On the Global Stereotype of Exceptional American Ignorance

It’s no secret that people all around the world generally regard Americans as ignorant and uneducated. Causes for this is are seen in all levels of our society, even including the “nationalist” movement. It is generally inescapable. Why is this a dominant feature in our national make up? How did it get this way? What can be done about it? What can we do to improve ourselves?

In this article I will attempt to give my view on the matter and some historical context as to how we arrived at this place.

Many of you out there will rightly blame the media for promoting a culture of ignorance, glorifying the illiterate jock or thug as the ultimate and only real examples of masculinity. Many of you will note that the rise of this destructive cultural trait started as the degeneracy of the 1960s spread outward into popular culture when the government loosened the reigns it had on the media back then.

Few people today know that at one point there was a list of acceptable and unacceptable things to show and promote in film, tv, print, music, and popular culture in general. The mass media wasn’t keeping itself in check out of a feeling of civic duty anymore than a potential rapist was keeping himself from doing something to get executed over out of civic duty. The international cartel that has run our media for the last century or more was interested in protecting itself from the wrath of the citizenry and government when we as a nation were still more educated and moral. Once the decay ran too deep into our educational system many of our youth were more concerned with music and subcultures and drugs and hedonism. The die was cast and the nation changed within a single generation, although the most destructive aspects took time to manifest.

At the very end of the previous era, the one before the decay took root, most people would say that masculinity was easily described as the representation of pioneers, westward settlers, cowboys, astronauts, soldiers and the like. Men who took on personal hardship and sacrifice in order to carve their destiny from the wilderness and the cruel natural tendencies of fate itself. Our society glorified explorers, stunt men, daredevils and the like. A safari in Africa hunting big game which could kill you easily was a fantasy of many young boys. Honor and high regard for yourself and your people was universal. You could order submachine guns from the Sears catalog at the tender age of ten and nobody thought to stop you because we as a society were still strong and glorified the upright moral warrior spirit of the west. It was inconceivable that someone would be so deranged as to turn a weapon on his fellow citizens over a grudge or on a whim. In that age, the age of a far different America, there was nothing lower than being a self hating coward, there was nothing lower than being an oath breaker. Men and women trusted the government and media because it was absolutely unthinkable that these entities didn’t represent the values of the dominant culture. How far we have come.

The change happened so fast that many folks didn’t realize it until decades later. The last era of American western civilization was the end of segregation. People in the north and people in the south were all living in segregated neighborhoods. It was natural to prefer to be around your own and it was natural to refuse to intermingle. Racially aware attitudes were the norm up until the late 1950s and even into the 1960s despite what we are told to believe. Many modern people are lied to, told that this was an expression of hatred for the other. Love for your own is not hatred for anyone else. Neonazis didn’t really exist yet and where they did they were hated by everyone, the klan was generally disliked, and most white people just wanted to live their lives peacefully around their own without harming anyone else. Making it in life same as now required most of your time and attention, and the family required the rest. Social clubs were common. Nobody had time to go around hating every other race. The first major attempt at using media to change this self focused attitude was on the show “All in the Family” featuring the racist and rude “Archie Bunker”. This sitcom didn’t take place in the deep south. It took place on the east coast. It goes through scenarios such as the first black family to move into the neighborhood and how giving them a chance won’t destroy your neighborhood, or being falsely mistaken as jewish and having swastikas painted on your door and having the JDL show up and stand guard over your house in-case the vandals return. In reality this seemingly moral attempt at making whites more tolerant was really meant to get them away from thinking of their own best interests, and instead considering others who did not think of the whites in kind. The integration movement was only enforced at gunpoint in the south, but the most significant racial riots took place outside of the south. Make no mistake that this was a national cultural shift taking place. Descendants of both sides in the American Brothers War were facing the same struggle at the same time. What was the reason?

It’s common knowledge among our circles that there is an IQ gap between the races, most notably the 15 point average gap between blacks and whites. Some people credit this gap with being the cause for our national educational decline, but it is not true. It isn’t common knowledge in our circles that in the 1950s we were #1 in the world for high school and college education and as of 2009 we were in 18th place. The downward trajectory seems to have really started in the 1980s although we can pinpoint the weakness being introduced into our educational facilities with the rise of leftist student activism and social marxism campaigns. This significant change in education cannot be explained purely by demographics. If it was only due to demographics we would need to have been made into 1/18th of the population of this country.

School integration didn’t result in an immediate drop in performance in most areas, like anything else it was a gradual process that was held back by social convention. At that point there was still high social pressure for blacks to perform and for whites to not adopt their culture and idioms. If anything it initially did have a positive result in the black student makeup of most districts. Being forced to compete on an even playing field with white students caused black competitiveness to rise and the effect was noted early on from what I’ve read. Still in the 1980s we were much closer to #1 globally in education. This was also the time period in which the system started pushing it’s effort into high gear to demonize “nerds” as well as promote jock culture and stupidity and hedonism and disrespect for cultural norms through music more than any point since the 1960s. As much as I hate hippie era bands they still had some meaning behind them, they still represented an ideal and had a philosophy. The bands in the 1980’s aimed at the “masculine” members of our youth like Van Halen were only meant for promotion of an empty, hedonistic party life. It is this point where we see school being represented as boring and uptight and lame and white. Rodney Dangerfield movies also represented the manufactured war on traditional values and intelligence. There are many more examples I wont mention, but I will instead turn your attention to the manufactured resistance to this phenomenon which we see in the “Revenge of the Nerds” films. These films show the “nerds” as social misfits, geniuses, spergs, perverts, and homosexuals who only want to get along and be equal while the mean old party-jocks who represent the dominant social order are repressing them and committing hate crimes against them. As we know social programming comes from above and these ideas were injected into the public mind, especially of the 1980’s youth in various ways. I am just using these easily referenced examples to make a point.

We see two examples of social programming here that are clearly defining social roles and rivalries in the educational system that simply did not exist prior. Friends of mine in Europe take education much more seriously, it’s not just my friends though. People of every political variation in Europe take education more seriously. They see American education as being torn between degenerate party freaks who use education as a social club and sex adventure, and defective intellectuals who for some reason just aren’t normal. I think in many instances the archetypes that the system created in the 1980s are still as strong as ever but now altered with a more racial and radical aspect. In the 1950’s you could be a “nerd” and wear glasses and a pocket protector and work for IBM or NASA or a university and still be masculine. You worked hard and were proud to be good at your profession, maybe you drove a jeep in the woods to camp and fish on weekends, maybe you still enjoyed the American mythology of masculine heroism and manifest destiny. Being a “nerd” wasn’t an indication that you were a defective then. Nerds were an exciting required class of advanced man who would bring us into the world of tomorrow through engineering and science and computers. Knowledge was glorified while the illiterate and slow were an underclass to be pitied and spoken about in hushed tones.

In today’s version of these archetypes the ignorant jockish class are generally empty headed urban thugs in school on sports scholarships and sad white males who accept or emulate this try to fit into a social place which no longer is readily available to white males due to increasingly being pushed out of college and national level sports. The nerds really aren’t nerds anymore, but instead are the logical extension of the “Revenge of the Nerds” protagonists and are multi gendered sexual deviants and open marxists who assume they hold the mantle of the smart nerd class due to their love of video games and fantasy novels. The only legitimate people in any amount in our college system who totally reject these roles tend to be East Asian students who score better than all other groups and as such are more discriminated against in college entrance policies than even whites are. The amount of normal or conservative white students in higher education seem to be very low and generally they dont exit higher education unscathed, especially the females.

We can see in the 1990’s how this came to be, again using mass media programming as an example. The terrible movie “PCU” takes place in a time shortly after higher education had been totally and unapologetically hijacked by the SJW liberal types. The old guard party jocks are all but extinct and have devolved into nothing but a group of wasted goof offs, the old guard “smart and serious” students only exist in secret and are openly despised for representing a retro version of white American culture which is universally regarded as evil. They are of course compared to “muh evil nazis” several times. Everyone else almost without exception is a member of some leftist freak organization which are all coddled by the school administration who put education as their absolute last priority.
Important to note is that these aren’t just irrelevant movies and cheap entertainment, these are examples of the roles and values and thoughts being pushed down on people from above from every direction, but that were not commonly recognized at the time. In many ways the parody versions of these realities are helpful to show us the true nature of things through satire. It’s as if the people who are responsible for forcing these things on us feed us entertainment mocking us for submitting to their agenda. I have heard many times that the people who really run things are fond of waving it in our faces this way.

1950s integration by itself was not enough to destroy our national intelligence, 1960s hippie leftism also was not enough to destroy our national intelligence, 1970s drug culture was not enough to destroy our national intelligence. Social programming which forced fake roles onto our educational classes in the 1980s were the key and by the 1990s they had all melded together into what we have today as the dominant culture in our schools at all levels. It isn’t just the teachers and staff being reds that are the problem, we had that since the time Senator McCarthy was hunting reds wherever they were hidden. It took the combination of these destructive social elements unleashed on our youth to finally kick us down a few notches and make whites start performing at a lower level and by extension so did the blacks. The degenerated garbage culture embraced by the blacks who are no longer held to a higher standard is exported globally by mass media corporations hoping to cause a dumbing down effect on foreign culture. And we wonder why the world thinks Americans are violent degenerated morons…
The world used to think americans were all cowboys, now they think we are all idiots from rap music videos.

We all know various examples of how we appear to be dumbed down over previous generations but how many recognize that this is good for our handlers who want us to be easily led?

You may have an understanding of the social pressures placed on our people and think that you are immune to it’s effects since you see the problem and don’t fit into any of the manufactured archetypes I’ve mentioned, but I guarantee that at some level you are affected, if not by one I’ve mentioned then by another I have not. We must all inspect every aspect of ourselves and compare it to the best examples we have of the past. Our grandparents, great grandparents, pioneers, settlers, national heros (when is the last time we had one of those?), and great thinkers of the past.

Compare yourself to a man such as President Theodore Roosevelt. Compare yourself to Daniel Boone. Recognize that at one time the attitudes and performance of these men was not considered uncommon. Strip away the modern sentiment in your mind, the pop culture or subculture influences and take a clear view of these men from the past who challenged death and their own limitations to carve a destiny from this country. There are very few great men such as them today, there are no new legends of great men to inspire us to rise higher and fight harder and persevere. We live in an age of forced mediocrity that affects every race equally. Men aren’t men anymore or worthy of the respect we would give a man of the past. Women aren’t ladies anymore and likewise deserve very little respect when compared to earlier generations. We have been stripped of our heros and our inspiration.

If you aspire to be worthy of your ancestors and the men who carved this civilization from the wilderness you must become more like them in every aspect possible. Educate yourselves about these men and their exploits, inspire yourself to greatness based on their example, and mold your weak modern body into something which would be capable of surviving in an era before convenience and luxury were the norm. Become proficient in a skill, become an expert on a subject that interests you. Adjust your personal code to being one of honor and respect. Stop being selfish, think of the greater good and reject destructive individualist notions which were created to justify being less than your potential. Reject vices as much as possible. Improve your diet and above all learn to create. Consuming media does not improve you. Consuming television, movies, video games, or pointless podcasts made by other mediocre men does not cause you to excel, it makes you complacent. Think of the best interests of your ethnic group, it isn’t evil and hateful. Think of the best interests of your country, it isn’t immoral. Take pride in what you are and where you come from. Your heritage defines you. You come from a long long line of men who all worked and sweated and bled and suffered in ages much harder to exist in and they did it well enough to have carved a civilization out of the wilderness and breed you into existence. Give these men your respect and live up to their examples.

Further articles going into areas of personal improvement are in the works. Until then remember this, a real man is capable of accepting his limitations and faults and addressing them accordingly. If you are incapable of this you are not and never will be a real man. If you are capable I welcome you to join us on our journey to revitalize our people and serve as an example to the future.

Defeatism and the Bowel Movement are Soulmates

The notion that we can’t win in our struggles, that the battle is already over, that we are stuck in our present trajectory for all time is something we all see far too often in certain circles. It is also wrong.

Often the people expressing these hopeless ideas the most have realized that the methods they supported are useless and destined to fail no matter how many times they are tried. While they are correct that most prefabricated political and social ideals used by the fringe political spectrum are hopeless at best and counterproductive at worst their pessimistic attitudes stem from failures of their supported methods and not with the situation in the world as it really exists.

It would come as no surprise to many people here that so called “National Socialists” and “Fascists” and generic low tier “White Nationalists” can often find themselves in doldrums if they get past their cultism and hype and bother to analyze their overall affect on the world as things get worse. They in particular have always suffered most of all from antisocial elements, hobbyists, adventure seekers, infiltrators, provocateurs, psychopaths, sociopaths, drug addicts, and other associated kinds of detritus.

The life cycle of someone from the “Bowel Movement” as we like to call it generally starts out with naive idealism and a willingness to go with the flow of things and accept the overall culture and custom set of the cult. They mean well and somehow someone convinced them that this is the only alternative that can possibly reverse the decline of the west among other things. While this is obviously false these naive people have no framework of knowledge to judge the message against and accept what they are told at face value. Usually within a period of 2 to 10 years they have grown completely disillusioned with the bowel movement, the groups in it, and all of the counterproductive nonsense they’ve seen over time. While these people still believe that things are worth saving and they still generally wish to help the west and their people they become more jaded and disillusioned to the point of giving up and walking away for one reason or another, whatever the final straw may be.

It is indisputable that the turnover rate for the bowel movement is almost the same as the entry rate. The numbers never seem to rise for very long due to this process which has been in effect since the bowel movement started with the first neonazi George Lincoln Rockwell in the 1950s. If there was no turnover at all and every convinced neonazi or “white nationalist” stayed the course we would surely have millions in the USA built up by now, tens of millions possibly, but we don’t. At best we have ten thousand right of center people in general due to the bowel movement neonazis destroying the Alt-Right after the election, and again tainting the term nationalism by associating it with low functioning trash and cheap Hollywood stereotypes. I would like to clarify that so called “white nationalism” is a counterproductive philosophy and has no business at all attaching itself to the word nationalism. Some misguided readers may take offense to my statements in the last two sentences, but they cannot argue against the fact that every single thing these groups say or do seems to make things worse for all of us in general. I have never once in 20 years of my political journey seen any of these groups accomplish anything of note other than feeding ammunition to their enemies and providing a bogeyman for the system to guilt average whites with. It seems to me that must be the actual goal of the bowel movement since its true believers claim to have a string of victories under their belt despite the consequences of their actions and optics.

I think it’s funny that when I manage to encounter bowel movement true believers, neonazis, or whatever else I am often accused of nihilism and defeatism myself for not supporting them in their detrimental escapades. They like to sling NPC slogans at me in place of actual arguments against the points I make. They will say things like “what have YOU done for the ‘movement’?” They assume that if I don’t support a waste of time I am not capable of criticizing it. By that logic I have no room to make critical statements to a drug addict because I don’t take part in their lifestyle. My reply that I am not a part of their movement and have no wish to be on any level seems not to make sense to them. After all, how can I support the best interests of my people, country, and culture if I refuse to support the most vocal groups pretending to fight for it? It seems that the old wisdom of judging by action instead of words is foreign to these people.

Indeed if these people were serious results would matter over rhetoric. The simple fact is that they are a cult. They believe nobody outside of their cult has any value or wisdom and as such they stay in their cult riding out the mishaps until finally they tire of the entire thing and abandon it. When you see a group like Lega Nord in Italy gain power and influence, and make motions to actually implement actions which can slow or halt the destruction of Italy these cultists scoff. Of course Lega Nord isn’t good enough, they don’t support or advocate for bowel movement cults and heroes so how could they be? They don’t pretend to be a post WW1 era political group. They aren’t obsessed with WW2. Of course the measures being taken by Poland and Hungary also aren’t good enough. They aren’t pretending to be the next reincarnation of Hitler so how could they be? I’m sure that the banners held by Polish nationalists with both a crossed out hammer and sickle and crossed out swastika confound these people to no end. They are not pleased with the relative success these nations have had in resisting the destruction facing other European nations, it is not good enough for them because they are doing so without being cultists and validating the bowel movement. They acknowledge that both Poland and Hungary are providing a safe haven for other native European people to escape to, which is hard to deny on any level, but seem to think it’s largely insignificant because the nations in question are practicing legitimate nationalist policies and refusing to accept the mantle of WW2 era groups.

This negative attitude also works its way back into the general negativity and defeatism of the cult at some point. The bowel movement has been a running joke for so long that it effectively died out due to the fact that hardly anyone in it took it seriously anymore. It effectively died out by the mid 2000s with only the Rockwell descended NSM remaining in any capacity and even their numbers were exaggerated greatly by their leadership. I guess that all bad things must come to an end, but sadly due to bad actors in the Alt-Right it was brought back from the dead and merged into the Alt-Right resulting in some Frankenstein abomination which met a similar fate as the monster from the book.

I and several others I’ve worked with over the years predicted that result, we predicted that the Charlottesville fiasco would be the death stroke against the alt-right, we predicted that the self appointed leaders of the alt-right would destroy it, and we predicted a severe shrink in the number of self identified “alt-righters”.

While this was clearly a case of the parasite killing the host the parasite still lives on. The remainder of this Frankenstein’s monster now are even more radicalized, even more defeatist, and claim that since they failed and it all blew up in their faces the only path left is to make things worse and larp as terrorists and extremists of the most foul type. These people really do believe that the fight is lost and as such there is no other course but to support deranged freaks and wear skullmasks and and act like sociopaths. I would tell them that the fight isn’t lost, your failure of a movement is. Move on, learn from the past, and pick something which isn’t disgusting to normal respectable people. If any of you really do care about the future of our people and civilization there are actual things you can do aside from pouring gas on the fire and causing ADL donations to skyrocket.

And I would like to add for the benefit of these people that you are not “National Socialists”. NSDAP party leadership was in universal agreement that it was not for export. Therefore you are neonazis, you’re a bastardized joke stealing the symbolism and rhetoric of a group which would not have liked you. It is time to grow up and move past that, and if you really care about the future of our western people and civilization you will. Pretending to be Falangist, Fascist, or whatever else is again the same. Supporting evidence to this claim of National Socialism not being for export will be presented in a follow up article.

Sadly the majority of these bowel movement people are a lost cause and never will reform or become productive. It is an absolute shame that people who supposedly mean well and actually thought they could change the world were subverted into throwing their time and energy down the drain to benefit the people who are trying to destroy us. Of course there is an explanation for this situation, it is the fault of the usual suspects, the people who gain the most from there being counterproductive groups such as these and I’m sure many of you know who they are. If you provide supporting evidence for the claims of your enemies which furthers their goals you in effect serve them and their interests.

Its apparent to most of us that the negative overall effect of the bowel movement is by design, it existing as a counterproductive cult is by design, and it being used as a bogeyman to guilt average whites into being more submissive is also by design. It fits all the checkboxes of being a controlled opposition built to fail. Considering it has never done anything but fail I would say that’s all the proof I need, because what are the odds of it having nothing but endless negative effect for the views it wishes to promote? What are the odds of a coin always landing on the same side for 60+ years?

It is clear to me and anyone else reasonable that actual Nationalism is the way to go. Populism is the future and gets results, but it is only worth anything if it is held to a high nationalistic standard. We here support actual American Nationalism rooted in pre-WW2 American identity. Not the bowel movement parody of it promoted by an infamous joke article website I won’t name and by a joke organization which is nothing but a legacy bowel movement group with an American flag draped over the top who I also won’t dignify by naming. The so called “American Nationalist Party” is similarly another dead end due to the fact that it is a civic nationalist group with deep ties to freemasonry and with pictures floating around of the president engaging in homosexual inter-racial foreplay, I don’t understand what kind of new age nationalism that group claims to represent but it doesn’t sound like the kind of cosmopolitan freemason wet dream I would want to raise a family around.

There will be a new serious organization built from those who work with and support this website. Details will be presented in due time. Until then stay the course, hold your heads up, and refuse to settle for less.

On Optics, Censorship, Witchhunts, Free Speech, and the Future

I chose to write the first article on this site about a specific topic for a very important reason.We have witnessed a paradigm shift in how the system treats online speech and nobody really has made note of it, in the most literal sense of the word we have reached a turning point. Where is the outrage? Where are the paranoid claims that the sky is falling? Where are the people as worked up over the implications of this event as they were about leftist propaganda regarding net neutrality? The reason there is no outrage is because the situation that set a precedent involved the sort of person who the rest of the world finds to be an obnoxious disgusting moronic freak, including myself and the others involved in this project.

Of course I’m referring to the chronic edge-posting and fed-posting by one particularly diseased individual, who went overboard thanks to encouragement from other sick individuals and managed to get himself arrested as a potential hazard to the world over his social media activity.

I and many others have been predicting for some time that these skullmask wearing pseudo-terrorists, who are merely nihilists and sadistic freaks pretending to be slightly less obnoxious neonazis, would cause an event before the 2020 election cycle to kick off a wave of censorship, anti-right backlash and sentiment, and somehow set a precedent to justify the system arresting and harassing people over their social media activity. While we expected some sort of violence this event was still effective enough, partially due to the event from Christchurch NZ.

All it takes is one time before it becomes normal and this mentally defective individual who thought he was some kind of rebel warrior fighting for his race blundered his way into a situation where we all now must worry about our potentially offensive internet behavior and past activity being dredged up and used against us by the system itself. Personally I have spent the last several days purging all facebook comments and posts just to ensure there is nothing I may have said in the heat of the moment online which could result in a real life jail-based postblock when arrests for this thing become common. As an aside I will make note here that there has never been one single instance where these neonazis have ever benefited the race they claim to be fighting for, instead they have constantly benefited the people who they claim are their enemies. Funny how the controlled opposition plays out, isn’t it?

We are soon entering EU/UK level online behavior policing, and we have nobody to thank for it but these neonazi clowns who Hitler would have purged himself for being antisocial elements. Pardon my speculation here but these people are far worse than the SA were ever rumored to be. While the SA were rowdy drunken antisocial brawlers and perverts who scared little old ladies they never were Satanic terrorist worshiping freaks with a fetish for extreme sadism who wear their mental instability on their sleeves as a badge of honor. If you at all doubt the mental state of these people I would urge you to read one of their favorite fetish novels, written specifically for their little cult, called “Iron Gates”. You can read it online for free.

Moving forward its imperative that everyone accepts the new way. We can no longer reasonably expect not to be arrested or attacked by the system itself over our online posts. Any of you foolish enough to associate with these people will find yourself guilty by association and being watched more closely than someone who avoids them like the plague. We live in a surveillance state and any of you openly interacting with these freaks on the internet leave records of it everywhere you go. It’s time for any of you who aren’t a totally lost cause to walk away and tell those freaks you want nothing to do with their sabotaging and provocating behavior. We have no time for hobbyists and adventure seekers and antisocial elements. There must also be zero tolerance towards people who share their rhetoric and the associated memes ironically.

Since we are now becoming Europe in regard to online policing we had better start acting like it if we expect to survive into the future. Everyone from libertarians and nationalists to neonazi clowns and even feisty boomer Trump supporters will be affected by this at some point. Either we move forward like the European Identitarians and smart nationalist parties such as Lega Nord or we get silenced into oblivion. Their survival strategies and presentable optics should be a lesson to us all.

As a final note I would tell anyone reading this to view their online activity as being a totally open book with no secrecy. Don’t say or promote anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother or mother to see. You can explain rational political and social beliefs to anyone if you’re smart, but you also know where to draw the line. It’s time to start thinking about how you look to average people because as the arrests start mounting all they will hear about is the sick freaks going to jail for posting pictures of cringe and gore who claim to be on your side. It is time you get used to disavowing them.