About Us

This site exists to express the viewpoints of a new breed of American Nationalists.

With our eyes looking to the future and our memory looking to the past we seek to create and spread a new dynamic Nationalist culture that is sorely lacking in the United States.

While proudly being built from European stock and Western ideals we recognize that the United States is an entity unlike the nations which contributed to it. As such we refuse to accept baggage or stigma from any European political or social movements, both past and present, which we may be compared to by our detractors. We also refuse to accept the validity or applicability of all foreign political and social movements. Foreign ideology does not apply here. Our founders created a new ideology specifically for us, and we say that if it must at any time ever be replaced it will be replaced by another which is built here and holds no foreign sympathies or sentiments. We reject Democracy, seeing as it was never the intended path for us as planned by our founders. They built a type of Republic. They rejected the idea of mob rule, of a soft tyranny by the ignorant masses lured into voting for whichever dishonest criminal promises them the nicest sounding treat, and goaded into a frenzy over it by a dishonest media owned by those who see us as enemies and work towards our destruction.

We recognize that we exist in a time where our civilization is dying, being actively murdered by those who only have their own best interests in mind, and who only consider our civilization and heritage to be at best a nuicance to be disregarded for their financial and political gain. The pocketbook does not come above the Nation, corporate interests do not come above the Nation, the interests of financiers do not come above the Nation, foreign interests do not come above the nation, and the sentiments of resident foreigners, dual citizens, and invaders do not come above the Nation. People who say otherwise are treasonous and as such do not have a valid opinion to take note of.

We exist in the 11th hour of Western Civilizations collapse. We stand proud of who we are and where we come from. We will not bow and we will not compromise..