The Upcoming Disturbance – A Worst Case Scenario of the Corona Panic in the USA

A Must Have Book

Many of those who are speculating on how bad things will get in this country, whether its in regard to martial law, food shortages, mass casualties, economic collapse, or whatever else are usually leaving one important variable out of the equation. Our low trust non-homogenous population and how they will react to a collapse.

We have seen videos from China of dead bodies lined up along the sidewalk with blankets or sheets over them waiting for collection like some Monty Python skit about the dark ages. We have seen videos of Chinese people welded into their homes to enforce quarantine. We have seen multiple mass body pits burning in China as proven through thermal satellite images. We have seen videos of Chinese “doctors” running around in full hazmat suits with guns shooting people down in the streets. China may be brutal and insane like any communist regime, no matter how watered down they may be, but I can foresee a scenario that would prompt us here in the USA to see an almost equal level of martial control over the populace. Why? Simply put, because of our “minority population”.

When the people who create and exist in unsafe, dangerous, crime ridden cesspools decide collectively to act out it will cause a large panic, so large that most everyone will be begging for big daddy government to solve it via brutal repression. Martial Law here we come.

Don’t believe me? In New Orleans during Katrina blacks went around in armed groups raping, robbing, and looting. Of course not all blacks did this and some were also victims, but it was still almost totally them doing it. In response the cops went around disarming normal honest people in their homes, sometimes with the armed black looting gangs only half a block away robbing and looting in full view of the cops. If that isn’t enough to convince you then look back to the LA Riots, or the more recent riots in Fergusen Missouri over a dead worthless street hooligan. We have all seen the many screenshots of “black twitter” talking openly about looting and robbing in white areas as soon as they’re able to. Imagine this happening nationally.

As for the so called “Hispanic” population here, look south of the border and see how they’re presently robbing and looting grocery stores, look at how a week ago they tried to hijack a WalMart semi truck after it left a Dallas/ Ft. Worth area distribution center. The driver ran 6 or 7 of them over while attempting to flee the truck jacking. Of course not all “hispanics” will be involved but they are the population from which most of the organized attempts at causing such havoc will be from.

Keep in mind that in hard hit areas like NYC cops are already beginning to to get infected at an alarming rate and are beginning to drop from complications. This will only increase and when the remaining cops quit or when their numbers are too few reality will set in fast. Public order will decay swiftly and the innocent people will become victims in numbers we haven’t ever seen in our history. Expect to see this happen everywhere to some degree. The options will then be militias, federal troops, or the sheriffs deputizing large amounts of the population to retain order.

I recall the book “Civil War 2” from the 1990s which covered the possible future breakdown of America and which was brave enough to speculate on what the ethnic situation would be in such a scenario. I won’t give away too much here but suffice to say it predicted a great amount of conflict and blood lost on American soil in all regions of the country. Now from the perspective of someone who has read this book, and who can apply the lessons from it to this present situation I truly see a highly chaotic situation preparing to unfold. We are looking at something which, unless the secret hands who hold this farce together slip, will forever destroy the United States and potentially also civilization on this continent, at least for a decade or two.

We all likely have seen the decoded genetic material of the Covid-19 virus and the geneticist who showed the decoded material inserted into it from the HIV virus. We are all likely aware of the artificially long RNA string with its odd and confusing 33 “a” markers at the end of it which clearly can not be a product of natural selection, evolution, or any other natural force. We know we are living in unusual times and its been proven by the handful of articles from big publications stating that it’s now “legal” for scientists to make killer flu strains and other killer viruses. Why now? To proactively excuse what may later be found out and punished.

Here is my take: We have all been exposed to this artificial virus since October in one degree or another. The leak from the Wuhan Level 4 laboratory happened in early October apparently. The Wuhan area is a very large manufacturing hub and a great amount of their products come here. Sick workers making goods that come here, coughing on items and packing materials which then ship directly to us…… allegedly in an optimal environment the virus can last 16 or more days on the surface of something when not exposed to heat or direct sunlight, such as the interior of a box or huge shipping container.

The virus allegedly becomes transmissible in only a few days after exposure. Most cases of infection are “asymptomatic” which means they don’t show any symptoms or only show the most mild of symptoms, but they are still able to pass it on. Also the vast majority of tests sold by the Chinese have been defective. While some could say this is an accident I would say this is a serious enough situation where such a screw up would not be tolerated by a totalitarian state who really wants this problem squashed. If it was an accident it would not have gone on this long. Clearly the goal is mass global destabilization. The virus has a patent on it in Europe and the USA from what I’ve seen. Vaccines for it were in development since before the outbreak happened and they will be forced onto us at gunpoint if the scoundrels who run everything have their way. Remember who owns big pharma, the banks, the media, and big agriculture.

As the economy collapses, (and it will at some point because it is nothing but a debt based ponzi scheme), and food dries up in these ethnic urban shitholes who rob and steal and bankrupt almost all grocery stores out of their areas, and where fast food places have bulletproof glass around the counters, we can expect them to roam into less ruined areas in search of plunder and food. The societal breakdown described in the book Civil War 2 will at least partially play out and collide with the pandemic and the governmental wish for total martial law. If anything the ethnic temper tantrums will justify Chinese like levels of regimentation and heavy handedness. Plan on getting away from urban areas if you can… Or perhaps the people like Trump who want the system to limp on will find a way to salvage it and this will just be the Great Depression part 2. But I personally doubt it.

The mass panic from the lemming morons who are hoarding everything is making it hard for anyone else to properly prepare for whats ahead. But we can at least rest easy in the thought that many of these people will leave us nicely stocked pantries and bathrooms when the unrest starts, or when they die off from the virus they catch during their nonstop hoarding runs.

We are presently under a 14 day shutdown in most areas. It has rendered many people unemployed. What will happen after? Will everyone go back to work? Unlikely. But if done right, if the shut down ends before the upcoming spike in casualties and serious infections begins we will have a small window of opportunity where the lemmings stop hoarding, and the smart people can stock up on their supplies before the real storm begins.

If we have a future situation anything like China, Iran, or Italy then this present time is like the calm before the storm. Everyone at the top knows there is no such thing as “flattening the curve”. Our medical resources will be vastly overwhelmed in a scenario where 90% or more of the population is exposed to the viruos. Maybe being optimistic we can expect that 80% will have no symptoms and out of the other 20% maybe ¾ will be mild to sub-severe but able to stay at home instead of a hospital. That leaves 5% of the United States requiring direct medical care in a facility. By my math that’s around 16,472,035 people between the storm and next summer. This does not factor in the amount of second and third infections in the survivors (presumably you do not build a resistance to this disease thanks to the HIV DNA). Do we have the ICU beds to take care of 16.5 million people? Do we have the doctors or even the tests available? Do we have the ventilators needed? Urban areas will of course be the worst hit but rural areas will suffer also. The only practical advantage rural areas have is low minority populations and lots of rednecks with guns who wont tolerate any bullshit in their neighborhoods. I forsee rural areas and small towns with regular patrols of veterans and civic minded locals keeping eye out for trouble.

I hope I am wrong but I foresee this thing taking around a year to fully play out. Things will likely never return to normal. The advice to my readers is: wait for the calm before the storm to hit its xenith when hoarders stop panic buying then go out and snap up all the ammo and required supplies you will need, make alliances with people you can trust locally, and band together in the event of trouble, and for the love of the west don’t ruin it with any over the top larpy political fringe talk. There is plenty of time for a well thought out version that later on when they start wanting answers and you are hunkered down with your collection of videos, memes, saved articles, and pdf books ready to show everyone. You have been stockpiling information haven’t you? Don’t tell me you waste all your time listening to TRS or other worthless podcasts and wearing skull masks in selfies while doing roman salutes in your bathroom mirror…. Lol. Nah of course you don’t, my readers weren’t in remedial classes growing up.

Remember, normal people don’t like freaks and extremists of any kind. WN dorks are as bad and disruptive in their eyes as commies are and for good reason, if you need elaboration feel free to check out my earlier writings. Media lies and idiots acting like bogeymen making them look right have damaged our cause for decades. Blend in, subtly promote the truth, be outstanding and respectable and earn your place as a respected member of the community you band together with and over time they will adapt their views if you are an upstanding alpha individual.

Above all stay safe, many of us have our names on lists. I would not put it above this system to set up quarantine camps and start collecting some people who test positive for the virus. You may not even have it but if your name is on the list because they want you removed it will happen anyway. In this case expect to hear “Sorry fella, you may not think you’re sick but your name is on the list. Remember that most cases don’t show symptoms. Come along peacefully or you will be forced to comply”. Keep in mind that you cannot reason with the state agents who come to collect you during this situation. As far as they’re concerned the list is accurate and you’re an infected. They do not see themselves as agents of a great evil. They do not hate you, the people who collected our names for these lists hate you. If they do not see themselves as your enemy you cannot try to reason with them as if they are trying to hurt you. I am not condoning violence, I am condoning evasive measures. My only wish is to see people avoid being hurt. Many of these people in the National Guard and Army Reserves are good well meaning people who are attempting to aid their country in a crisis. If they see enough messed up things they can easily become our allies and comrades against the system later on. The system is aware of this and deathly afraid which is why the top two fake “terror threats” named by them are so called “white nationalists” and “angry veterans”. If things break down far enough expect National Guard members to loot weaponry and vehicles and form their own militias. Refer again to the book Civil War 2 for elaboration on this subject.

When conflict starts to escalate along ethnic lines more people will become aware and band together with their own for defense. This will not make them open to your fringe political ideologies, but it will make them open to your memorized crime statistics and a sense of self preservation will make them act accordingly. They will not want to consider themselves racist, and honestly they will not be. Any of you who show crass racist behavior will likely be shunned. They will genuinely wish things could be different. Remember this and interface with them accordingly. Most of you will not need this advice but there are still far too many people infected with the toxic rhetoric and dead end attitudes of the “movement” who should be aware of this. Remember: healthy communities are built on self love, not hate of the other. If you wish to help our people look out for themselves you will act accordingly.

Take care of yourselves, defend your loved ones, defend morality, defend whats left of the west, and live to fight another day.

We will get through this.

Download the PDF of Civil War 2 here:!OBdykKzK!VjifsraHL9NhFYzNcYgJxIURnOPiyKrS33DryGlJLXg

NRA New Orleans Hurricane Katrina Martial Law and Gun Confiscation Video:

On the so called “Black Sun”


All myths regarding the NSDAP period in Germany that have been around long enough take on an aura of facthood whether they deserve it or not, this ranges from such things as Hitler being a spastic carpet biter with one testicle to more widely talked about myths where everyone pretends that hydrocyanic-acid gas can be pumped through common metal plumbing fixtures without reacting or spontaneously combusting when contacting alkaline materials like untreated concrete…. Another is misinformation over the existence of a symbol called the “black sun”.

This symbol is loved by a wide swathe of folks, from larping 1488 nerds who aren’t brave enough to use swastikas to “black sun/ esoteric Hitlerist” cultists, to fake occultists and pseudo-experts on esotericism who have no sympathy or connection with neonazism and no fetishism for the real thing as it existed during the NSDAP era.

I’m writing this piece in an attempt to counter the nonsense talked about and promoted by all of them.

The actual history:

When SS leader Heinrich Himmler came upon Wewelsburg castle to use as the headquarters of the SS he ordered a massive renovation and update process to begin. As most people know he was a fan of all things mystical, metaphysical, and legendary, going as far as hiring the charlatan Karl Maria Willigut as an adviser just because the old man could spin a good yarn about such things.

One of the fantasies Himmler was most fond of was the King Arthur myth. In an attempt to emulate part of that he built a round table where he and his highest ranking SS men could meet and talk. As in the myth of the 12 knights at the round table Himmler’s table had room for 12 men. These 12 men would be the leaders of the 12 branches of the SS. To sit underneath it he took ancient Germanic sonnenrad symbols as an example and had an updated, more aesthetic version with 12 spokes designed. 12 spokes was not the only change made, actual historical versions have an open center, or a crossed center, or the spokes all meet cleanly. Himmler’s also had a circle in the center placed there to hold a golden disk which represented an “eternal flame” which would represent his eternal knighthood of the SS. Its all nice and well inspired stuff to be fair. The man clearly had a flair for this kind of thing and that’s the reason why third reich occultism has been speculated on so heavily and beaten to death by writers, hacks, wannabes, and fake historians ever since… even including the Star Wars franchise as you will see later.

Ancient variants usually had 5 to 7 spokes, and a hollow or cross in the center, None found have ever had 12.

While the castle sunwheel is clearly inspired by ancient designs it is not one and shouldn’t be considered as such. There is nothing ancient about a custom design from the 1930s.

There is one more important detail which is often ignored due to its inconvenience… The Wewelsburg sonnenrad is green, not black. It never was referred to as a “black sun” by Himmler, the SS or anyone else during the third reich……………..

Post War:

Understandably the Wewelsburg castle was off limits to outsiders from the moment the SS purchased it. Also understandably it was off limits to civilians after the war because of its significance to the conquering military powers who won the war.

What does this mean? Simply that absolutely nobody other than the SS men, and occupying allied officers ever saw the inside of the castle. Nobody but them knew the sonnenrad was green. The area with the sunwheel in the floor was kept closed off even as the rest of the castle was opened to the public. Nobody but them knew is existed at all, UNTIL…. Well until 1982 when there was a historical exhibit called “Wewelsburg 1933–1945: Cult and Terror Centre of the SS”

Does this give credibility to the post war cultists and neonazis who claim knowledge of the black sun and its deeper esoteric meaning? Some may argue that if they were talking about it in the early 50s before the castle was open to the public they must have known something, but why they did they get the color and name of it wrong? If they had such inside knowledge from before the end of the war why did they not know it was green? Why didn’t they know it was never called the “black sun”?

The answer for that is the US Third Infantry Division. When they came across the ruins of the castle after Himmler ordered it destroyed their photographer made quick work of saving everything he could on film. BLACK AND WHITE FILM. Film which resulted in photos where the green sunwheel looked black….. His photographs were used in some news papers and magazines.

Again I would ask: How credible is someone who uses the wrong name on a symbol? A name which wrongly describes the appearance of the symbol? A symbol which they falsely invent and attach esoteric meaning to based on its alleged color then pass it off as inside knowledge of SS occultism and the true spirit of the NSDAP?

A symbol used as a prop instead of a swastika in their “esoteric Hitlerism“ cult which began as a lie by FDR and his propaganda men before the war. Goebbels mocked and challenged FDR to produce the evidence FDR claimed to have so intensely that the American media also demanded it to be released, at which point FDR stopped talking about it.

These people clearly knew nothing, they were a combination of frauds, hucksters, and enemy agents bent on misrepresenting the memories of the SS and NSDAP for their own reasons, but what would you expect from the kind of larping frauds who associated with the paid actor and enemy agent George Lincoln Rockwell?

The REAL “Black Sun” as used in German esoteric circles before WW2:

A modern rendering of the actual “Black Sun” used in German Occult circles.

This is a symbol few people know of, mainly because it was an actual esoteric symbol used by occult circles. While talk of it did get around it was not very widespread. There are a few books which mention it and contain images of it, and I have seen no older books on the subject of so called “nazi occultism” which contain images of the Wewelsburg castle sunwheel referred to in this context.

Now before you armchair experts and angry neos and “black sun” cultist morons get your panties in a wad and start foaming at the mouth I would like to point out that even George Lucas who wrote Star Wars knew more about the symbolism and occultism allegedly used by factions of the NSDAP than you do.

In Star Wars, a film series where the empire are “Space Nazis” and the rebels are “Space Partisans” there’s an elite faction which use “Vril Magic” (the force), and the symbol used for the “First Order” is the actual real black sun (not the green castle decoration).

There are allegedly connections to older Middle Eastern Saturnian cults which also use a “Black sun” symbol of some type, but I mainly study Germanic history or broader Western history, and am not very concerned with minor details regarding outsiders.

Real example of the black sun with occult inscriptions shown next to a star wars villain symbol.
Feel bad, even Hollywood knows more than you.

What is “White Supremacism”?

White supremacy is something we have all heard a thousand times from people who attack European Americans who speak out for their best interests. At one point in time some of these misguided people were actually using the term to describe themselves without knowing what it really means.

In the purest definition “white supremacy” would indicate a system where whites rule as the supreme power over anyone and everyone else. The vast vast majority of people called white supremacists these days are usually nothing more than “white separatists” or sometimes just people who don’t enjoy living in diverse areas and who white flight to the suburbs or rural areas to get away from loud “minorities”, bumping car stereos, shootings and urban riots, dangerous neighborhoods flooding over into formerly safe ones, section 8 housing ruining formerly safe and tranquil neighborhoods, and similar issues. If a European American or Asian American parent laments the ethnic makeup of the school district and the disciplinary issues of the area as being due to the makeup of the other ethnicities in the student body that too has and will again be called a sign of “white supremacism”.

At some point noticing unflattering aspects about other groups and attempting to avoid these unpleasant things has become synonymous with the urge to rule over them with an iron fist. Like “white privilege” and even calling yourself “white” this is a loaded term that the system uses to beat us all down into submission so we don’t resist their social experimentation.

If someone was to seriously ask me for an example of “white supremacy” in today’s world I would point out that the iron fist “Israel” has over Palestine is the only real current example. You quite literally have an occupation government there which is slaughtering people for fun, which steals their land, burns down their orchards and crops, bulldozes their homes even with them still inside, and then pretends its all justified when a few of them start throwing rocks back at their aggressors. That is supremacism. Where else in the world today can you find “white” people doing this to anyone on any level? If you want to be generous you can also claim that the endless American wars in the middle east and endless occupation forces are another example, and in a way they are, but lets not forget that this is nothing more than the extension of Israeli foreign policy and that the USA is only there as its wardog to do its bidding. I would therefore lump all American aggression in the region as being just another aspect of “Israels” existence and really no different than the plight of the Palestinians in any way other than level of severity.

If you want to find the next best historical example I would point to the extinct British empire. The way in which they’ve treated the Irish, the Scottish, and the Welsh, who the English did NOT consider white has been talked about in many books and needs no further explanation here. The way in which they’ve treated their more swarthy colonies also needs no further explanation but I will still bring up a few aspects of them in an attempt to draw a line between the past and today.

The British empire really came into its proper existence with the revolution of Oliver Cromwell. Cromwell was largely funded by international Jewish money lenders who had been outraged that the Jews had been expelled from England for coin clipping, and that several hundred had been executed. As a sure sign of things to come the first thing Cromwell did after inviting them back was wage a fresh war of occupation and genocide against the Irish. As Cromwell allowed the Jewish money lenders back into England they wasted no time buying positions of influence in his new “Republic” which set the direction for the future of the so called “British Empire”.

Two revealing incidents of the money lender ran British Empire happened with the Jewish David Sassoon’s influence through his “David Sassoon & Co”. An influence that resulted in two wars with China over opium. While not being widely talked about today David Sassoon, and later his son, ran (among other things) an opium trading operation that he refused to staff with anyone but other Jews. The opium was all grown in the British territory of India, processed by his company and imported along the normal British empire trade routes into China which caused the modern worlds first opioid epidemic. The damage to the economy and social fabric of China was so severe that the Chinese government attempted to put a stop to it.

Considering what we know about Jewish “white supremacy” and how it treats people who dare stand against it we aren’t surprised that in response Sassoon mustered the full might of the British military to crush and subdue the Chinese government and make the world safe for “free trade” once again. Despite having lost one war over this issue the Chinese government tried to stop the epidemic once again, which of course resulted in another war to defend the Sassoon’s drug pushing monopoly. He died in 1864 leaving his son Sir Albert Abdullah David Sassoon in charge of the company. Having made so much money for the “British Empire” Sir Albert Abdullah David Sassoon was awarded the the title of baronet.

Gaining a title of nobility for destroying lives through drugs and warfare…. That to me sounds quite a bit like “white supremacy”. How many of the ethnic British soldiers and sailors had any benefit from this? How many died? Most were conscripts, drafted into service via press gangs, or were simply too poor to find other work. They don’t sound like they had any part in this “supremacy”. The common man often really does have no say or influence but of course according to our attackers, the real “white supremacists” we must all share the burden while the responsible parties walk away with a clear conscience after lecturing US.

The common thread between the “white supremacist” British Empire and the “White Supremacist” Israeli police state should be very clear to see. To paraphrase Voltaire: “You can tell who rules over you by noting who you are not allowed to question”. This secret history is kept well hidden by the people in power for a good reason, the reason simply being that they have the power and supremacy to do so and they wish not to be seen in their true forms.

Many American readers will say “what about slavery”? Wasn’t African slavery in the Americas another example of “white supremacy”? Yes, it really was, and it is my third example with a common thread in this article. Of course existing before and along side of the African slaves were also tens of thousands of Irish slaves, in the sugar plantations in the Caribbean, as well as in the United States, that’s something I refuse to leave out because of the absolute disgust and denial mainstream historians have with the truth regarding the treatment of the Irish (another symptom of white supremacy I suppose).

As with the David Sassoon & Co mentioned previously who was responsible for heavy trading of various goods and of using extreme force to make sure their business was profitable we had groups like the “East India Trading Company” (Jewish Ran) which had a private military force double the size of the British Empires own military. This company was very heavily involved in the slaving trade which existed previous to the one here in the Americas and is mentioned here as a side note.

Similar to the East India Company and David Sassoon & Co were a multitude of “banking house and financier” (Jews) owned and founded trading companies which while presumably in competition with each other often worked together in mutual agreement and made sure not to step on each others toes. This explains the foundation and ownership of almost every slaving vessel which brought Africans to this hemisphere. The major slave traders were also usually members of this monopolistic tribe, or European employees or former employees, or in the case of the French areas in the south many were also French nobles.

One valuable tool which helps inform normal people about the truth regarding this is the African American run website called “We Thought They Were White”, which lays out the truth, names, and exists primarily to deflect African American animosity from the broader European American population. It is only one small website but it does a big job standing against the lies we are all taught in school regarding “collective white guilt”.

I wont bother going into further detail about the history of the slave trade here, because I want you to read “We Thought They Were White” I want you to bookmark it, I want you to share it, and I want you to post stickers with links to the website in highly visible areas where African Americans tend to gather. These stickers will be for sale at production cost from one of our websites in the future.

I hope this article has helped you gain perspective on the concept of “white supremacy” and enabled you to argue better against the concept when its pushed down onto us from the liars and lemmings which mindlessly repeat what they are told by the people who rule us. Wanting whats best for your own people isn’t supremacy, self defense isn’t supremacy, wanting to live around your own kind in peace isn’t supremacy…. What we want is natural, healthy, and human. Thanks for reading.

On “Whiteness” Part 2

On “Whiteness” Part 2

There are a few extra things to consider in regard to the previous part in this series:

1. The president’s recognition that the Jews are their own ethnic group or race. This is despite their constant insistence on social media white guilt posts that they themselves are indeed white. Which means “whiteness” isn’t something reserved for Europeans or people of European descent.

2. The “Black Israelites” which have been in the news lately for attacking or killing Jews have been called “white supremacists” or equated fully with them by Jewish supremacist pressure groups the ADL and SPLC as well as Marxist politicians and some elements of the media. Which means “whiteness” isn’t something reserved for Europeans or people of European descent.

3. On crime statistics Mexicans and other south of the border (non European) “Hispanic” groups are counted as white much of the time when they have committed a crime, but not when they’re victims of a crime. Which means “whiteness” isn’t something reserved for Europeans or people of European descent.

4. The census generally counts Arabs and north Africans as “White”. Which means “whiteness” isn’t something reserved for Europeans or people of European descent.

These are just a few more reasons why its absurd to take the word “white” seriously as a self identifier.

The point here is that the word not only is toxic and tainted by the people who use it as a weapon, but that it’s also too broad and meaningless in the modern age to even be an accurate self description.

Clearly this word is NOT an identity. The next time you see a larping low tier moron shouting “white power” ask him how many of the 4 above mentioned groupings are included in his rant.

Remember this: Every group in history which has attempted to buck the status quo and assert itself created it’s own self identity, making sure not to fall into the mental trap of identifying themselves how their enemies do. Over time the identity becomes commonly known. This is how we differentiate ourselves from the rabble, from the people who may have common ancestry with us but who have no sense of identity, no sense of purpose, no sense of the future. Do they consider themselves children of Europe? Would they use the term “European American” as an identity? No, they call themselves white.

Commit to a new path which leaves the baggage and dead weight of the past movements behind.

On “Whiteness”

Why I’m not “White” and why I’m a “European American”.

I’ll preface this by saying that I don’t consider myself “white” and haven’t for some time, despite not really talking about it. Its not because of some recently discovered admixture in my blood. It’s not because of some sudden seething self hatred for myself and my ancestors either. In reality it is simply because it is a terrible term to define yourself by, and not only is it a terrible term it is one that’s owned and defined absolutely by those who are hostile to us and wish to use the term as a weapon against us.

It’s not just that I reject the “white identity” provided for me by the system, with all of its baggage and accusations of being evil, devious, and somehow implicitly demonic. It’s that almost none of the alleged attributes of “whiteness” apply to me. For this reason I consider calling myself white to be as stupid as calling myself a capitalist when I have no capital.

Let’s consider things based on how the word is defined by those who are most likely to use the term “White”. According to them whiteness implies power and privilege, it implies an easy ride in life, it implies that there’s some kind of invisible network that we use to help each other get ahead while holding others back.

The only people I see out there with this “power and privilege” are the rich and the Jews. Clearly its nobody but the rich and the Jews who are able to exercise a collective force to benefit themselves at the expense of everyone else… Clearly nobody but the rich and the Jews are out there saying things like “my fellow whites we have to change this toxic whiteness we all exhibit” and “my fellow white people, it’s time we accept and atone for our privilege” “my fellow white people we have to stop defending ourselves and think of everyone else”. I don’t see construction workers, or factory laborers, or any other type of wage slaves talking about making their own lives harder for the benefit of strangers who don’t deserve the sacrifice.

Clearly the people being preached to and ranted at have nothing to say on the matter because they have neither power nor privilege and are left confused as to how this “systemic white racism” benefits them at all. Clearly if they had power and privilege they wouldn’t be fighting for a livable wage, same as most non-whites. Clearly if they had power or privilege they wouldn’t be training their replacements in the tech industry, the rich then replacing them with much lower paid foreign workers. They wouldn’t be watching construction wages stagnate and shrink over the last few decades as cheap illegal labor undercuts their negotiation power. I sincerely doubt that anyone with power or privilege would be screaming and protesting just for $15 an hour while being unable to stop the influx of foreign people willing to do the same jobs for $5 an hour. Anyone with a basic knowledge of supply and demand can tell you that competition lowers prices. If only Americans were competing for jobs, and nobody else was allowed to come here and get hired, at all, and no jobs were allowed to be exported, at all……… you wouldn’t care about $15 an hour because you would be making much more than that already. This is how it USED to be in the USA, back when a man could make enough money with a full time job to support a wife, and 3 kids, and buy a house, and a car…

Well I have some news for you, blue collar European Americans, this so called white privilege doesn’t benefit you at all. You struggle to make ends meet, you have little if any control over who you live around, the environment you raise your children in, and how you are treated by members of other ethnicities. The only groups who have this power again are the rich and Jews. You are more likely to be denied a job or a college entry due to your race than anyone else. You have NO say over who or what you are exposed to in your own neighborhoods or how you are represented in the media, in sitcoms, in movies, in music videos, in the news, or anywhere else. EVERY other group out there can easily complain and protest and make things happen if they are shown or referred to in an unflattering light, but YOU cannot. While one can say that other ethnicities have been shown in in degrading ways in the past, how long ago was that? We also saw redneck yokels mocked: don’t forget how idiotic the Beverly Hillbillies were shown as, we also saw the once hyper-typical New England WASP stereotype mocked. Who have we never seen mocked? The REAL WHITES: the rich and the Jews. I would like to be shown ONE example in American mainstream media where this hasn’t been the case.

When was the last time the media criticized Bill Gates for demanding all of our American tech workers be put out of jobs in favor of cheaper foreign workers? When was the last time Monsanto was put on blast for destroying farmers lives, or bribing politicians, or getting the news corporations to cancel unflattering reports on the health effects of their products? When is the last time someone on TV criticized Israel for using Palestinian children as target practice? There is REAL power and privilege. Let me tell you that our collective power and privilege is much closer to that of the Palestinian children laying in a pool of blood than it is to the people who slaughter them for sport and keep any mention of it out of the news. Clearly we must begin to think in a manner which reflects reality because if things keep getting much worse in the West our own children will face a similar grim reality to those Palestinian children maimed by illegal white phosphorus bombs, or sniped for sport by bored IDF soldiers. Weren’t we all taught that women and children, civilians, are not targets and that killing them is a war crime? Imagine having the power and privilege to get away with something the Nazis apparently couldn’t.

I’m regularly reminded by my Irish pride friends that the Irish in this country until about 100 years ago were considered not-white. Now if you are to judge by appearance that would be an insane and nonsensical statement to make, people today would scratch their heads in confusion at the concept of calling a paper white ginger “nonwhite”. Apparently then they were considered nothing more than, as it was put so commonly, “niggers of pale skin”. Why? Well consider that the Irish were often poor, often indentured servants, often having little or no power or privilege on any level at all and having next to no control over their lives aside from being drunk and fighting out of sheer frustration. Does this sound at all familiar? If the Irish were not white back then due to their lack of power and privilege I would say that the entire working class and the vast majority of the middle classes of European descended Americans are not white today. We have no free speech, we have no right to dissent unless its framed in a way where we are attacking ourselves, we have no ability to criticize those who attack us based on our skin color and heritage. We are the “niggers of pale skin” of the modern age.

In my mind accepting the loaded leftist label of “white” for ourselves is moronic and self harming. What does it serve? The only benefit I can even see anyone claiming is that without calling ourselves “white” people wont be able to claim to be generic “white nationalists” anymore, which in reality is no loss to anyone, we would be better off. I’ll save my reasoning behind that for another article but rest assured the entire concept of “white nationalism” benefits nobody and has accomplished nothing but harm and setbacks for the cause of our survival as westerners and European Americans.

From this day forward whenever anyone accuses you of being white or having white privilege throw it back in their faces!

Say to these scoundrels that you’re NOT white, that you’re a European American and you have no power or privilege because if you did they would be silenced for harassing you.

Throw it in their faces that the only people on social media calling out whiteness happen to be Jewish or rich and since you’re neither the word doesn’t apply to you.

If they insist on referring to you by that outdated toxic term DEMAND to know what privilege you have. Be ready with the statistics proving that unarmed “whites” are more likely to be shot by the police than any other group, be ready to link to the fbi crimes statistics pages, but overall do not back down and do not accept the identity THEY have chosen for you, that THEY have chosen to be a weight around your neck to hold you down with.

Tell THEM to check THEIR privilege. Nobody needs a negative sjw dork harassing them. Demand to know if they’re white themselves. If they say as much tell them to stop using their privilege to harass you because you aren’t white like them. I see absolutely no reason to play their game they way they want us to. Going against the grain in this instance is really in our own best interest. I hope you understand and agree.

At some point when this gains enough traction people will see that there is a clear choice between looking at themselves through the eyes of our attackers or looking at themselves with a clarity and innocence that they’ve never felt before. After all, if they’re not “white” they don’t need to have any guilt, do they?

Thoughts on “White Nationalism” Part 1

This image, to me, sums up White Nationalism totally.

I will preface this article by saying that I do not feel an automatic kinship with people just because they are white, I do not support people automatically just because they are white, I do not advocate for people automatically just because they are white, and frankly the idea that I must support and give everyone who happens to be white a chance is insane to me. Its as insane as the idea that I must treat everyone of every other group as an individual rather than as part of a collective whole with dominant traits and patterns. I’m far too busy for that kind of behavior and frankly its below me. It is below anyone who is serious.

Let me elaborate. I am an elitist. I do believe in eugenics, I do believe that some people are beyond saving or being useful because of how god or nature or fate made them, how they were raised, and because of their own personal choices and attitudes in life.

For example I find little to no value in a fat spoiled soft modern male who never played outside growing up, who never gained valuable life lessons about respecting others, about social hierarchy, about male roles and behavior, about masculine attitudes outside of caricatures about beer bacon and beards as promoted by soy sucking hipsters, and who, for lack of a better term, are feminized to the point of being no better than a gelding.

I find no value in white trash of Walmart. I find no value in the sort of people who join groups like the KKK or TWP or NSM or even fake identitarian groups like IE or Patriot Front. I also find no value in soyfaced open mouthed meme people wherever they may exist. While this may come as a shock to many of you this is actually the correct attitude. Some of you may reply “Who else will we find to fill our ranks other than people who have nothing better to live for, no potential, nothing of worth or value in their lives? Who will we find to join our organizations? Who will have the time to go march around or put up flyers on car windshields or hang banners from freeway over passes? Productive people with careers and families and potential don’t want to do this.” While you are correct that productive people, people with potential, people with skills and direction and focus in life would not want to join a mediocre group who advocates such juvenile 1980s teenaged skinhead “activism” you seem to miss the implication of all this. Maybe the people who are worth something are onto something, and maybe you aren’t. Maybe the reason you cant find quality, dynamism, or actual growth is because when you primarily seek to recruit those who have nowhere else to go and nothing else to do, then, you in turn prevent the people with something to offer and actual choices to turn away.

People can blame others all they want for not wanting to join their “super smart and awesome” “totally gonna change everything and save the race this time” organizations, but in reality the blame lies solely with the organizers and creators of the groups and nobody else. It is a theory of mine that these people want to do “something” so badly that they really don’t care at all if its negative, productive, destructive, or just pointless. For them the illusion of action is more than enough. The number of times they get mentioned on the local news over their flyers being posted on telephone poles and car windshields is all the evidence they need that they are making an impact. It never once occurs to them that their betters, people who actually can think their way out of a wet paper bag, may not be attracted to such low tier antics, and may have no interest in joining and following groups led by people who have no higher strategic potential than these stale old 1980s era skinhead actions.

Of course the blame doesn’t lie solely on the mediocre people who found and run these groups or their even lower tier members who feel important and special for the first time in their lives. No, the blame also lies largely at the feet of people who are here to keep the mainstream narrative on course. For these people nothing is more important than the steady stream of activity and “hate antics” which fuels the media machine, the ADL, and the SPLC lists and keeps those donations rolling in because the threat of “hate and extremism” is shown to be as high as ever. These are the people who shout from above that we must not “punch right” and that we must “unite despite our differences”. To me it looks like they really want us to do the work for them and destroy the distinctions between the smart people and the destructive freaks so the media and ADL doesn’t have to. To me it seems they’re attempting to make us accept toxic counterproductive behavior from the cringe neonazis, siege freaks, and everyone else. I suppose some people who don’t have a very strong logical ability may agree that the face value premise of unity is good, but these people clearly lack the long term vision to see how accepting bad behavior and ideals as normal will make the struggle harder and harder for us in the long term, especially as the arrests for their unhinged behaviors continue to rise.

When the ADL and SPLC are not using fake anti-jewish hate crimes and fake black church burnings as talking points before covertly removing references to those incidents from their websites once they’re proven to be fake they’re padding the stats with clowns like Cole Williams and his TWP 2.0 group. I’m sure they must feel like a real live “big boy” group for their contribution to the ADL machine and the mainstream (and TRS) narrative. Nothing is better and more validating than being a free bogeyman for the people who profit off of you and gain more momentum to destroy your people with. Congratulations and thank you for your service! Lol.

As I’ve stated earlier, this can be summed up by a plain fact which I expect rational people to understand; not everyone is worthwhile, not everyone is worth trying to save, not everyone can help, and not everyone has a real contribution to make. I’ve heard in the past many people say that not everyone is fit to be a leader, clearly this is the case but it hasn’t stopped these fail groups from arising time after time. I’ve heard the leaders and members of these fail groups parrot similar sentiments at times, but clearly they lack the self awareness to apply the advice to themselves. I’ve also heard these people say “Well if you don’t like our group go make your own”. This could be considered a valid point, except for the nagging detail that they, by virtue of their low potential, bad optics, bad strategies, bad membership, and general dreg like lumpenprole existence are being pushed to the forefront of the enemy propaganda machine which really does in essence “poison the well” of discourse.

I really shouldn’t expect these people to be smart enough to understand that by virtue of being morons, white trash, hollywood cartoons, and wannabe terrorists among other things that they poison and taint the message that we all are trying to spread. They make OUR job ten times harder because in order to respectably promote the idea of our survival and advancement we have to simultaneously rehabilitate the image of that idea, we have to present it in a light which isn’t tainted by decades of ugliness and stupidity and white trash organizations acting like the genetic dead ends they are. If we had no baggage from these low potential freaks who only benefit the enemy our job would be much much easier. If we had none of these freak organizations or independent people promoting the same trash in recent history our job would also be much much easier. In light of this it should be clear who is on OUR side and who isn’t.

If you expect to make a positive impact, and if you really want our western civilization and lineage to survive its time to start looking at yourself much more critically. Things are getting worse every day and nobody is acting appropriately. There will be NO “boogaloo” to wipe the slate clean, and if there was those of you who need this advice wouldn’t survive it anyway. As I’ve said before multiple times its time to emulate the real nationalists and identitarians in Europe. Outside of your online echo chambers nobody is impressed about your 1488 WN social points or virtue signaling. They find it to be a turn off. If you’re serious about making a difference you need to man up, take responsibility, and accept that its your DUTY to serve and try to protect your people. That includes being approachable, that includes being smarter than the “movement” has ever been. That includes being nonthreatening. That includes acting “normal”. None of your internet “fashy” virtue signaling will help you with your real task. That also includes rejecting the white trash lumpenprole freaks who make it easy to write us all off as morons. Push those people back into the shadows where they belong. They don’t represent me or my people.

Those of you unwilling or unable to do whats necessary to actually make a positive impact were correctly attacked by William Pierce as adventurers, hobbyists, misfits, and freaks seeking some kind of politically incorrect diversion. You have no value to your people, to civilization, or to the cause for our survival.

For those of you out there who are doing it wrong I can only hope you wise up. Time is running out.

National Socialism: An Ideology Meant For One People During One Time in History and Nobody Else

This article is meant to address multiple groups of people who base a large portion of their world view and in some cases even their identity on a false premise, one created by our collective enemies during the build-up to WW2, one meant to misrepresent the German NSDAP and make them into a more digestible bogeyman, and which was picked up by their agents after the war to keep the lie alive and help push the new era of white guilt propaganda into existence.

I will bring up three issues I have regarding this matter and at the end of the article back them up with quotes, most of which come from the NSDAP themselves. Some notable quotes are from within the “movement” showing that the more honest people did know the truth, and that the less honest leaders hid the truth.

What is my goal here? Presenting a hidden truth, showing that the movement are liars same as the system, showing that you all are being told harmful lies to set us back. Morons will claim I must be jewish, antifa, communist, or any other discrediting thing. I would tell these people to give me one example of them being productive or a benefit to the race they pretend to serve. All of the lies and dead weight need to be discarded and it’s time for a new way. These freaks are anything but nationalist and anything but intelligent and honest.


I am extremely fond of pointing out to neonzais (sorry, but everyone pretending to be a National Socialist and who uses NSDAP symbolism, quotes, rhetoric, or anything else is a neonazi), that National Socialism was not for export. The level of historical knowledge these people have is clearly shown by their responses which are usually along the lines of “What I never heard of that, are you a jew or something?”. The better educated members of this cult ideology may have heard in passing the phrase “not for export” but think it was only said once or twice, that it wasn’t official policy, and that it was said as subterfuge to disorient and hide their true intentions. This is the only time you will ever see the modern “movement” acknowledging that this quote was ever said.

A thinking man would wonder why the neonazi/ white nationalist/ bowel movement people would have the same interpretation regarding the motives and intentions of the NSDAP as do the the official historians of the system itself… of course with the one difference being that many neonazis do not believe in homocidal gas chambers. In reality copying your enemies homework and version of history and changing one detail does not do much to make you different from them. The implications are the same either way…… Mainly that the NSDAP was meant to be a Europe or Globe conquering ideology hell bent on Empire the likes of which would have made the Soviet and British empires look like a cake walk or a boy scout fundraising mission. Seeing how many bowel movement weenies obsessed over the show “Man in the High Castle” should be enough to cement my point in anyone’s mind. There is no difference between either group beyond the fact that the neos obsess over and glorify the negative propaganda the system uses to scare normal white people.

In order to debunk the myth that the German American Bund was a National Socialist group I will also include a deliberately rabbit-holed quote from their rally in Madison Square Gardens in 1939 as well as a quote from Diana Mosely regarding Hitlers own attitude toward Enoch and his illogical imagery, since many people regard him as another justification for claiming Fascist or National Socialist.


Note: The so called black sun was custom designed by and for the SS to be used in their castle floor. There has never been a sonnenrad like it found in the wild. Historical variants have different numbers of spokes and often contain a hollow in the center. The people who fetishize this symbol don’t use historically accurate sunwheel designs for a reason. When I talk about this symbol I only refer to the unique one found in the floor of Wewelsburg castle, which has been co-opted by cultists and neonazis and over time due to their influence found it’s way into Asatru circles and the broader world. An article on this subject is being worked on.

The issue of ideological export is only one gripe against neonazis embracing the misinformation and psyops of their enemies and internalizing it. Another is the cult of “Esoteric Hitlerism” which is promoted as the secret underground truth of the NSDAP and more precisely the SS as “it was meant to eventually take over all aspects of society”. They are the ones who popularized the custom made and unique sunwheel found in Wewelsburg Castle then adopted it as a replacement swastika and then decided to pile a bunch of made up esoteric nonsense on top of it, mainly pertaining to the name they chose for the symbol, (the black sun).

One wonders how differently this moronic cult would have turned out had they not gotten the symbol from a black and white photograph, seeing as the real one in Wewelsburg is in fact green. But the sad fact is that they did only have a black and white image, and built an immense backstory around it containing a lot of contrived esoteric meaning in order to bolster their backstory. Of course considering that these “advanced remnants of the SS and other groups who have all kinds of inside knowledge” couldn’t even get the color of their symbol right when naming it doesn’t at all discredit things to the people who buy into the myth, because again neonazis are basically retarded and historically illiterate.

The vast majority of the books written on this subject are sensationalist fictional “alternate history” books written by Jews and pseudo-academics for the purpose of selling books and inventing a sense of mystery around the NSDAP: effectively turning it into a larger than life cult full of demonic energies, flying saucers, the spear of Longinus which allegedly pierced the side of Christ and gives its owner unlimited power, and other stuff that makes you recall Indiana Jones or Hellboy. If you find such fantasy entertaining I recommend the book “the Spear Of Destiny” by Trevor Ravenscroft, but I would advise everyone reading it not to be stupid enough to take it seriously.

These people are also fond of the fraud Helena Blavatsky who had her own “sources” of secret inside knowledge which she claims was taught to her by masters in secretive mystery cults, the kind of secretive mystery cults which do not admit or teach their secrets to women. Sounds plausible doesn’t it? Theosophy and its many offshoots including Ariosophy are laughable and while they make for good reading they cannot be taken seriously. The influences of both Theosophy and Ariosohpy are found heavily in the Esoteric Hitlerists and Black Sun cultists ideologies, along with satanism and other things smarter people laughed off long ago.

They also absorb the nonsense written by the attention seeking Miguel Serrano, who of course has no ties to the NSDAP, the SS, or to anyone at all which plausibly could have given him that sort of information. If they were smart they at least would have quoted from Wilhelm Landig who while not being especially occult oriented did write a nice alternate history that presumably has much more basis in reality considering he was actually around and claimed to be involved with some things these people wish were real. I suppose the cultists and freaks can’t be bothered to read works that never got translated into English which again shows that they have very little appetite for knowledge and instead would rather gorge themselves on easily available nonsense no matter how spurious it seems.

Where did this fantasy cult first get their ideas from? Sadly, yet again, it was the extension of propaganda put out by FDR and his allies who were trying to justify war since his election. Thankfully, despite all knowledge of this being destroyed we still have the commentary Josef Goebbels made on the matter which clearly lays out and mocks the idea of this cult and NSDAP expansionist empire to death.


Quite possibly the worst lie of all. The idea that people can larp around in costumes or recycle 1930s optics or rhetoric in the modern age. The fantasy that justifies freaks and extremists in making the cause of nationalism look bad. The delusion that anyone who isn’t one of them isn’t extreme enough and therefore weak. These people using the first two historical lies I listed seem to think they will do something other than feed free PR and evidence to our enemies, namely that nationalists are all a bunch of Hollywood style villains and as such any issue which the “movement” openly promotes becomes immediately discredited and ignored.

Don’t believe me? The farm massacres in Rhodesia and South Africa have been going on for decades. At one point there was luck in getting the truth out, to a small degree, despite the best efforts of the system and its controlled news. Then it was picked up as a rallying cry and talking point for the 1488 freak show and from that time on it was nothing but an easily ignored “white nationalist neonazi conspiracy theory”.

It remained this way for decades. It would have remained that way forever if Donald Trump hadn’t brought the issue into public discourse which has now freed the issue from the white trash holding it underground and resulted in Russia allowing 15,000 South Africans as refugees, hopefully the first surge of many.

Optics matter and everything these freaks talk about becomes tainted and discredited and easily ignored. Why? From where I stand its obvious that this was by design. The white guilt propaganda these freaks make possible, the free sound and video clips they give the ADL to keep donations and credibility up, the free bogeyman for the SPLC to reference every time they harass normal whites for having self interest, the way they’re used against average whites by the media every time they do anything at all, the absolute lack of any kind of measurable benefit they have had for the race they pretend to stand up for……. Clearly it was all made to fail, and it fails very well. I commend the bowel movement and all of its idiotic members for doing this service for our enemies so well, for free.

Regarding “Not For Export”

Goebbels On National-Socialism, Bolshevism & Democracy (September 10, 1938)

We have modernized and ennobled the concept of democracy. With us it means definitely the rule of the people, in accordance with its origin. We have given the principle of Socialism a new meaning. … Never have we left anyone in doubt that National-Socialism is not for export. … We do not aim at world domination, but we do intend to defend our country, and it is our new conceptions which give us the inexhaustible and ever-renewed strength to do so.

Goebbels 1933 rally “Rassenfrage und Weltpropaganda,” Reichstagung in Nürnberg 1933 (Berlin: Vaterländischer Verlag C. A. Weller, 1933), pp. 131-142.

National Socialism was able to overcome this condition of continual spiritual, economic, and political crises only because the German people themselves regained their composure, and found a political idea and organization that corresponded to the character of the German nation. National Socialism is a completely German phenomenon. It can only be understood in the framework of German conditions and forces. Like Mussolini once said about Fascism, “it is not for export.”

Nuremberg: What is the Fuehrer’s message this week? – Sept 5, 1938 The Telegraph, British Newspaper

The distinguishing note of the speech of 1936 was a furious assault upon, “the mad bestial doctrine of Bolshevism,” threatening the peace of Germany and Europe, which had been effectively countered in Germany by the “great miracle” of Nazism, though this was not for export to less favoured lands.

Interview with Artur Axmann, Nazi leader of the Hitler Youth (Reichsjugendführer), 1940 – 1945 Recorded on August 23, 1990

Click to access RG-50.593.0004_sum_en.pdf

Interviewer: Hitler once said that German socialism was not for export. How do you interpret that?
Axmann: National socialism was influenced by the national character and by the environment, based on the German work ethic while international socialism increasingly took on differential characteristics based on the nation.

Hitler-Bormann Documents, Feb. 21, 1945

The National Socialist doctrine, as I have always proclaimed, is not for export. It was conceived for the German people.

Diana Mosley by Jan Dalley

“In 1935,” Dalley writes:
After Unity got to know Hitler, she wrote in a letter home to Diana that Hitler had said that Mosley was unwise to attempt to import the term “fascism” and to adopt the black shirt–both, Hitler thought, were “foreign,” out of keeping with British traditions, and likely to impede Mosley’s success. A successful political movement had to grow from deep national roots, Hitler believed, and, according to Diana, he always said that “National Socialism is not for export.” He had a brilliant grasp of the mechanics of mass appeal, and knew how to conjure up the power of the past. When Unity asked him what he would have recommended for a British-based “fascist” movement, Hitler replied that Mosley should have referred back to an important national moment–namely, the revolution of Oliver Cromwell–and called his men “Ironsides.”

From Part III of A Heretic’s Hope by S. Michael McMillen as hosted on Ernst Zundels site.

The quotations cited are but a few gems amid a treasure trove of the doctor’s cogent and incisive critiques of Marxism. One might well ask, having acknowledged Goebbels’ stinging critique: “What then? Are we to become National Socialists in order to stave off Clinton’s new world bolsehvism?”

NO – as the question is phrased.

We MUST become nationalists and fight for the rights of our people. To do less would be abject surrender. The Nazis themselves used to say that National Socialism was not for export. They were correct.

Carolyn Yeager Podcast Discussing “Not for Export”

Podcast topic: Why National-Socialism is not for export and the special qualities of and decorations for the German worker

Richard Wilhelm von Neutitschein – National Socialism as the Archetype of the German Soul

Unlike Jewish-Soviet Bolshevism, which in practical terms, and also quite explicitly, openly proclaimed it’s goal of “world revolution” from the beginning, Adolf Hitler stated that National Socialism was “not for export”, and that it was intended exclusively for the German Volk.

Church Of the Creator: document “Little White Book”

Hitler himself stated that the Nazi movement was a political movement exclusively for the Germans and not for export. CREATIVITY is, in contrast, a RELIGIOUS MOVEMENT designed for global proportions to embrace all the White peoples of this Planet Earth.

Ben Klassen – Adolf Hitler Tribute Speech (1989):

“The second difference is that whereas the Nazi party was purely a political movement, and Hitler said so himself. It was a political movement, it was for Germany only.” – “Hitler specifically said that this was not for export, it was a German phenomena, and its main purpose was to save Germany, of which it did a tremendous job.”

Hitler, Adolf ‘The Secret Conversations of Adolf Hitler’ New York, New York: Farrar, Straus and Young, N. Y. 1953 pg 397 (Part 223 of the Bormann-Vermerke notes for the 20th of May, 1942) * Sometimes listed as Feb. 21, 1945

I am firmly opposed to any attempt to export National Socialism.

Hitler, Adolf ‘The Testament of Adolf Hitler’ February- April 1945: L. Craig Fraser edition, circa 1972 page 58 (xiii)

The National Socialist doctrine, as I have always proclaimed, is not for export. It was conceived for the German people.

Dr. Goebbels, Speech September 10, 1938 Ref. Documents on International Affairs, vol.II, 1938, pp.17-19.

Never have we left anyone in doubt that National-Socialism is not for export.

Goebbels FRANKFURT, 31 MARCH 1938.

We are reproached with carrying on propaganda. No, National Socialism is to us such a dear, holy German cause that we feel inclined to pray that God may keep it primarily for our own people. Let the other nations foster their own ideals.

Dr. William Pierce’s personal secretary, Earl Thomas informed the founder of PLE how – in order to become a full fledged member of the Koehl/Pierce/ Lloyd NSWPP in 1967 – he had been sworn to secrecy about never bringing up “those darn quotes of Hitler’s about not exporting National Socialism.”

German American Bund. Madison Square Gardens 1939 rally. Fritz Kuhn

“They are going to rid this country of the “terrible nazi menace”. By nazis they of course mean the members of the German American Bund and its leadership, and usually they have the splendid idea of having us all deported. Let me answer these gentlemen tonight…. That their efforts are of no avail because we have never claimed to be nazis, knowing very well ourselves that nazism is something reserved for Germany, and has no place in our country. The German chancellor himself has many times proclaimed to the world that nazism is not for export.”

Regarding the origin of Esoteric Hitlerism

Here is what Goebbels had to say on the issue, published in Das Reich, his propaganda newspaper :

“This time he made concrete accusations against the policies of the Reich, which he attempted to prove though compromising documents he allegedly possessed.

Mr. Roosevelt claimed that he had proof in his hands that the Axis powers were planning to reorganize South and Central America. They were planning to transform the existing fourteen countries into five states that would be under their control. His proof was a secret map allegedly produced by the Reich government. The American government also claims to possess another Reich document. According to it, the Reich government plans to abolish the existing religions of the world once it has won the war — Catholicism, Protestantism, Mohammedanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism. They are to be replaced by an international National Socialist church, the cross by the swastika, and God by the Führer. That is what he claims.

It is clear to us that Mr. Roosevelt needed this grand swindle to whip up American public opinion. He needed the heaviest possible ammunition, since the American people are at the moment more intelligent than their government and want absolutely nothing to do with the war in Europe. We really are not all that interested in Mr. Roosevelt’s opinion of the intelligence of his people nor in what he thinks them capable of believing, and normally would see no need to reply to his bald-faced and outrageous lies which so clearly bear the signs of fabrication. In this case, however, it is a matter of a political falsification which seems to us to have a clear and ominous purpose, and gave us such an easy chance to show up the liars to the entire world that we could hardly let the opportunity pass. We had to overcome our moral scruples, however, to confront the liar and ask him where he got these alleged documents from, where they can be found, and if he was ready to show them to the public.

Things went as we expected. Mr. Roosevelt, the president of a nation of 130 million, dodged our questions. He claimed the authenticity of the documents was unassailable; he had them. They could not be published, however, since they were secret and publishing them would reveal the source. And the map in question that carved up Central and South America had markings in pencil which could compromise the source that provided them. He, Roosevelt, did not want to cause any difficulties for the poor chap who passed them along.

As one can imagine, Roosevelt’s answer was not very convincing proof of his hair-raising allegations either at home or abroad. Our tough questions bore fruit. We used the press and radio to propose to the American president that he might publish the incriminating map of Central and South America, perhaps either erasing the ominous pencil markings or covering them up with paper, and to at least publish the text of our notorious plan to begin a campaign against all the world’s religions once the war was over, from Jehovah to Confucius to Christ.

We looked further, and since we could learn nothing more given the stubborn silence of the accuser, we attempted to lure him into a response by massive attacks. Alas, the normally talkative gentleman seemed to have forgotten how to speak. Even the attempts of the American press to learn something more as he visited one of the famous skyscrapers were in vain.

The Reich government published two formal denials on 1 November, which boxed Roosevelt’s ears so strongly that he had to chose between revealing his documents or proving himself a forger and liar to the entire world. He chose the latter. The U.S. press gave headline treatment to the German denials and asked for a response. Mr. Roosevelt accepted the blows, rubbed his checks and said nothing. We made every conceivable suggestion to ease the publication of the documents, but the U.S. president preferred to be thought a liar and forger than to prove his absurd accusations.”

– Added commentary taken from the post in the above forum for clarity:

Roosevelt’s claim of a German plan to “abolish” all religions and replace them with a National Socialist religion is quite clearly bogus, and is not supported by pronouncements by Martin Bormann, the most anti-religious of the National Socialist leaders.

The Bormann pronouncement posted by the moderator is clearly the statement of an aim to reduce the political influence of the churches over the German population. It is not a statement of an aim to “abolish” any religion, ie to prevent individuals from adhering to or practicing a particular religion. It was the statement of a policy of combating the political activity of religiously-based organizations, not of combating religious beliefs themselves.

As part of the policy of combating the political influence of the churches, members of the National Socialist Party and of other National socialist organizations, eg the SS, were encouraged to officially resign from the churches of which they were members, and to adopt the status of “gottgläubig”, ie believers in God not affiliated with any church.

Since in Germany members of a church pay taxes to that church (the taxes are collected by the State), a large number of resignations would weaken the churches financially and thus as a source of opposition to the Government.

However, there was no compulsion to resign from church membership. Many members of the Party remained members of churches, even members of the SS could retain church membership without penalty.

There were a few anti-Christian enthusiasts who tried to revive the native German wotanist religion, but Hitler personally had nothing but scorn for them, as is shown in his recorded conversations.

Regarding the return of National Socialism

After Hitler’s secretary, Gertraud “Traudl” Junge, typed up his Last Will & Testament, she realized that she had just witnessed an enormous turning point in history – even if the paperwork for it was a bit blurred by the need to uphold the fight outside and long range legal necessities; so she simply resorted to asking him personally if National Socialism would ever be able to return again. Hitler answered with a very clear “No.”

He also added, that even if an entirely fresh movement was to appear in the distant future, at best it would only have some similar characteristics. (Ref. ‘Swan Song 1945’ by Walter Kemposki, 2016, Chapter 8 of 14 – 5011).

In Conclusion
Make of all this what you will, but this is historically accurate information. At this point the only people who will deny the implications of this article are either liars or have an agenda which is not interested in truth.

Clearly the answer for the west is not neonazism, the WN bowel movement, or anything short of real nationalism which excludes both of those things and their baggage.. Either fight for the truth or fight for comfortable lies which only benefit our collective enemies. Your call.