Corporatism: what it is and what it isn’t.

Like fascism itself corporatism seems to be poorly understood by everyone from boomers to Marxists to the so called far right who larp as “fascists” some of the time. Like the misunderstanding of Fascism itself and the definition of the word Fascism this ignorance is deliberate, caused by a steady and long running misinformation campaign by our collective enemies.

To understand the concept of corporatism you have to understand Fascism itself, namely that it was founded as a political doctrine by ex-socialists (seeing the destructive potential and massive flaws in marxism they evolved and rejected it). It would be foolish to assume that socialists are wrong about all things, despite usually being stupid and evil. The simple fact is that “socialism” predates marxism and Karl Marx could easily be considered an effort by a certain rich cabal of banking families to subvert the movement. Indeed a little deep research exposes his links to the Rothschild family.

While marxist socialism is extremely polarized and seems to be rabidly against the concept of corporations and bosses and investors and private enterprise Fascism was not. Created to solve the failings of the socialist political trends of the era, Fascism found ways around the problems inherent in so called “capitalism” by correctly addressing them. While it is extremely foolish to pretend that corporations are generous, kind, socially responsible, and contribute to the health of the nation it is also foolish to pretend that they cannot BE FORCED to become so.

The method devised to force corporate greed from being destructive to the nation and its citizenry was corporatism. Imagine corporatism as a promise. Imagine a strong government holding a gun, loaded cocked and ready, and watching diligently. Whenever destructive, greedy, parasitic, amoral, or irresponsible behavior is exhibited by the corporation the safety is removed and the government takes a single shot at its head. You manage corporate misbehavior by being the unmerciful boss of the corporations bosses. Otherwise you do not seek to interfere because politicians are not businessmen and its clear from the failings in communist countries that politicians sinking their claws too deeply into industry kills it. That is corporatism.

Corporatism is often described as a merger between government and corporations, but this is extremely vague and lends itself to misinterpretation. The misinterpretation potential for that description is so extreme that today’s system is often described as corporatism. In reality we have the inverse of corporatism. The corporations and governments are together in a vague merger of course, but in our system the corporations hold the gun and the government does as its told. This can easily be seen by big pharma sending its board members and lobbyists to senior positions in the FDA, and Monsanto sending its board members and lobbyists to senior positions in the FDA and USDA. The very institutions meant to apply a sort of corporatist pressure against greedy and destructive corporations have been taken over by them. Why? Because there never was a gun pointed at their heads to prevent it. Because our system wasn’t built with the concept of reigning in greed before it becomes a terminal illness. We can change this but in order for it to work we must be absolutely clear on our goals and how we will enforce them.

In today’s world the banks, media, big tech, and big oil have more political power than our own governments. Only an insane boomer or retarded libertarian would call what we have “corporatist”.

While being an invention of Fascism it is still a universally applicable concept unlike Fascism itself and should be advocated for. At the end of this decade the tired argument of “let them do what they want, if you don’t like it go build your own banks, facebook, tv network, etc” will be finished for all time. Nobody who survives whats going on today and coming in the near future will be stupid enough to still say monopoly excusing anti-freedom nonsense. It is up to us to make sure that better ideas become normalized in the Right.