Voter Fraud And You: The Current State Of 2020. Part 1

To many of us it’s abundantly clear that chicanery and fraud have taken place in the 2020 election cycle. To some of us it isn’t immediately clear. To sheep and lemmings there is no possible way anything dishonest has taken place and we are all paranoid and hysterical. These people are sadly addicted to the lying corporate media and never will see reality until it is too late to stop what’s coming.

The best starting point to explain this is to simply contrast voter support for Hillary in 2016 against the voter support for Biden in 2020. We are told to believe that 2020 has seen the highest ever voter turnout in American history. With the exception of just a small handful of critical cities Biden has actually performed worse than Hillary did in 2016. We are expected to not notice that in the vast majority of urban areas he performed worse than she did, but expected to believe that in the critical urban areas he did better than any candidate in American history. What do you suppose the odds are of this mysterious wellspring of support in only the most critical areas? Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia are the ONLY places where he outperformed even Barack Obama, who skated into power on some mythical rockstar status given to him by women and “minorities”. (1)

Considering that enthusiasm for a presidential candidate who is clearly senile is obviously low across the board, and that his support seems hinged on come concept of duty to get rid of Trump, it is clear why he performed so badly in most urban areas. Keep that senility in mind when Biden slips and says something with no filter which he most likely should be more tactful about. For those of you who aren’t aware Biden has infamously said on national television that he “doesn’t need your vote but needs your support later” and “we have the largest voter fraud organization in American history”. (2)

If you look at the many videos of witness testimony regarding fraud and illegal actions in the voting centers and with the ballot counting, and if you look at the abundant video evidence actually showing examples of vote tampering and illegal activity it’s not hard to see that this is really the case. The illegal action of leftist ballot counters blocking republican ballot watchers from doing their jobs should be enough to invalidate any votes processed in the facilities they ran. If they had nothing to hide they would not have prevented the ballot watchers from doing their jobs. (3)

As for the electronic votes there is ample evidence that the companies involved have knowingly shipped machines with severe security vulnerabilities and “software features” which easily facilitate vote tampering by ballot workers. Hackers have been pointing out the easily utilized flaws in these machines for at least the past 3 years and nothing has been done to fix them. (4)

These machines are also supposed to remain disconnected from the internet while they largely have been connected during this election cycle, which opens the door for these machines to be remotely monitored and remotely manipulated. So called “vote flipping”, as seen in both Michigan and Wisconsin, where tens and hundreds of thousands of votes were witnessed going from Trump to Biden were blamed on “software glitches” while hundreds of thousands of votes for Trump were totally deleted. We know this because these machines have easily inspected code and leave records of every computational action they perform. Of course all of the “glitches” found so far have only been in the favor of Biden. What a coincidence. The largest voting machine company, Dominion, had as its Officer of Strategy and Security a man named Eric Coomer who was also extremely active on social media running an Antifa profile which regularly posted about Trump in a negative and extreme way. As you can see there would be a strong incentive for him to facilitate or ignore any effort to sabotage the election process. This also helps account for the suspiciously high vote count for Biden in the critical urban areas. (5)

Considering the amount of “glitches” and suspicious activity at the ballot counting centers it’s not shocking to see that voter registration of dead people is again being used as a tool to provide the child sniffer higher numbers, but something new which I haven’t heard of before is using the identity of pets to create voter registration and cast fraudulent votes. (6) The identities of normal living people have also been stolen for use in fraudulent voting. (7)

A recount has been scheduled for Georgia, but the recount is to be done exactly how the first count was done. There will be a strong lack of republican ballot watchers, and no ballots with mismatched signatures or other disqualifying characteristics will be discarded according to various complaints I have read. There will be no significant change to come from this fake attempt at appeasing angry voters. (8)

The big takeaway is this: Votes DO matter. If they did not this entire fiasco would not be going on. Next time your larping, wannabe-militant, pseudo-accelerationist friends claim it’s all fake remind them of whats going on presently. That is a lot of money and political favors spent over “nothing”. Sacrificing the legitimacy of their controlled media and causing backlash against social media companies is a lot of damage to inflict upon themselves over “nothing”.

We can rest assured that this struggle will continue for some time into the future but the end result is unclear. As I see it this is a showdown between the bankers, corporate media, wall street, military industrial complex, agenda 21 n.w.o freaks and the “orange man”. How far can he get against a rigged system and army of npc marxist drones? I will be the first to say that I’m not really a supporter of his but in this situation him and I have common foes and as such I prefer him to the alternative. Biden taking power will result in more than just going back to “normal” with new endless wars and white guilt propaganda ramped back up and all the rest of our past normalcy. It is much, much worse than that.

The main reason these people are all foaming at the mouth to be rid of Trump is simply that he is an egotistical wild card. He serves himself first. He doesn’t take orders and he doesn’t accept being pushed around. That benefits us simply because the enemies of all mankind are on a schedule and their deadline is coming up fast. Agenda 21 has been in the works for decades. George Bush first signed his name to it in the early 1990’s and it was at this time he started obsessively talking about a “new world order”. (9)

Agenda 21 is a UN plan to implement global communism under false pretenses. This isn’t communism as marxists and communists envision communism, it’s communism as communism really is in practice. Of course marxists would disagree, as far as they’re concerned true communism has never been tried. Past communism has been funded by Big Bankers and Wall St. (10)

Don’t forget it.

Stay tuned for the follow up article explaining what is planned for us all, as well as more information on Agenda 21.

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