Jewish neonazi pedophile Frank Collin (who was Rockwells protege) Mason was obsessed with satanism and disturbing imagery and being for lack of a better term “sinister”. Mason has kept this momentum ever since and it is really not at all shocking that O9A found it’s way back around to him through a separate operation via Atomwaffen which promoted fetishizing his cringe manifesto “siege”.

James Mason with Frank Collin

Would you like some porn little boy?
Mason and his race saving, positive, great optics, totally helpful boyscout followers.

To these cultists the world will descend into a chaotic madness where they are able to roam freely preying on people and living out their fantasies. A prime example of the fantasies these people have can be found in the book “Iron Gates” which in the first chapter alone glorifies killing infants and raping their crying mothers. It only gets “better” from that point

Why are they accepted at all? Ignorance mainly. The bowel movement has always been extremely idiotic and low tier about everything it does. There never has been any real set of standards or morals behind it. It has only existed as a subculture of losers who are accepted and accept anyone else simply because they happen to be “white”. When you have something as worthless as that it isn’t exactly difficult to walk in and make an even greater mess of things. The constant bleating by bad actors such as Mike Enoch that people shouldn’t “punch right”, and everyone should unite together no matter how scummy or shitty some of the people are is only meant to reinforce this inherent weakness in the bowel movement. Of course these bad actors preach destructive slogans in part to protect themselves from being held to account for their own scandals, but it is also their job to make sure the bowel movement remains 50% honeypot and 50% psyop to keep normal folks disgusted by European American self interest and collectivization. In light of this there is no way the issues caused by O9A could have been avoided, and there is really no way to fix them. The movement is a lost cause because of this, which shouldn’t matter much to anyone who sees it for the controlled train wreck its meant to be.

It is up to everyone to hold themselves to higher standards and morals, and to promote a heroic and positive mindset and energy in those around them. Humor is fine, memes are fine, even morbid trench humor is fine and keeps soldiers and medics sane in horrific situations. However, people need to know where to draw the line and have no tolerance for anything which leads to sadism, terrorism, negativity, and anything else which will only hurt the true cause of preventing European extinction and the destruction of Western civilization. This clearly also means rejecting the NPC slogans promoted by TRS to protect themselves and others from being held responsible for their own shortcomings, I’m looking at you “Mike Enoch”. Show us those divorce papers and a real DNA test. Maybe then we will take you seriously when you demand we stop “punching right”.