Cantwells Court LULZ And Fedbait Run Amok

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Today while chatting with a few friends I was directed to a thread on Kiwi Farms regarding notorious meth boofing libertarian/WN crybaby Christopher Cantwell.

If you’re at all familiar with me you know that I’ve been saying for years the dude is obviously a federal informant running a honey pot operation, and that him hosting the fed-bait cringe-cast “the Bowl Cast” is further proof because absolutely nobody would promote those unstable freaks (not shocking considering he was associated with TRS who are well known for informing on and doxing people themselves. We remember what you did to Identity Dixie).


It is also a general rule that the biggest tryhards in the neonazi movement are people who are either infiltrating and trying to make a reputation for themselves or people who for whatever reason are compensating, whether because they’re mixed race, have mixed kids, are former serious criminals or drug users, have severe mental illness, are Jewish and want to help advance the stereotype of movement people as the worlds biggest clowns, or simply are hired provocateurs or informants with a sort of informal temporary immunity.

can you cringe any harder?

It is because of this I assumed the leader of the Bowl Patrol, a fella calling himself Vic Mackey was one of the above. For those unaware he was/is the leader of a dorky internet cult which is in essence 1/2 atomwaffen and 1/4 Dylann Roof fetishists and 1/4 Ram Ranch homosexual jokers, they also had a podcast which Cantwell hosted called “The Bowlcast”. Mackey and I had a chat on wire several years ago when he was under the mistaken impression I like neonazism, terrorism, and fetishizing mass murderers and mentally unwell behavior. He decided I am not very cool by the end of it. Well today I was pleased as punch to see he was named in Cantwell’s primary court proceedings and his real name is “hispanic”. Of course, I’m rarely wrong in these things, but it always does tickle me how predictable these situations always are, even if the run of the mill lemmings who support the “movement” are never smart enough to comprehend the most obvious patterns without massive outside help.

sure dude, mass murderers are sooooo good for your cause eh? lol

Andrew Casarez, aka Vic Mackey, never did seem like the wisest guy so it was also tickling to read that he harassed Cantwell endlessly and was therefore among the great number of people who Cantwell was reporting on and complaining about to the FBI, there is a fair chance he may have been the most reported on and complained about individual in Cantwell’s life.

There still are people out there who regard Cantwell as some kind of poor suffering political prisoner, a victim who was smashed by the state for standing up for truth and justice. That is honestly pretty pathetic. Anyone out there who thinks an unhinged crybaby tweeker is worth anything or is a help to anyone at all is sick and needs mental counseling.

I read a funny article about his first day court proceedings on some goofy anti-extremist website and was highly amused. Face it, people like Cantwell, and the Base, and Atomwaffen, and Bowl Patrol do not exist to do anything other than feed free ammunition to our enemies. I say “our enemies” in the loosest possible way. They aren’t my enemy and I’m not theirs, they are disgusted by the same freaks in the “movement” I am and it’s understandable that normal people would assume everyone who supports the preservation of western civilization and who advocates for European Americans on any level is some kind of disgusting human trash, because from what they see its always true. Normal folks never do see the good people (who never last long in the ‘movement’ before becoming disillusioned and dropping out), they only see the loudest ugliest people out there, who always make the cause they pretend to love look bad, starting with the ADL agent Rockwell and reaching into the modern day through these freaks. This is of course why I am openly and loudly against the “movement”, neonazism, white nationalism, and all the other cancer ridden dead-end bullshit these bad actors promote.

I called an Uber for all the buttmad neos reading this.

And so, considering that these people are always morons and trash who make the truth look bad and evil I will mention another article from the same site. This one references Siege-Tards attempting to dox a so called anti-fascist podcaster, harassing his home, and attempting to intimidate the residents there by taking pictures of it and mentioning the address publicly on podcasts such as the Fed-Bait moron festival “Goy Talk” which was run by a “totally legit guy and not a fed, dude” who wore a mask and used a pseudonym while selling t-shirts and merch to collect peoples names and addresses. LOL. These suspicious folks all tend to congregate closely around each other, don’t they? The residence these people were harassing did take notice, and the occupants were highly shocked by the negative attention because as an innocent family with no connection to the podcaster what would they think? They sold the house and moved out of state. The next family to live there? Also harassed by these siege morons. The dox intel provided by Vic Mackey and Paul Nehlen was clearly not good


Of course the defining characteristic of these people is excusing or denying their harmful activity with the excuse “its just a meme dude”. I’m reminded of an old running joke where you do something terrible to someone and play it off. The humor in the situation came from insisting “its just a prank bro”, but in all of these cases we are the only ones being “pranked”.

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