What is “White Supremacism”?

White supremacy is something we have all heard a thousand times from people that attack European Americans who speak out for their best interests. At one point in time some of these misguided people were actually using the term to describe themselves without knowing what it really means.

In the purest definition “white supremacy” would indicate a system where whites rule as the supreme power over anyone and everyone else. The vast vast majority of people called white supremacists these days are usually nothing more than “white separatists” or sometimes just people who don’t enjoy living in diverse areas and who ‘white flight’ to the suburbs or rural areas to get away from loud “minorities”, bumping car stereos, shootings and urban riots, dangerous neighborhoods flooding over into formerly safe ones, section 8 housing ruining formerly safe and tranquil neighborhoods, and similar issues. If a European American or Asian American parent laments the ethnic makeup of the school district and the disciplinary issues of the area as being due to the makeup of the other ethnicities in the student body that too has and will again be called a sign of “white supremacism”.

At some point noticing unflattering aspects about other groups and attempting to avoid these unpleasant things has become synonymous with the urge to rule over them with an iron fist. Like “white privilege” and even calling yourself “white” this is a loaded term that the system uses to beat us all down into submission so we don’t resist their social experimentation.

If someone was to seriously ask me for an example of “white supremacy” in today’s world I would point out that the iron fist “Israel” has over Palestine is the only real current example. You quite literally have an occupation government there which is slaughtering people for fun, which steals their land, burns down their orchards and crops, bulldozes their homes even with them still inside, and then pretends its all justified when a few of them start throwing rocks back at their aggressors. That is supremacism. Where else in the world today can you find “white” people doing this to anyone on any level? If you want to be generous you can also claim that the endless American wars in the middle east and endless occupation forces are another example, and in a way they are, but lets not forget that this is nothing more than the extension of Israeli foreign policy and that the USA is only there as a wardog to do its bidding. I would therefore lump all American aggression in the region as being just another aspect of “Israels” existence and really no different than the plight of the Palestinians in any way other than level of severity.

If you want to find the next best historical example I would point to the extinct British empire. The way in which they’ve treated the Irish, the Scottish, and the Welsh, who the English did NOT consider white has been talked about in many books and needs no further explanation here. The way in which they’ve treated their more swarthy colonies also needs no further explanation but I will still bring up a few aspects of them in an attempt to draw a line between the past and today.

The British empire really came into its proper existence with the revolution of Oliver Cromwell. Cromwell was largely funded by international Jewish money lenders who had been outraged that the Jews had been expelled from England for coin clipping, and that several hundred had been executed as punishment. As a sure sign of things to come the first thing Cromwell did after inviting them back was wage a fresh war of occupation and genocide against the Irish. As Cromwell allowed the Jewish money lenders back into England they wasted no time buying positions of influence in his new “Republic” which set the direction for the future of the so called “British Empire”.

Two revealing incidents of the money lender ran British Empire happened with the Jewish David Sassoon’s influence through his “David Sassoon & Co”. An influence that resulted in two wars with China over opium. While not being widely talked about today David Sassoon, and later his son, ran (among other things) an opium trading operation that he refused to staff with anyone but other Jews. The opium was all grown in the British territory of India, processed by his company and imported along the normal British empire trade routes into China which caused the modern worlds first opioid epidemic. The damage to the economy and social fabric of China was so severe that the Chinese government attempted to put a stop to it.

Considering what we know about Jewish “white supremacy” and how it treats people who dare stand against it we aren’t surprised that in response Sassoon mustered the full might of the British military to crush and subdue the Chinese government and make the world safe for “free trade” once again. Despite having lost one war over this issue the Chinese government tried to stop the epidemic once again, which of course resulted in another war to defend the Sassoon’s drug pushing monopoly. He died in 1864 leaving his son Sir Albert Abdullah David Sassoon in charge of the company. Having made so much money for the “British Empire” Sir Albert Abdullah David Sassoon was awarded the the title of baronet.

Gaining a title of nobility for destroying lives through drugs and warfare…. That to me sounds quite a bit like “white supremacy”. How many of the ethnic British soldiers and sailors had any benefit from this? How many died? Most were conscripts, drafted into service via press gangs, or were simply too poor to find other work. They don’t sound like they had any part in this “supremacy”. The common man often really does have no say or influence but of course according to our attackers, the real “white supremacists”, we must all share the burden while the responsible parties walk away with a clear conscience after lecturing us.

The common thread between the “white supremacist” British Empire and the “White Supremacist” Israeli police state should be very clear to see. To paraphrase Voltaire: “You can tell who rules over you by noting who you are not allowed to question”. This secret history is kept well hidden by the people in power for a good reason, the reason simply being that they have the power and supremacy to do so and they wish not to be seen in their true forms.

Many American readers will say “what about slavery”? Wasn’t African slavery in the Americas another example of “white supremacy”? Yes, it really was, and it is my third example with a common thread in this article. Of course existing before and along side of the African slaves were also tens of thousands of Irish slaves, in the sugar plantations in the Caribbean, as well as in the United States, that’s something I refuse to leave out because of the absolute disgust and denial mainstream historians have with the truth regarding the treatment of the Irish (another symptom of white supremacy I suppose).

As with the David Sassoon & Co mentioned previously who was responsible for heavy trading of various goods and of using extreme force to make sure their business was profitable we had groups like the “East India Trading Company” (Jewish Ran) which had a private military force double the size of the British Empires own military. This company was very heavily involved in the slaving trade which existed previous to the one here in the Americas and is mentioned here as a side note.

Similar to the East India Company and David Sassoon & Co were a multitude of “banking house and financier” (Jews) owned and founded trading companies which while presumably in competition with each other often worked together in mutual agreement and made sure not to step on each others toes. This explains the foundation and ownership of almost every slaving vessel which brought Africans to this hemisphere. The major slave traders were also usually members of this monopolistic tribe, or European employees or former employees, or in the case of the French areas in the south many were also French nobles.

One valuable tool which helps inform normal people about the truth regarding this is the African American run website called “We Thought They Were White”, which lays out the truth, names, and exists primarily to deflect African American animosity from the broader European American population. It is only one small website but it does a big job standing against the lies we are all taught in school regarding “collective white guilt”.

I wont bother going into further detail about the history of the slave trade here, because I want you to read “We Thought They Were White” https://wethoughttheywerewhite.tumblr.com/ I want you to bookmark it, I want you to share it, and I want you to post stickers with links to the website in highly visible areas where African Americans tend to gather. These stickers will be for sale at production cost from one of our websites in the future.

I hope this article has helped you gain perspective on the concept of “white supremacy” and enabled you to argue better against the concept when its pushed down onto us from the liars and lemmings which mindlessly repeat what they are told by the people who rule us. Wanting whats best for your own people isn’t supremacy, self defense isn’t supremacy, wanting to live around your own kind in peace isn’t supremacy…. What we want is natural, healthy, and human. Thanks for reading.

On “Whiteness” Part 2

On “Whiteness” Part 2

There are a few extra things to consider in regard to the previous part in this series:

1. The president’s recognition that the Jews are their own ethnic group or race. This is despite their constant insistence on social media white guilt posts that they themselves are indeed white. Which means “whiteness” isn’t something reserved for Europeans or people of European descent.

2. The “Black Israelites” which have been in the news lately for attacking or killing Jews have been called “white supremacists” or equated fully with them by the Jewish supremacist pressure groups ADL and SPLC as well as Marxist politicians and some elements of the media. Which means “whiteness” isn’t something reserved for Europeans or people of European descent.

3. On crime statistics Mexicans and other south of the border (non European) “Hispanic” groups are counted as white much of the time when they have committed a crime, but not when they’re victims of a crime. Which means “whiteness” isn’t something reserved for Europeans or people of European descent.

4. The census generally counts Arabs and north Africans as “White”. Which means “whiteness” isn’t something reserved for Europeans or people of European descent.

These are just a few more reasons why its absurd to take the word “white” seriously as a self identifier.

The point here is that the word not only is toxic and tainted by the people who use it as a weapon, but that it’s also too broad and meaningless in the modern age to even be an accurate self description.

Clearly this word is NOT an identity. The next time you see a larping low tier moron shouting “white power” ask him how many of the 4 above mentioned groupings are included in his rant.

Remember this: Every group in history which has attempted to buck the status quo and assert itself created it’s own self identity, making sure not to fall into the mental trap of identifying themselves how their enemies do. Over time the identity becomes commonly known. This is how we differentiate ourselves from the rabble, from the people who may have common ancestry with us but who have no sense of identity, no sense of purpose, no sense of the future. Do they consider themselves children of Europe? Would they use the term “European American” as an identity? No, they call themselves white.

Commit to a new path which leaves the baggage and dead weight of the past movements behind.

On “Whiteness”

Why I’m not “White” and why I’m a “European American”.

I’ll preface this by saying that I don’t consider myself “white” and haven’t for some time, despite not really talking about it. Its not because of some recently discovered admixture in my blood. It’s not because of some sudden seething self hatred for myself and my ancestors either. In reality it is simply because it is a terrible term to define yourself by, and not only is it a terrible term it is one that’s owned and defined absolutely by those who are hostile to us and wish to use the term as a weapon against us.

It’s not just that I reject the “white identity” provided for me by the system, with all of its baggage and accusations of being evil, devious, and somehow implicitly demonic. It’s that almost none of the alleged attributes of “whiteness” apply to me. For this reason I consider calling myself white to be as stupid as calling myself a capitalist when I have no capital.

Let’s consider things based on how the word is defined by those who are most likely to use the term “White”. According to them whiteness implies power and privilege, it implies an easy ride in life, it implies that there’s some kind of invisible network that we use to help each other get ahead while holding others back.

The only people I see out there with this “power and privilege” are the rich and the Jews. Clearly its nobody but the rich and the Jews who are able to exercise a collective force to benefit themselves at the expense of everyone else… Clearly nobody but the rich and the Jews are out there saying things like “my fellow whites we have to change this toxic whiteness we all exhibit” and “my fellow white people, it’s time we accept and atone for our privilege” or “my fellow white people we have to stop defending ourselves and think of everyone else”. I don’t see construction workers, or factory laborers, or any type of wage slaves talking about making their own lives harder for the benefit of strangers who don’t deserve the sacrifice.

Clearly the people being preached to and ranted at have nothing to say on the matter because they have neither power nor privilege and are left confused as to how this “systemic white racism” benefits them at all. Clearly if they had power and privilege they wouldn’t be fighting for a livable wage, same as most non-whites. Clearly if they had power or privilege they wouldn’t be training their replacements in the tech industry, the rich then replacing them with much lower paid foreign workers. They wouldn’t be watching construction wages stagnate and shrink over the last few decades as cheap illegal labor undercuts their negotiation power. I sincerely doubt that anyone with power or privilege would be screaming and protesting just for $15 an hour while being unable to stop the influx of foreign people willing to do the same jobs for $5 an hour. Anyone with a basic knowledge of supply and demand can tell you that competition lowers prices. If only Americans were competing for jobs, and nobody else was allowed to come here and get hired, at all, and no jobs were allowed to be exported, at all……… you wouldn’t care about $15 an hour because you would be making much more than that already. This is how it USED to be in the USA, back when a man could make enough money with a full time job to support a wife, and 3 kids, and buy a house, and a car…

Well I have some news for you, blue collar European Americans, this so called white privilege doesn’t benefit you at all. You struggle to make ends meet, you have little if any control over who you live around, the environment you raise your children in, and how you are treated by members of other ethnicities. The only groups who have this power again are the rich and Jews. You are more likely to be denied a job or a college entry due to your race than anyone else. You have NO say over who or what you are exposed to in your own neighborhoods or how you are represented in the media, in sitcoms, in movies, in music videos, in the news, or anywhere else. EVERY other group out there can easily complain and protest and make things happen if they are shown or referred to in an unflattering light, but YOU cannot. While one can say that other ethnicities have been shown in in degrading ways in the past, how long ago was that? We also saw redneck yokels mocked: don’t forget how idiotic the Beverly Hillbillies were shown as, we also saw the once hyper-typical New England WASP stereotype mocked. Who have we never seen mocked? The REAL WHITES: the rich and the Jews. I would like to be shown ONE example in American mainstream media where this hasn’t been the case.

When was the last time the media criticized Bill Gates for demanding all of our American tech workers be put out of jobs in favor of cheaper foreign workers? When was the last time Monsanto was put on blast for destroying farmers lives, or bribing politicians, or getting the news corporations to cancel unflattering reports on the health effects of their products? When is the last time someone on TV criticized Israel for using Palestinian children as target practice? There is REAL power and privilege. Let me tell you that our collective power and privilege is much closer to that of the Palestinian children laying in a pool of blood than it is to the people who slaughter them for sport and keep any mention of it out of the news. Clearly we must begin to think in a manner which reflects reality because if things keep getting much worse in the West our own children will face a similar grim reality to those Palestinian children maimed by illegal white phosphorus bombs, or sniped for sport by bored IDF soldiers. Weren’t we all taught that women and children, civilians, are not targets and that killing them is a war crime? Imagine having the power and privilege to get away with something the Nazis apparently couldn’t.

I’m regularly reminded by my Irish pride friends that the Irish in this country until about 100 years ago were considered not-white. Now if you are to judge by appearance that would be an insane and nonsensical statement to make, people today would scratch their heads in confusion at the concept of calling a paper white ginger “nonwhite”. Apparently then they were considered nothing more than, as it was put so commonly, “niggers of pale skin”. Why? Well consider that the Irish were often poor, often indentured servants, often having little or no power or privilege on any level at all and having next to no control over their lives aside from being drunk and fighting out of sheer frustration. Does this sound at all familiar? If the Irish were not considered white due to their lack of power and privilege I would say that the entire working class and the vast majority of the middle classes of European descended Americans are not white today. We have no free speech, we have no right to dissent unless its framed in a way where we are attacking ourselves, we have no ability to criticize those who attack us based on our skin color and heritage. We are the “niggers of pale skin” of the modern age.

In my mind accepting the loaded leftist label of “white” for ourselves is moronic and self harming. What does it serve? The only benefit I can even see anyone claiming is that without calling ourselves “white” people wont be able to claim to be generic “white nationalists” anymore, which in reality is no loss to anyone, we would be better off. I’ll save my reasoning behind that for another article but rest assured the entire concept of “white nationalism” benefits nobody and has accomplished nothing but harm and setbacks for the cause of our survival as westerners and European Americans.

From this day forward whenever anyone accuses you of being white or having white privilege throw it back in their faces!

Say to these scoundrels that you’re NOT white, that you’re a European American and you have no power or privilege because if you did they would be silenced for harassing you.

Throw it in their faces that the only people on social media calling out whiteness happen to be Jewish or rich and since you’re neither the word doesn’t apply to you.

If they insist on referring to you by that outdated toxic term DEMAND to know what privilege you have. Be ready with the statistics proving that unarmed “whites” are more likely to be shot by the police than any other group, be ready to link to the fbi crimes statistics pages, but overall do not back down and do not accept the identity THEY have chosen for you, that THEY have chosen to be a weight around your neck to hold you down with.

Tell THEM to check THEIR privilege. Nobody needs a negative sjw dork harassing them. Demand to know if they’re white themselves. If they say yes tell them to stop using their privilege to harass you because you aren’t white like them. I see absolutely no reason to play their game they way they want us to. Going against the grain in this instance is really in our own best interest. I hope you understand and agree.

At some point when this gains enough traction people will see that there is a clear choice between looking at themselves through the eyes of our attackers or looking at themselves with a clarity and innocence that they’ve never felt before. After all, if they’re not “white” they don’t need to have any guilt, do they?

Thoughts on “White Nationalism” Part 1

This image, to me, sums up White Nationalism totally.

I will preface this article by saying that I do not feel an automatic kinship with people just because they are white, I do not support people automatically just because they are white, I do not advocate for people automatically just because they are white, and frankly the idea that I must support and give everyone who happens to be white a chance is insane to me. Its as insane as the idea that I must treat everyone of every other group as an individual rather than as part of a collective whole with dominant traits and patterns. I’m far too busy for that kind of behavior and frankly its below me. It is below anyone who is serious.

Let me elaborate. I am an elitist. I do believe in eugenics, I do believe that some people are beyond saving or being useful because of “how god or nature or fate” made them, how they were raised, and because of their own personal choices and attitudes in life.

For example I find little to no value in a fat spoiled soft modern male who never played outside growing up, who never gained valuable life lessons about respecting others, about social hierarchy, about male roles and behavior, about masculine attitudes outside of caricatures regarding beer bacon and beards as promoted by soy sucking hipsters, and who, for lack of a better term, are feminized to the point of being no better than a gelding.

I find no value in white trash of Walmart. I find no value in the sort of people who join groups like the KKK or TWP or NSM or even fake identitarian groups like IE or Patriot Front. I also find no value in soyfaced open mouthed meme people wherever they may exist. While this may come as a shock to many of you this is actually the correct attitude. Some of you may reply “Who else will we find to join our organizations? Who else will have the time to go march around or put up flyers on car windshields or hang banners from freeway over passes? Productive people with careers and families and potential don’t want to do this.” While you are correct that productive people, people with potential, people with skills and direction and focus in life would not want to join a mediocre group who advocates such juvenile 1980s teenaged skinhead “activism” you seem to miss the implication of all this. Maybe the people who are worth something are onto something, and maybe you aren’t. Maybe the reason you cant find quality, dynamism, or actual growth is because when you primarily seek to recruit those who have nowhere else to go and nothing else to do, then, you in turn cause the people with something to offer to reject you.

WN’s can blame others all they want for not wanting to join or support their “super smart and awesome” “totally gonna change everything and save the race this time” organizations, but in reality the blame lies solely with the organizers and creators of the groups and nobody else. It is a theory of mine that these people want to do “something” so badly that they really don’t care at all if its negative, productive, destructive, or just pointless. For them the illusion of action is more than enough. The number of times they get mentioned on the local news over their flyers being posted on telephone poles and car windshields is all the evidence they need that they are making an impact. It never once occurs to them that their betters, people who actually can think their way out of a wet paper bag, may not be attracted to such low tier antics, and may have no interest in joining and following groups led by people who have no higher strategic potential.

Of course the blame doesn’t lie solely on the mediocre people who found and run these groups or their even lower tier members who feel important and special for the first time in their lives. No, the blame also lies largely at the feet of people who are here to keep the mainstream narrative on course. For these people nothing is more important than the steady stream of activity and “hate antics” which fuels the media machine, feeds the ADL, and the SPLC lists and keeps those donations rolling in because the threat of “hate and extremism” is shown to be as high as ever. These are the people who shout from above that we must not “punch right” and that we must “unite despite our differences”. To me it looks like they really want us to do the work for them and destroy the distinctions between the smart people and the destructive freaks so the media and ADL doesn’t have to. To me it seems they’re attempting to make us accept toxic counterproductive behavior from the cringe neonazis, siege freaks, and everyone else. I suppose some people who don’t have a very strong logical ability may agree that the face value premise of unity is good, but these people clearly lack the long term vision to see how accepting bad behavior and ideals as normal will make the struggle harder and harder for us in the long term, especially as the arrests for their unhinged behaviors continue to rise.

When the ADL and SPLC are not using fake anti-jewish hate crimes and fake black church burnings as talking points before covertly removing references to those incidents from their websites once they’re proven to be fake they’re padding the stats with clowns like Cole Williams and his TWP 2.0 group. I’m sure they must feel like a real live “big boy” group for their contribution to the ADL machine and the mainstream narrative. Nothing is better and more validating than being a free bogeyman for the people who profit off of you and gain more momentum to destroy your people with. Congratulations and thank you for your service! Lol.

As I’ve stated earlier, this can be summed up by a plain fact which I expect rational people to understand; not everyone is worthwhile, not everyone is worth trying to save, not everyone can help, and not everyone has a real contribution to make. I’ve heard in the past that not everyone is fit to be a leader, clearly this is the case but it hasn’t stopped these fail groups from arising time after time. I’ve heard the leaders and members of these fail groups parrot similar sentiments at times, but clearly they lack the self awareness to apply the advice to themselves. I’ve also heard these people say “Well if you don’t like our group go make your own”. This could be considered a valid point, except for the nagging detail that they, by virtue of their low potential, bad optics, bad strategies, bad membership, and general dreg like lumpenprole existence are being pushed to the forefront of the enemy propaganda machine which really does in essence “poison the well” of discourse for anyone else.

I really shouldn’t expect these people to be smart enough to understand that by virtue of being morons, white trash, hollywood cartoons, and wannabe terrorists among other things that they poison and taint the message that we all are trying to spread. They make OUR job ten times harder because in order to respectably promote the idea of our survival and advancement we have to simultaneously rehabilitate the image of that idea, we have to present it in a light which isn’t tainted by decades of ugliness and stupidity and white trash organizations acting like the genetic dead ends they are. If we had no baggage from these low potential freaks our job would be much much easier. In light of this it should be clear who is on OUR side and who isn’t.

If you expect to make a positive impact, and if you really want western civilization and our lineage to survive its time to start looking at yourself much more critically. Things are getting worse every day and nobody is acting appropriately. There will be NO “boogaloo” to wipe the slate clean, and if there was those of you who need this advice wouldn’t survive it anyway. As I’ve said before its time to emulate the real nationalists and identitarians in Europe. Outside of your online echo chambers nobody is impressed about your 1488 WN social points or virtue signaling. They find it to be a turn off. If you’re serious about making a difference you need to man up, take responsibility, and accept that its your DUTY to serve and try to protect your people. That includes being approachable, that includes being smarter than the “movement” has ever been. That includes being nonthreatening. That includes acting “normal”. None of your internet “fashy” virtue signaling will help you with your real task. That also means rejecting the white trash lumpenprole freaks who make it easy to write us all off as morons. Push those people back into the shadows where they belong. They don’t represent me or my people.

Those of you unwilling or unable to do whats necessary to actually make a positive impact were correctly attacked by William Pierce as adventurers, hobbyists, misfits, and freaks seeking some kind of politically incorrect diversion. You have no value to your people, to civilization, or to the cause for our survival.

For those of you out there who are doing it wrong I can only hope you wise up. Time is running out.

National Socialism: An Ideology Meant For One People During One Time in History and Nobody Else

This article is meant to address multiple groups of people who base a large portion of their world view and in some cases even their identity on a false premise, one created by our collective enemies during the build-up to WW2, one meant to misrepresent the German NSDAP and make them into a more digestible bogeyman, and which was picked up by their agents after the war to keep the lie alive and help push the new era of white guilt propaganda into existence.

I will bring up three issues I have regarding this matter and at the end of the article back them up with quotes, most of which come from the NSDAP themselves. Some notable quotes are from within the “movement” showing that the more honest people did know the truth, and that the less honest leaders hid the truth.

What is my goal here? Presenting a hidden truth, showing that the movement are liars same as the system, showing that you all are being told harmful lies to set us back. Morons will claim I must be jewish, antifa, communist, or any other discrediting thing. I would ask these people to give me one example of them being productive or a benefit to the race they pretend to serve. All of the lies and dead weight need to be discarded and it’s time for a new way. These freaks are anything but nationalist and anything but intelligent and honest.


I am extremely fond of pointing out to neonazis (sorry, but everyone pretending to be a National Socialist and who uses NSDAP symbolism, rhetoric, or anything else is a neonazi), that National Socialism was not for export. The level of historical knowledge these people have is clearly shown by their responses which are usually along the lines of “What I never heard of that, are you a jew or something?”. The better educated members of this cult ideology may have heard in passing the phrase “not for export” but think it was only said once or twice, that it wasn’t official policy, and that it was said as subterfuge to disorient and hide the NSDAP’s true intentions.

A thinking man would wonder why the neonazi/ white nationalist/ bowel movement people would have the same exact interpretation regarding the motives and intentions of the NSDAP as do the the official historians of the system itself… of course with the one difference being that many neonazis do not believe in homocidal gas chambers. In reality copying your enemies homework and version of history and changing one detail does not do much to make you different from them. The implications are the same either way…… Mainly that the NSDAP was meant to be a Europe or Globe conquering ideology hell bent on Empire the likes of which would have made the Soviet and British empires look like a cake walk or a boy scout fundraising mission. Seeing how many bowel movement weenies obsess over the show “Man in the High Castle” should be enough to cement my point in anyone’s mind. There is no difference between either group beyond the fact that the neos obsess over and glorify the negative propaganda the system uses.

In order to debunk the myth that the German American Bund was a National Socialist group I will also include a deliberately rabbit-holed quote from their rally in Madison Square Gardens in 1939. Included also is a quote from Diana Mosely regarding Hitlers own attitude toward Oswald and his illogical imagery, since many people regard him as another justification for claiming Fascist or National Socialist.


Note: The so called black sun was custom designed by and for the SS to be used in their castle floor. There has never been a sonnenrad like it found in the wild. Historical variants have different numbers of spokes and often contain a hollow in the center. The people who fetishize this symbol don’t use historically accurate sunwheel designs for a reason. When I talk about this symbol I only refer to the unique one found in the floor of Wewelsburg castle.

The issue of ideological export is only one gripe against neonazis embracing the misinformation and psyops of their enemies and internalizing it. Another is the cult of “Esoteric Hitlerism” which is promoted as the secret underground truth of the NSDAP and more precisely the SS as “it was meant to eventually take over all aspects of society”. These cultists are the main group who popularized using Wewelsburg Sunwheel, adopted it as a replacement swastika, and then decided to pile a bunch of made up esoteric nonsense on top of it.

The vast majority of the books written on this subject are sensationalist fictional “alternate history” books written by Jews and pseudo-academics for the purpose of selling books and inventing a sense of mystery around the NSDAP: effectively turning it into a larger than life cult full of demonic energies, flying saucers, the spear of Longinus which allegedly pierced the side of Christ and gives its owner unlimited power, and other stuff that makes you recall Indiana Jones or Hellboy. If you find such fantasy entertaining I recommend the book “the Spear Of Destiny” by Trevor Ravenscroft, but I would advise anyone reading it not to take it seriously.

These people are also fond of the fraud Helena Blavatsky who had her own “sources” of secret inside knowledge which she claims was taught to her by masters in secretive mystery cults, the kind of secretive mystery cults which do not admit or teach their secrets to women. Sounds plausible doesn’t it? Theosophy and its many offshoots including Ariosophy are laughable and while they make for good reading they cannot be taken seriously. The influences of both Theosophy and Ariosohpy are found heavily in the Esoteric Hitlerists and Black Sun cultists ideologies, along with satanism and other things smarter people laughed off long ago.

They idolize another unstable women who decided to call herself Savitri Devi. The name she chose for herself literally means mother goddess in sandskrit. While larping as a Hindian and interfacing with swarthy men she also larped in the same circles as George Lincoln Rockwell. This woman had no knowledge of anything whatsoever, which can be expected from a cultist calling herself the mother goddess.

They also absorb the nonsense written by the attention seeking Miguel Serrano, who of course had no ties to the NSDAP, the SS, or to anyone at all which plausibly could have given him that sort of information. If they were smart they at least would have quoted from Wilhelm Landig (former SS officer) who while not being especially occult oriented did write a nice alternate history that presumably has much more basis in reality. He was actually around and claimed to be involved with some things these people wish were real. I suppose the cultists and freaks can’t be bothered to read works that never got translated into English which again shows that they have very little appetite for knowledge and instead would rather gorge themselves on easily available nonsense no matter how spurious it seems.

Where did this fantasy cult first get their ideas from? Sadly, yet again, it was the extension of propaganda put out by FDR and his allies who were trying to justify war since his election. Thankfully, despite all knowledge of this being destroyed we still have the commentary Josef Goebbels made on the matter which clearly lays out and mocks the idea of this cult and NSDAP expansionist empire to death.


Quite possibly the worst lie of all. The idea that people can larp around in costumes or recycle 1930s optics or rhetoric in the modern age. The idea that justifies freaks and extremists in making the cause of nationalism look bad. The idea that anyone who isn’t one of them isn’t extreme enough and therefore weak. These people using the first two historical lies I listed seem to think they will do something other than feed free negative propaganda to our enemies, namely that nationalists are all a bunch of Hollywood style villains and as such any issue which the “movement” openly promotes becomes immediately discredited and ignored.

Don’t believe me? The farm massacres in Rhodesia and South Africa have been going on for decades. At one point there was luck in getting the truth out, to a small degree, despite the best efforts of the system and its controlled news. Then it was picked up as a rallying cry and talking point for the 1488 freak show and from that time on it was nothing but an easily ignored “white nationalist neonazi conspiracy theory”.

It remained this way for decades. It would have remained that way forever if Donald Trump hadn’t brought the issue into public discourse which has now freed the issue from the white trash holding it underground and resulted in Russia allowing 15,000 South Africans as refugees, hopefully the first surge of many.

Optics matter and everything these freaks talk about becomes tainted and discredited and easily ignored. Why? From where I stand its obvious that this was by design. The white guilt propaganda these freaks make possible, the free sound and video clips they give the ADL to keep donations and credibility up, the free bogeyman for the SPLC to reference every time they harass normal whites for having self interest, the way they’re used against average whites by the media every time they do anything at all, the absolute lack of any kind of measurable benefit they have had for the race they pretend to stand up for……. Clearly it was all made to fail, and it fails very well. I commend the bowel movement and all of its idiotic members for doing this service for our enemies so well, for free.

Regarding “Not For Export”

Goebbels On National-Socialism, Bolshevism & Democracy (September 10, 1938)

We have modernized and ennobled the concept of democracy. With us it means definitely the rule of the people, in accordance with its origin. We have given the principle of Socialism a new meaning. … Never have we left anyone in doubt that National-Socialism is not for export. … We do not aim at world domination, but we do intend to defend our country, and it is our new conceptions which give us the inexhaustible and ever-renewed strength to do so.

Goebbels 1933 rally “Rassenfrage und Weltpropaganda,” Reichstagung in Nürnberg 1933 (Berlin: Vaterländischer Verlag C. A. Weller, 1933), pp. 131-142.

National Socialism was able to overcome this condition of continual spiritual, economic, and political crises only because the German people themselves regained their composure, and found a political idea and organization that corresponded to the character of the German nation. National Socialism is a completely German phenomenon. It can only be understood in the framework of German conditions and forces. Like Mussolini once said about Fascism, “it is not for export.”

Nuremberg: What is the Fuehrer’s message this week? – Sept 5, 1938 The Telegraph, British Newspaper


The distinguishing note of the speech of 1936 was a furious assault upon, “the mad bestial doctrine of Bolshevism,” threatening the peace of Germany and Europe, which had been effectively countered in Germany by the “great miracle” of Nazism, though this was not for export to less favoured lands.

Interview with Artur Axmann, Nazi leader of the Hitler Youth (Reichsjugendführer), 1940 – 1945 Recorded on August 23, 1990

Click to access RG-50.593.0004_sum_en.pdf

Interviewer: Hitler once said that German socialism was not for export. How do you interpret that?
Axmann: National socialism was influenced by the national character and by the environment, based on the German work ethic while international socialism increasingly took on differential characteristics based on the nation.

Hitler-Bormann Documents, Feb. 21, 1945

The National Socialist doctrine, as I have always proclaimed, is not for export. It was conceived for the German people.

Diana Mosley by Jan Dalley

“In 1935,” Dalley writes:
After Unity got to know Hitler, she wrote in a letter home to Diana that Hitler had said that Mosley was unwise to attempt to import the term “fascism” and to adopt the black shirt–both, Hitler thought, were “foreign,” out of keeping with British traditions, and likely to impede Mosley’s success. A successful political movement had to grow from deep national roots, Hitler believed, and, according to Diana, he always said that “National Socialism is not for export.” He had a brilliant grasp of the mechanics of mass appeal, and knew how to conjure up the power of the past. When Unity asked him what he would have recommended for a British-based “fascist” movement, Hitler replied that Mosley should have referred back to an important national moment–namely, the revolution of Oliver Cromwell–and called his men “Ironsides.”

(Author note: Hitlers suggestion to name a revolutionary group after Cromwell was meant as a joke at Moseley’s expense. Cromwells revolution was funded by Jewish financiers seeking to overturn the ban on jews in England and many marxists consider Cromwell’s revolution to be the first communist uprising.)

From Part III of A Heretic’s Hope by S. Michael McMillen as hosted on Ernst Zundels site.


The quotations cited are but a few gems amid a treasure trove of the doctor’s cogent and incisive critiques of Marxism. One might well ask, having acknowledged Goebbels’ stinging critique: “What then? Are we to become National Socialists in order to stave off Clinton’s new world bolsehvism?”

NO – as the question is phrased.

We MUST become nationalists and fight for the rights of our people. To do less would be abject surrender. The Nazis themselves used to say that National Socialism was not for export. They were correct.

Carolyn Yeager Podcast Discussing “Not for Export”


Podcast topic: Why National-Socialism is not for export and the special qualities of and decorations for the German worker

Richard Wilhelm von Neutitschein – National Socialism as the Archetype of the German Soul


Unlike Jewish-Soviet Bolshevism, which in practical terms, and also quite explicitly, openly proclaimed it’s goal of “world revolution” from the beginning, Adolf Hitler stated that National Socialism was “not for export”, and that it was intended exclusively for the German Volk.

Church Of the Creator: document “Little White Book”


Hitler himself stated that the Nazi movement was a political movement exclusively for the Germans and not for export. CREATIVITY is, in contrast, a RELIGIOUS MOVEMENT designed for global proportions to embrace all the White peoples of this Planet Earth.

Ben Klassen – Adolf Hitler Tribute Speech (1989):

“The second difference is that whereas the Nazi party was purely a political movement, and Hitler said so himself. It was a political movement, it was for Germany only.” – “Hitler specifically said that this was not for export, it was a German phenomena, and its main purpose was to save Germany, of which it did a tremendous job.”

Hitler, Adolf ‘The Secret Conversations of Adolf Hitler’ New York, New York: Farrar, Straus and Young, N. Y. 1953 pg 397 (Part 223 of the Bormann-Vermerke notes for the 20th of May, 1942) * Sometimes listed as Feb. 21, 1945

I am firmly opposed to any attempt to export National Socialism.

Hitler, Adolf ‘The Testament of Adolf Hitler’ February- April 1945: L. Craig Fraser edition, circa 1972 page 58 (xiii)

The National Socialist doctrine, as I have always proclaimed, is not for export. It was conceived for the German people.

Dr. Goebbels, Speech September 10, 1938 Ref. Documents on International Affairs, vol.II, 1938, pp.17-19.

Never have we left anyone in doubt that National-Socialism is not for export.

Goebbels FRANKFURT, 31 MARCH 1938.

We are reproached with carrying on propaganda. No, National Socialism is to us such a dear, holy German cause that we feel inclined to pray that God may keep it primarily for our own people. Let the other nations foster their own ideals.

Dr. William Pierce’s personal secretary, Earl Thomas informed the founder of PLE how – in order to become a full fledged member of the Koehl/Pierce/ Lloyd NSWPP in 1967 – he had been sworn to secrecy about never bringing up “those darn quotes of Hitler’s about not exporting National Socialism.”

German American Bund. Madison Square Gardens 1939 rally. Fritz Kuhn

“They are going to rid this country of the “terrible nazi menace”. By nazis they of course mean the members of the German American Bund and its leadership, and usually they have the splendid idea of having us all deported. Let me answer these gentlemen tonight…. That their efforts are of no avail because we have never claimed to be nazis, knowing very well ourselves that nazism is something reserved for Germany, and has no place in our country. The German chancellor himself has many times proclaimed to the world that nazism is not for export.”

Regarding the origin of Esoteric Hitlerism


Here is what Goebbels had to say on the issue, published in Das Reich, his propaganda newspaper :

“This time he made concrete accusations against the policies of the Reich, which he attempted to prove though compromising documents he allegedly possessed.

Mr. Roosevelt claimed that he had proof in his hands that the Axis powers were planning to reorganize South and Central America. They were planning to transform the existing fourteen countries into five states that would be under their control. His proof was a secret map allegedly produced by the Reich government. The American government also claims to possess another Reich document. According to it, the Reich government plans to abolish the existing religions of the world once it has won the war — Catholicism, Protestantism, Mohammedanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism. They are to be replaced by an international National Socialist church, the cross by the swastika, and God by the Führer. That is what he claims.

It is clear to us that Mr. Roosevelt needed this grand swindle to whip up American public opinion. He needed the heaviest possible ammunition, since the American people are at the moment more intelligent than their government and want absolutely nothing to do with the war in Europe. We really are not all that interested in Mr. Roosevelt’s opinion of the intelligence of his people nor in what he thinks them capable of believing, and normally would see no need to reply to his bald-faced and outrageous lies which so clearly bear the signs of fabrication. In this case, however, it is a matter of a political falsification which seems to us to have a clear and ominous purpose, and gave us such an easy chance to show up the liars to the entire world that we could hardly let the opportunity pass. We had to overcome our moral scruples, however, to confront the liar and ask him where he got these alleged documents from, where they can be found, and if he was ready to show them to the public.

Things went as we expected. Mr. Roosevelt, the president of a nation of 130 million, dodged our questions. He claimed the authenticity of the documents was unassailable; he had them. They could not be published, however, since they were secret and publishing them would reveal the source. And the map in question that carved up Central and South America had markings in pencil which could compromise the source that provided them. He, Roosevelt, did not want to cause any difficulties for the poor chap who passed them along.

As one can imagine, Roosevelt’s answer was not very convincing proof of his hair-raising allegations either at home or abroad. Our tough questions bore fruit. We used the press and radio to propose to the American president that he might publish the incriminating map of Central and South America, perhaps either erasing the ominous pencil markings or covering them up with paper, and to at least publish the text of our notorious plan to begin a campaign against all the world’s religions once the war was over, from Jehovah to Confucius to Christ.

We looked further, and since we could learn nothing more given the stubborn silence of the accuser, we attempted to lure him into a response by massive attacks. Alas, the normally talkative gentleman seemed to have forgotten how to speak. Even the attempts of the American press to learn something more as he visited one of the famous skyscrapers were in vain.

The Reich government published two formal denials on 1 November, which boxed Roosevelt’s ears so strongly that he had to chose between revealing his documents or proving himself a forger and liar to the entire world. He chose the latter. The U.S. press gave headline treatment to the German denials and asked for a response. Mr. Roosevelt accepted the blows, rubbed his checks and said nothing. We made every conceivable suggestion to ease the publication of the documents, but the U.S. president preferred to be thought a liar and forger than to prove his absurd accusations.”

– Added commentary taken from the post in the above forum for clarity:

Roosevelt’s claim of a German plan to “abolish” all religions and replace them with a National Socialist religion is quite clearly bogus, and is not supported by pronouncements by Martin Bormann, the most anti-religious of the National Socialist leaders.

The Bormann pronouncement posted by the moderator is clearly the statement of an aim to reduce the political influence of the churches over the German population. It is not a statement of an aim to “abolish” any religion, ie to prevent individuals from adhering to or practicing a particular religion. It was the statement of a policy of combating the political activity of religiously-based organizations, not of combating religious beliefs themselves.

As part of the policy of combating the political influence of the churches, members of the National Socialist Party and of other National socialist organizations, eg the SS, were encouraged to officially resign from the churches of which they were members, and to adopt the status of “gottgläubig”, ie believers in God not affiliated with any church.

Since in Germany members of a church pay taxes to that church (the taxes are collected by the State), a large number of resignations would weaken the churches financially and thus as a source of opposition to the Government.

However, there was no compulsion to resign from church membership. Many members of the Party remained members of churches, even members of the SS could retain church membership without penalty.

There were a few anti-Christian enthusiasts who tried to revive the native German wotanist religion, but Hitler personally had nothing but scorn for them, as is shown in his recorded conversations.

Regarding the return of National Socialism

After Hitler’s secretary, Gertraud “Traudl” Junge, typed up his Last Will & Testament, she realized that she had just witnessed an enormous turning point in history – even if the paperwork for it was a bit blurred by the need to uphold the fight outside and long range legal necessities; so she simply resorted to asking him personally if National Socialism would ever be able to return again. Hitler answered with a very clear “No.”

He also added, that even if an entirely fresh movement was to appear in the distant future, at best it would only have some similar characteristics. (Ref. ‘Swan Song 1945’ by Walter Kemposki, 2016, Chapter 8 of 14 – 5011).

In Conclusion
Make of all this what you will, but this is historically accurate information. At this point the only people who will deny the implications of this article are either liars or have an agenda which is not interested in truth.

Clearly the answer for the west is not neonazism, the WN bowel movement, or anything short of real nationalism which excludes both of those things and their baggage.. Either fight for the truth or fight for comfortable lies which only benefit our collective enemies. Your call.

On Christianity: Why I refuse to attack it and why you shouldn’t either.

I’m going to start this by saying that I am not a Christian, but I am deeply sympathetic to it for various reasons that I will explain. I think that the obsession with attacking it instead of the direction its going is extremely toxic and overall bad for any positive political or social movement. I have not converted to any branch of Christianity. I have no plans on doing so. This article is based purely on moral conviction and logical reason. Nothing more and nothing less.

1. Who attacks Christianity? Why do they do it? Why are you on their side?

Most of the worst attacks on it come from people who also see us, our civilization, and our culture as an enemy to attack just as viciously. Many years ago before the alt-right started I foolishly attacked Christianity alongside these people and didn’t see it for what it was. I did so enthusiastically and I did so frequently. I used many of the same arguments that many of you use today, many of the same arguments that our collective enemies use, inadvertently placing myself somewhat in their camp. While I never liked them, or attempted to be allied with them, and hated them just as much as I do now I refused to see what I was actually supporting.

It’s impossible to deny that there is a strong and all encompassing attack on Christianity itself coming from many directions simultaneously for various reasons, but all of the attackers are firmly banded together in a coalition, united in this cause. Who are they?

– Marxists. Karl Marx coined the term “opiate of the masses” and ever since all of his political followers have retained the same attitude or taken it farther. Communist countries have gone as far as shutting down churches and incarcerating priests and nuns and faithful followers in labor camps. During the Spanish civil war churches were burned, priests were murdered, nuns were burnt alive and raped, and their corpses were dug up and desecrated.

– Social Marxists. The Frankfurt school and its followers consider it an impediment to their destruction of the family unit, social tradition and order, and an impediment to moral relativism. Just as they attack traditional family structure to cause societal weakness they also attack Christianity. They seek to subvert traditional western morality and replace it with their own twisted form of morality.

– Moslems. While they technically consider Jesus to be a prophet they are extremely hostile to Christianity and attack it and try to have its practices and holidays and public signs of adherence banned. They seek dominance wherever they establish themselves and consider it a roadblock to their progress. They want to assume total political and moral authority through the monopoly of religion in the areas they live.

– Jews. If it’s not Sarah Silverman tweeting about how great it is that the Jews killed Jesus it’s some random local coalition protesting government buildings with Christmas holiday displays, public businesses with mangers, crosses hanging up, Christmas caroling, public prayer and whatever else. They do this while attempting to have the same government buildings put up displays with menorahs. They will have a collective seizure at a Christian display at the white house but seem happy to get the white house to display a giant menorah on the front lawn. Those of us who are well read have also seen what they say in the talmud about Jesus and know well that this has been their attitude for almost two thousand years.

– Anarchists. Those among you who have been paying attention have surely heard the term “no gods, no masters” at least once. While some of you may agree with this slogan please understand that you have a short sighted view and don’t see the long term effect of this attitude. When these people say that slogan they are also rejecting traditional morality of the sort often seen in the Christian values that have inspired society to stay on a certain course, although imperfectly. The absolute rejection of the spiritual relegates man to a material only being living in a world where nothing at all has any higher or moral value other than what mankind decides to apply to himself, there is nothing larger than yourself to live for, life loses that extra meaning that comes from spirituality of any stripe as long as its sincere, and in the end people are nothing more than intelligent meat machines. This all leads to nihilism.

– Neo-pagans. These are especially cringy individuals who are little more than the fedora wearing atheist “intellectuals” of the past who have found a new fun image. They rarely espouse legitimate and historically valid views regarding their professed beliefs and instead use these ancient paths as a vehicle to superimpose their hyper-modern SJW values into; including anti-white self hatred, marxism, anti nationalism, cultural relativism, anti-traditionalism, and so forth. Over the past ten odd years I’ve watched these creatures multiply in numbers so quickly that now they make up the majority of the so called “pagans” in the world and online. They set the dominant culture there and this often bleeds over in many ways to the “nationalist pagans” and folkish elements. It has gotten so bad I haven’t represented myself as one openly or engaged socially with them or their groups for almost ten years. Their antics have inspired similar attacks in return from “nationalist christians” and traditionalists so in many cases they have caused a false fragmentation of our circles that doesn’t deserve to exist at all.

– Corporations. Nothing annoys the greedy capitalist machine more than a spiritual path which tells people to be frugal, to save, to plan ahead, to reject consumerism, to reject globalist consumer pop culture, to reject hedonism, to interfere with their profit margin. They are threatened by people who value the family, traditional roles, housewives, and tightly knit families. Those who feel that they have the justification from a higher power to defend these things are a thorn in the side of those who would make us all consumer clones.

– International Finance, Bankers, Credit Companies. This is the easiest of all. Imagine how unhappy they would be if Christianity found its root values again and usury was banned in the west, or even if Christians simply refused to participate in a system of debt.

2. My second reason for supporting it goes back to a point I’ve made several times earlier. Morality. People maintain that we don’t need religion to make us moral and I would agree to some extent, but morality comes from two places in society and two places alone. Philosophy and religion. The problem with allowing philosophy to alone dictate morality is that it is much more easily subverted and that it comes in far too many forms. Religion, and especially Christianity is supposed to be monolithic. It is supposed to have universal core values that are largely common even among all of its factions.

The problem with philosophy is simply that you’re left with whatever form the rulers of society want you to have. Everything from Socrates to Marx to the insane cocaine fueled rantings of Freud to the Art of War by Sun Tzu can be considered philosophy. For example the Art of War is the philosophy of successful and strategic warfare and tactics rather than some kind of direct manual. It is intended to show you a certain way of thinking that you can apply to many things. Marx wrote a philosophical doctrine that has been interpreted differently by different people and governments. Philosophy can be changed, rewritten, banned, bastardized, and reinvented much more easily than spiritual and religious beliefs. The Frankfurt school took very little time to adapt Marxism to social degeneracy and decay and the co-opting of so called marginalized groups when they realized that the working class wasn’t interested in their nonsense. Their newly invented world view, their philosophy, its a toxin that’s ingrained in every feminist, every leftist college student, every SJW, progressive, and every politically correct nice guy in the USA. Their philosophy gained so much influence so quickly that we see it manifest in new extreme directions every half decade or so. Look how easy and fast it was. It wouldn’t have been easy at all if Christianity wasn’t already subverted from within. Degenerate philosophy will not rise to dominance if higher, spiritually based values also exist and are firmly rooted in the people.

As far as I’m concerned real Christians have never attacked me for my beliefs, they have never attacked me at all for any reason. They expressed concern and interest in me that was less selfish than many others in my life. Of course they wanted to convert me, they wanted me to join what they see as the truth and the right side of things and I don’t blame them for it at all. That’s something we all do to some extent with our views. There are quite a few hypocrites, quite a few who misunderstand how they should be acting who act wrongly, but realistically they are about as legitimate as the degenerated churches pushing Marxism or telling us we should respect their pro-homosexual anti-religious clergy who want to remove crosses and put in Moslem prayer rooms for the sake of inclusivity.

It took me a good long time to arrive at this viewpoint. I’m now at the stage where I admit freely that despite the shortcomings Christianity has been a net positive for the west and deserves the respect and defense of us all. We never would have had the crusades, we never would have had the winged hussars driving the Turks from Vienna, we never would have had the Spanish inquisition and reclamation of European lands from hostile invaders. Thanks to the positive influence of the religion alcoholism in Russia has gone down in almost the exact ratio that church attendance and membership has risen.

Everyone reading this needs to make a choice on where you truly stand. Either you respect and tolerate something which has largely been good for us all over the past millennia, up until the point where infiltration and subversion has made is almost terminally ill, or you side with the people who are destroying it, our civilization, and our people.

It is impossible to separate Christianity from Western Civilization unless you reject the last 1700 years of European History.

Are you going to willingly disown your heritage, are you going to let your enemies win?

On George Lincoln Rockwell Part 1

The issue of Rockwell and his lasting impact seems to come up relatively often and is a matter of strong contention between the “true believers” out there who refuse to think critically about anyone deemed a martyr or hero by the “movement” cult, and the pragmatic skeptical people who realize that the man in general was extremely counterproductive and that his lasting legacy is toxic still today.

We see a great many people out there agree when people bring up the toxic imagery and actions of so called neonazis, many eagerly attacking people they see as counterproductive to the overall cause that we seek to represent, which is self interest and self preservation of our people and civilization. As eagerly as these people attack so called neonazis they almost always veer down the avenue of bringing up “skinheads” and making the conversation about them. Apparently too many people these days think skinheads are neonazis and nobody else is, but from where I and other actual nationalists stand everyone pretending to be a heir to the NSDAP legacy is a neo-nazi. The word itself literally means “new nazi”, these people are nothing like the old and have no ties to them other than the superficial and a strong fetishism for their symbolism and aesthetic. Furthermore it is technically impossible for anyone of them to be a legitimate National Socialist considering that National Socialism was the doctrine of the NSDAP written specifically by Hitler for the German people of his time and nobody else, I would go on to state that he and other high ranking party members stated often that it is “not for export” to others. In light of this established historical fact it’s already plain to see that Rockwell was illegitimate in the first place and as such will be treated that way for the duration of this article.

To fully understand the Rockwell situation we need a clear view of the time and culture in which he lived and acted. The post WW2 boom was the last era of overt pride seen in the USA. To the vast majority of European Americans there was no end in sight to their dominance and as far as they were concerned their status as heroes was cemented in the fabric of reality for all time, raising them above the level of criticism regarding any social or political issue. They believed they had just fought the good fight and rid the world of the ultimate evil, as per the propaganda of the day, and as such were absolute heroes. They lived secure in a time of economic boom, technological breakthroughs, hope about the future, constant talk of colonizing space and having flying cars. They really believed that the world was headed to a utopian futuristic state and their kids or grandkids would be off playing manifest destiny in the stars as per Buck Rogers and other space cowboy fantasies.

The great depression was a fresh memory in the minds of many people, the ugly reality of WW1 trench warfare was active in the minds of a sizable portion of the population and many of the adult males a generation younger similarly had unpleasant stories about pestilence and death in Europe from the follow up war. This was an era of hope for the future and bright times ahead. The vast majority of Americans, even those who were below the poverty level, had an attitude of hope and good cheer. Recall the parody cartoons from Loony Tunes regarding the “world of tomorrow”. At this point the fear of a nuclear stalemate with Russia blowing over into Armageddon was still relatively new and not at the fevered and pessimistic pitch it would be later on. I cannot impress upon you enough that this was an era of optimism for the future and bright times ahead. This was the era where people’s minds were filled with ‘The Jetsons’ and John Wayne movies. A high trust society where people regarded honor and respect as the ultimate virtues.

The absolute last thing any white American was worried about was being called racist or offensive or an oppressor, sure they had their views and liked their segregated communities in both the north and the south, but that was just natural to them. Racially aware attitudes were the norm rather than the exception back in this time. With all of this positivity and optimism most people saw no reason not to trust the government and media.

Then the forced integration began. The vast majority of white Americans opposed it. While the integration movement was the strongest in the south the most vicious race riots took place in the north. Again this was a nation-wide push for change which was more noticeable in the south due to the fact that the south had explicit laws regarding segregation, while in the north it was mostly implied and self enforced through peoples right to freedom of association. Despite this state supported social change many people refused to see that the government had become the enemy and that the right of Americans to live as they wished was under attack.

At this time, however, despite the utopian fervor present in most people, there were a few Nationalists out there ringing the alarm bell and attempting to get people to see what was waiting around the bend.

Myself, I half think the massive economic growth and utopian mindset injected into the public mind through the media was an intentional distraction to keep people from considering that darkness was being planned for the nation. Lulled into a false sense of security after such hard times how could anyone not feel optimism?

In the golden era of post war Nationalism we had figures such as Eustace Mullins (the protege of Ezra Pound, and the first man to write a book on the true nature of the Federal Reserve Bank), Senator McCarthy (who you should be familiar with if you’ve gotten this far), John Beaty (veteran of both world wars, intelligence officer with high clearance during the second world war, author of several historical novels, and the first man post WW2 to author a book exposing what was happening to the nation and who was behind it), and significantly Robert Welch of the John Birch Society (the first and most overtly powerful Nationalist organization, who had the strength to influence presidential elections in a way that’s only rivaled today by AIPAC).

During this time you also had the political evolution of an enigmatic man named Lyndon LaRouche taking place. He was still politically confused and only as good as the information he had (still being a marxist and communist sympathizer), but he was on his way to building an underground network and organizational empire which would rival that of the above-ground JBS in size and impact. By the mid 1970s Lyndon LaRouche was a hardline American Nationalist purist, regularly pointing out the machinations of the Zionists as well as the “British Empire”, a term which he used to describe the Rothschild and other Globalist Financiers of the type which now include people such as George Soros. LaRouche was significant in that he was the first to implement what I refer to as Guerrilla Political Activism. He was a constant headache for the system and a serious thorn in its side. He had contacts in the intelligence community which were sympathetic and gave him information and he also had well placed sources in private industry and politics around the world including the Soviet Union. He ran multiple businesses to finance his operations and as such he was the most successful man in American Nationalism post war. Presumably his success is the reason for him remaining nearly unrecognized by the far right. The bowel movement (an old term for the ‘movement’ or ‘WN movement’ favored by National Alliance members which is extremely accurate) is not fond of making heroes out of people which are better than the low capability pessimists who make up the majority of its base. The amount of subversion LaRouche was able to throw at the left and the hidden hands who pull the strings is beyond comprehension and would require a big book to fully lay out. Although, to say he was infallible or all knowing would be absurd as he was taken advantage of by the cointelpro operative Roy Frankhauser who managed to get himself employed as an intelligence operative of LaRouches organization for a period of time.

Considering that we had an extremely complex and well respected, not to mention influential Nationalist movement in the USA during this time it should be very telling that most of you are unaware of its existence and the efforts made by these men to change the course of history, instead most of you think everything post-war started with a flashy, crass, vulgar, and moronic acting man in a home made brownshirt costume who regularly shouted “six million more” and “this time the world” for tv cameras to give the ADL much needed fodder to use as the first white guilt propaganda fed to Americans.

Rest assured that this is by design. You only know what the system wants you to know. The system wants to make sure that all nationalistic and ethnically conscious attitudes are attached to a freakish bogeyman cult which would disgust normal people and turn them away from considering the views it represents, instead of a nationalist community full of intelligent, dynamic, self made men with highly respectable accomplishments in life who may be worth listening to.


The most intelligent and capable man to ever come out of the bowel movement was Dr. William Pierce, and during my early days in the dissident right, in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, he was an almost universally attacked and hated voice of reason by everyone who wasn’t a member or ally of the National Alliance. In his last years he obsessively and viciously attacked the bowel movement, costumed freaks, 1488 clowns, hobbyists, wannabe militants, and in personal rants in the NA compound he even viciously attacked Rockwell for his legacy and the mess he left behind to hinder real progress. This was a hard admission for Pierce to make because a genius level man has a genius level ego and it is extremely hard for one to admit he is ever wrong about something so big, often choosing to stubbornly take his sin to the grave instead of admitting fault.

To quote sections of a Pierce speech from his last days:

“This is something that is obvious to many of the people who we want, but it took me a few years to learn the hard way: to shun hobbyists, to have zero tolerance for people who like to dress up in uniforms and shout 1488 and give roman salutes to tv cameras. I suspect there are still a few Alliance people who haven’t yet developed zero tolerance for these freaks… and that’s why I harp on the subject so often……

You know, people who talk about fighting the enemy in the streets really aren’t interested in winning. They just get a buzz from talking about fighting the enemy in the streets. Their talk is pure self indulgence, pure hobbyism. We are a long long way from the point where we will be able to gain any advantage in the streets. We may want to have a security force for certain functions before then, but what will be notable about that security force besides character and commitment will be discipline and skill, not beer bellies and tattoos (lol twp and nsm, etc).

To sum it up: the Alliance has no interest at all in the so called “movement”, we are not interested in uniting with the movement, and we are not competing with the movement for members. If anything we should be grateful that the movement is out there to soak up a lot of the freaks and weaklings who may otherwise find their way to the Alliance and make problems for us.”

– What did he mean there? Why is it that the smartest man to ever come from the bowel movement attacked and discredited it? He knew as well as anyone else it was Rockwell’s legacy. Often in his days at the NSWPP he would get irritated and implemented a rule banning membership from anyone who brought up “those pesky quotes about National Socialism not being for export”. What made him change? Why did he found the Alliance to be the exact opposite type of group? Why was a founding member of the National Alliance Oliver Revilo, also a founding member of the John Birch Society? Why was another founding member Willis Carto, later of the American Nationalist Liberty Lobby? I think its obvious that he figured out the truth early on and walked away from the scam, but for strategic purposes attempted a semblance of diplomacy with the sort of people he would later grow to hate.


Taking into account the nationalists who were gaining traction and making serious waves what benefit would we get from a clown in a costume driving around in a “hate bus” and giving Hollywood movie villain optics serious airtime?

The text on Rockwell’s “hate bus” has been replaced with something more accurate.

People out there make many excuses for Rockwell’s costumes and antics. They claim that any publicity is good publicity. This isn’t a viable excuse considering the culture of the time, when anyone as brash and bad mannered and offensive as him was universally hated just because everything he did was in poor taste. He acted like this in a healthy society which still valued manners and respectability. Any argument that he was making a positive change through notoriety is absolutely delusional and his antics are better compared to a shock rock band from a later age where society had already decayed and edgy off-putting imagery that offended older people was a big selling item.

Even if publicity through notoriety was his true aim, what kind of people are attracted to negative subcultures like the one he was trying to create? Antisocial people, defective people, losers, misfits, people with no hope to make anything of themselves. Good recruiting material for a cult, very bad recruiting material for someone who wanted to be taken seriously and promote racial or national self interest…. But very good recruiting material if you wanted to make a bogeyman which causes its claimed views to look ugly by association with such disreputable folks.


Facts which by themselves make him a suspicious character:

1. Funding.
Where did Rockwell get the money for his cult? He never had his own income. Eustace Mullins maintained that his main funding came from the ADL itself and I would assume that is correct. Mullins spent some time at Rockwells “compound” trying to figure it out and that was his opinion at the end of it. Lyndon LaRouche confirmed this and added related sources and I quote: “Funding for Rockwells American Nazi Party reportedly came from leading ADL-connected “Our Crowd” New York Banking Families such as the Strauses, who are better known for their controlling interest in Macy’s department store”. One must really ask how much money a man would need to purchase houses and property, clothe and feed around two dozen men, purchase vehicles, purchase printing presses, hold a stockpile of printed material held for later resale, and so forth. This was not cheap. He had donors with deep pockets. Consider how expensive old time printing presses were, consider manually typesetting each page, consider that you would need to print thousands of copies of each book to turn the slightest profit, and consider that most copies just sit around waiting to be sold if you’re only offering them through a mail order catalog. Either Rockwell was gifted several hundred thousand dollars worth of equipment and printing materials or his good friends at the CIA ran Regnery Publishing helped him out.

2. Rockwell the actor.
It is generally not well known that Rockwell’s parents were Vaudeville stars and he was raised around actors and brought up as one by his parents. His father was famous for a whacky character he invented called Doc Rockwell who acted very much like Jerry Lewis later did. I firmly believe Lewis heavily borrowed character influences from Doc Rockwell. In the acting community it’s well known that people use props to help get into character. Rockwell’s father used nerdy glasses and a bowtie to get into his character, Rockwell stole General Patton’s aviator sunglasses and the corncob pipe from General MacArthur to help get into character. Considering how much time he spent around actors and the heavily kosher community revolving around theater, comedy, and everything else he shockingly had very little negative to say about it. His upbringing is a good thing to remember when we consider how he basically lived up to the Hollywood stereotype of a Nazi villain, going as far as ranting about global conquest and shouting “six million more” publicly.

3. Rockwell the repulsive.
It should be obvious to most people that a man shouting obscene and bad mannered movie villain rhetoric on the evening news would be off-putting to normal, healthy white people in the healthy society of that era. The logical result of his antics and optics would be repulsion. It is well known that Dr. William Pierce often had this same argument with Rockwell, but Rockwell never was interested in adjusting himself according to the advice of smarter men, even to the point of refusing to expel Frank Collin after Frank was publicly exposed by his own father for being jewish (due to the amount of open jews Rockwell had in his group I suspect he knew about Frank all along).

Indeed how could a man dressed like the last great national enemy ever hope to gain any kind of respect or support for his views from a nation full of veterans, widows, and grieving mothers who lost sons in the war? He spent a great amount of energy inventing excuses for his antics, but it all falls flat.

4. An eerie recollection from Eustace Mullins.
In the early days of the JBS Eustace Mullins was a member and would often go to their conferences. In these events they would rent out event halls in more upscale hotels and after the event many of the men would retire to the hotel bar for refreshments and casual conversation.

In these early days the ADL had no real bogeyman to complain about and so they would instead protest the JBS meetings, calling them nazis, picketing outside, and generally attempting to have them discredited and gain sympathy using the same old tricks they have used since the war ended.

Of course using those smear tactics and buzz words against respectable business men and successful military veterans and people who were well dressed and well spoken wasn’t going to help the ADL propaganda machine or their donation income very much…. But they did have a plan.

As recalled by Eustace Mullins on an interview video I watched long ago the ADL protesters came into the hotel bar after the conference and attempted to be friendly with the JBS members. “No hard feelings fellas, it’s just business after all. The politics stay outside. Let us buy you a few rounds of drinks.” And the ADL members attempted to intoxicate the already buzzed members of the JBS which included Eustace himself. At some point the friendly drunken banter turned to subversion, of course, with the ADL members suggesting something along the lines of “Well you guys are basically nazis anyway, why not just be open about it? Why not go public and say what you really mean? Why not be radical? You don’t even have to use the symbolism, but if you did who would blame you? It is America after all, you have freedom of speech.” of course the JBS members were no fools and knew fully well what this meant. Eustace Mullins recalled that the ADL members were laughed out of the bar.

Of course this story is extremely significant considering that not too long afterward Rockwell showed up doing exactly what the ADL was busy looking for someone to do…….

My personal list of reasons on why Rockwell was controlled opposition:

1. Daniel Burros
Burros was Rockwells party secretary. The official story is that when Burros found out he was jewish he committed suicide. The real story is that Burros was suicided by a double tap to the back of the head at his good friend Roy Frankhausers home. Frankhauser was a cointelpro agent and informant inside Rockwells group who over his career worked inside the communist party USA, the minute men, and the KKK. The reasoning for this is that Burros contact information was found in Lee Harvey Oswalds personal phone book and loose ends needed to be tied up. That should come as no surprise, since anyone worth his salt knows the self-chosenites had JFK removed, it stands to reason that the militant ones involved in psyops and active subversion would be connected in some way.

2. Frank Collin. Frank was Rockwells protege. He was meant to be the eventual second in command / replacement and when Rockwell was killed he attempted to assume control of the cult. There was a strong rejection of this and the cult fragmented with half of the people leaving with Frank to start a new group of their own. The reason for such heavy disliking of Frank was due to his regular purchasing of then legal underage homosexual pornographic materials as well as Frank’s father exposing him to the group as being Jewish in order to have his son thrown out. Predictably Rockwell refused to remove him.

3. Importing the O9A from England.
It has been established that National Socialism was not for export, was not an internationalist or globalist ideology or government, and was never intended for anyone but the “German Volk” in German lands. This is explained and documented in a companion article which will be posted later on.

Despite not being able to claim a credible connection to actual National Socialism Rockwell went far out of his way to prove the system and Hollywood hysteria correct and show that it was indeed a globally minded ideology of conquest. One tactic used to further this agenda was the establishment of what he called the “Wold Union Of National Socialists” which united similar controlled opposition groups in various nations in order to present the image of an international menace. The first foreign group to join was the NSM, which was an English neonazi group that had already managed to be totally infiltrated and subverted by the O9A. As such when they became equal partners with Rockwells own group in this Larp Union of Controlled Opposition they of course did their usual subversive and infectious techniques to spread satanism and even more freakish and extreme cultism which eventually resulted in the outright militant posturing of Tomassi and the Satanic militant bogeymanism of James Mason. It really shouldn’t be be shocking to anyone that these freakish individuals are connected to a satanic group whose philosophical outlook can be best illustrated in the terrible novel “Iron Gates”.

4. Rockwell’s dedicated liaison for the ADL.
Jack Anderson, the protege of “Washington Merry-Go-Round” columnist Drew Pearson was Drews official liaison to the Rockwell. The tab for Anderson’s expenses was paid by the ADL according to sources which Lyndon LaRouche had. Pearson ran public relations for the ADL by building up Rockwell’s group as a major public menace while maintaining regular and friendly phone contact with Rockwell. Rockwell made these contacts in the print media while he was employed by William F. Buckley to help found the “National Review” magazine. During this time with Buckley he was picked for his role as the ADL’s “fuhrer”.

5. Dishonest and Inaccurate Larping.
One significant action taken by neonazis around the world which is historically inaccurate and more akin to something from Hollywood is public displays of attention seeking. These either manifest as a protest or as a flag march or a combination of the two, often with a bullhorn and subordinate members of these groups standing around glaring menacingly at counter protesters. This is another Rockwellian invention with no basis in pre-WW2 history (unless you count the antics of Moselys crowd, who were also considered illegitimate and an object of polite ridicule by the NSDAP. See accompanying article for more information) and again is done purely for the effect that the image presents later through the tv screens as white guilt propaganda to aim at average whites.

The only pre-rise to power example of the NSDAP marching with their flags waving was during the beer hall putsch. Aside from that all incidents of them marching around with flags was while doing victory marches and celebrations after they won power. The idea of marching around in a pretend victory march before they gained power probably would have made the NSDAP laugh and mock whoever presented it.

All NSDAP meetings and speeches were given in controlled, secured, and well guarded areas with roaming patrols of SA in the area hoping to head off and prevent protesters or violent enemies from showing up in large numbers and ruining things. There never were any public events or speeches where the party leadership would have been targets for the police or communists. This is simple logic, logic which larpers and bogeymen for the system absolutely lack….. because lets face it. Effective private meetings and speeches don’t make good video clips to cry over on the evening news. The ADL had enough of closed meetings while trying to subvert the JBS.

While it is obvious why Rockwell and his protege Frank Collin did public attention seeking events, seeing as they were controlled opposition, it may not be apparent why people still do it today. Simply put these people are just Rockwell’s legacy, attempting to go through the motions of what he did without understanding the why, because they think it gives them legitimacy. Absolutely incredible that he was so successful in building his cult that today the ADL has people doing this stuff for free.

6. His assassination.
The lie that cemented his legacy as a martyr and hero for the “movement” he created. The official bowel movement story is that he was assassinated by the system due to being a threat. Really nobody but an idiot would consider anything threatening from a man who told people he would become president in 1972 with the campaign slogan “Jews are thru in 72”.


In reality he was killed by a man who was his sidekick and minion. A Greek fella who changed his name to Jonathan Patler. While accepting ridicule over his swarthy Greek features he became incensed that Frank Collin with swarthy Semitic features was left alone. He tolerated a lot of abuse in the group from Rockwell and his cronies including Collin. At some point it became clear that he saw through the lie and the ensuing arguments led to him being thrown out of the group. The official reason of his dismissal was “sympathy for marxist views” which was absolutely absurd to accuse someone of who toed the line obsessively and looked up to Rockwell like a father. Of course he left saying he would be back, later ambushing Rockwell at a laundromat and shooting him to death. Interesting to note is that in a semi-recent interview “Patler” says he still loves Rockwell like a father. Definitely not the words that would be spoken by a government assassin, or marxist infiltrator. Those are the words of a true believer who found out the ugly truth and had his world shattered before his very eyes.

7. James Guttman.
While evidence tying him to activity during the reign of Rockwell is sparse, it is easily proven what he was responsible for doing under the watch of Frank Collin in the late 1970s. This is a good indicator of how neonazism is used by Zionist interests, as this is the only known time in which their machinations backfired and they were exposed in the public media.

In this instance I will include several paragraphs in-tact from the “Counterintelligence” section of LaRouches publication:

undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined

As you can see this speaks for itself. Anyone enterprising enough can research the names involved and despite the system liking to keep the truth scrubbed from the history books you will still be able to pull up references to confirm what is said. Who has noticed that there are a lot of fake hate crimes and fake antisemitic incidents perpetrated by the people who pretend to be victims? In reality this was the same thing but on a much larger scale.

8. The obsession with “Hate”.
Many people today complain that “white pride” and innocent white self-interest are equated with “hate” everywhere from wikipedia to the news media to the government. Very few people are willing to accept that this was another of Rockwell’s efforts which simply played out to its logical end. Taking over “pro white” views from respectable people simply by the act of shouting more loudly and being constantly featured in the media was the avenue by which he did this. One specific method was by, among other things, riding around in a so called “hate bus” and giving the media the opportunity to report on every event he rode to as an “expression of hate”. It’s plain to see he helped discredit the pro-segregation protesters simply by showing up on their side wearing his costume in his “hate bus”. The long term effect of this and other actions is simply equating everything pro white with hate.

What does all of this mean? How should we act in light of this information? Any smart person would know that the only purpose of controlled opposition is to discredit the position of all sincere opposition via guilt by association. We all should by now be familiar with the quote by Zionist Movement founder, Rabbi Theodor Herzl when he said that “in the future the anti-semites will be our best friends”. It is time to recognize just how literally he meant this.

As far as I am concerned the entire 1488 / WN / whatever movement is corrupt from the roots up and as such is worthless. You cannot build something strong and healthy from a damaged foundation. If you have ever wondered why the bowel movement has accomplished exactly nothing since the time of Rockwell until today your question is now answered. There is no way to separate the poisoned antics and optics of the past from the present and reform it. I would advise everyone to disavow it and all of its slogans and symbolism, and actively attack it while promoting a clean untainted path for the future, free from all of the baggage it has built up.

What of the future? We live in a time where more and more European Americans are seeing the truth, or at least seeing that something is severely wrong. We live in a time where more are looking for answers than ever before. By its very nature the “movement” is meant to turn functional and respectable people off. They will predictably look elsewhere for answers, and many will even be hostile towards the truth due to the way that the bowel movement has misrepresented it for the past several decades.

A prime example of this is the fate of the Rhodesians and South Africans. White genocide in South Africa has been ramping up for decades and since the only people talking loudly about it were the counterproductive freaks in the bowel movement the situation was dismissed and ignored widely by almost everyone who heard about it. That is the effect that the movement has on truth. Sadly the only way to change that was for Donald Trump to bring it up and make it a matter of national news. At that point it no longer was a fringe topic represented by ugly freaks, but a mainstream issue. Of course our enemies continued framing it as a “white supremacist” conspiracy theory after Trumps statement to keep it out of the public mind, but it failed. This resulted in multiple petitions for allowing Afrikaners into western nations as refugees, and even resulted in Russia granting citizenship rights to any which chose to move there.

We clearly need something new and nontoxic, we clearly need a nationalism which doesn’t disgust people who have been programmed by the system and which can propel them to the truth without facing the stigma of being “one of those guys” that the media wont shut up about. As far as I’m concerned the Identitarians in Europe have the right idea. They have spread information and awareness to the point of helping German and Austrian citizens recognize the dangers of the UN treaty regarding unlimited and unchecked refugee resettlement. Despite massive media blackouts and repression this resulted in massive protests in Germany filled by normal, average, patriotic and productive citizens. No bowel movement group has ever had such a positive impact, none has ever done anything but set the cause back. As far as I’m concerned groups like Lega Nord are also showing a different, correct idea. They have managed to gain power in Italy and are becoming more popular with each passing year.

I and others are working on something new and positive for Americans which will attempt to fill this need. We want to change things for better and we wish to help our people and benefit them, not disregard them as the “movement” does because they refuse to share edgy memes and worship bowel movement heroes or larp as national socialists. The time for hatred towards “normies” is over.

Be the future you wish to see. Either you are with us or you are against us, and any of you who choose to hold the cause back due to love of the larp are the enemy. If you follow Rockwell’s movement you serve the Zionists whether you are honest enough to admit it or not.

On the Global Stereotype of Exceptional American Ignorance

It’s no secret that people all around the world generally regard Americans as ignorant and uneducated. Causes for this is are seen in all levels of our society, even including the “nationalist” movement. It is generally inescapable. Why is this a dominant feature in our national make up? How did it get this way? What can be done about it? What can we do to improve ourselves?

In this article I will attempt to give my view on the matter and some historical context as to how we arrived at this place.

Many of you out there will rightly blame the media for promoting a culture of ignorance, glorifying the illiterate jock or thug as the ultimate and only real examples of masculinity. Many of you will note that the rise of this destructive cultural trait started as the degeneracy of the 1960s spread outward into popular culture when the government loosened the reigns it had on the media back then.

Few people today know that at one point there was a list of acceptable and unacceptable things to show and promote in film, tv, print, music, and popular culture in general. The mass media wasn’t keeping itself in check out of a feeling of civic duty anymore than a potential rapist was keeping himself from doing something to get executed over out of civic duty. The international cartel that has run our media for the last century or more was interested in protecting itself from the wrath of the citizenry and government when we as a nation were still more educated and moral. Once the decay ran too deep into our educational system many of our youth were more concerned with music and subcultures and drugs and hedonism. The die was cast and the nation changed within a single generation, although the most destructive aspects took time to manifest.

At the very end of the previous era, the one before the decay took root, most people would say that masculinity was easily described as the representation of pioneers, westward settlers, cowboys, astronauts, soldiers and the like. Men who took on personal hardship and sacrifice in order to carve their destiny from the wilderness and the cruel natural tendencies of fate itself. Our society glorified explorers, stunt men, daredevils and the like. A safari in Africa hunting big game which could kill you easily was a fantasy of many young boys. Honor and high regard for yourself and your people was universal. You could order submachine guns from the Sears catalog at the tender age of ten and nobody thought to stop you because we as a society were still strong and glorified the upright moral warrior spirit of the west. It was inconceivable that someone would be so deranged as to turn a weapon on his fellow citizens over a grudge or on a whim. In that age, the age of a far different America, there was nothing lower than being a self hating coward, there was nothing lower than being an oath breaker. Men and women trusted the government and media because it was absolutely unthinkable that these entities didn’t represent the values of the dominant culture. How far we have come.

The change happened so fast that many folks didn’t realize it until decades later. The last era of American western civilization was the end of segregation. People in the north and people in the south were all living in segregated neighborhoods. It was natural to prefer to be around your own and it was natural to refuse to intermingle. Racially aware attitudes were the norm up until the late 1950s and even into the 1960s despite what we are told to believe. Many modern people are lied to, told that this was an expression of hatred for the other. Love for your own is not hatred for anyone else. Neonazis didn’t really exist yet and where they did they were hated by everyone, the klan was generally disliked, and most white people just wanted to live their lives peacefully around their own without harming anyone else. Making it in life same as now required most of your time and attention, and the family required the rest. Social clubs were common. Nobody had time to go around hating every other race. The first major attempt at using media to change this self focused attitude was on the show “All in the Family” featuring the racist and rude “Archie Bunker”. This sitcom didn’t take place in the deep south. It took place on the east coast. It goes through scenarios such as the first black family to move into the neighborhood and how giving them a chance won’t destroy your neighborhood, or being falsely mistaken as jewish and having swastikas painted on your door and having the JDL show up and stand guard over your house in-case the vandals return. In reality this seemingly moral attempt at making whites more tolerant was really meant to get them away from thinking of their own best interests, and instead considering others who did not think of the whites in kind. The integration movement was only enforced at gunpoint in the south, but the most significant racial riots took place outside of the south. Make no mistake that this was a national cultural shift taking place. Descendants of both sides in the American Brothers War were facing the same struggle at the same time. What was the reason?

It’s common knowledge among our circles that there is an IQ gap between the races, most notably the 15 point average gap between blacks and whites. Some people credit this gap with being the cause for our national educational decline, but it is not true. It isn’t common knowledge in our circles that in the 1950s we were #1 in the world for high school and college education and as of 2009 we were in 18th place. The downward trajectory seems to have really started in the 1980s although we can pinpoint the weakness being introduced into our educational facilities with the rise of leftist student activism and social marxism campaigns. This significant change in education cannot be explained purely by demographics. If it was only due to demographics we would need to have been made into 1/18th of the population of this country.

School integration didn’t result in an immediate drop in performance in most areas, like anything else it was a gradual process that was held back by social convention. At that point there was still high social pressure for blacks to perform and for whites to not adopt their culture and idioms. If anything it initially did have a positive result in the black student makeup of most districts. Being forced to compete on an even playing field with white students caused black competitiveness to rise and the effect was noted early on from what I’ve read. Still in the 1980s we were much closer to #1 globally in education. This was also the time period in which the system started pushing it’s effort into high gear to demonize “nerds” as well as promote jock culture and stupidity and hedonism and disrespect for cultural norms through music more than any point since the 1960s. As much as I hate hippie era bands they still had some meaning behind them, they still represented an ideal and had a philosophy. The bands in the 1980’s aimed at the “masculine” members of our youth like Van Halen were only meant for promotion of an empty, hedonistic party life. It is this point where we see school being represented as boring and uptight and lame and white. Rodney Dangerfield movies also represented the manufactured war on traditional values and intelligence. There are many more examples I wont mention, but I will instead turn your attention to the manufactured resistance to this phenomenon which we see in the “Revenge of the Nerds” films. These films show the “nerds” as social misfits, geniuses, spergs, perverts, and homosexuals who only want to get along and be equal while the mean old party-jocks who represent the dominant social order are repressing them and committing hate crimes against them. As we know social programming comes from above and these ideas were injected into the public mind, especially of the 1980’s youth in various ways. I am just using these easily referenced examples to make a point.

We see two examples of social programming here that are clearly defining social roles and rivalries in the educational system that simply did not exist prior. Friends of mine in Europe take education much more seriously, it’s not just my friends though. People of every political variation in Europe take education more seriously. They see American education as being torn between degenerate party freaks who use education as a social club and sex adventure, and defective intellectuals who for some reason just aren’t normal. I think in many instances the archetypes that the system created in the 1980s are still as strong as ever but now altered with a more racial and radical aspect. In the 1950’s you could be a “nerd” and wear glasses and a pocket protector and work for IBM or NASA or a university and still be masculine. You worked hard and were proud to be good at your profession, maybe you drove a jeep in the woods to camp and fish on weekends, maybe you still enjoyed the American mythology of masculine heroism and manifest destiny. Being a “nerd” wasn’t an indication that you were a defective then. Nerds were an exciting required class of advanced man who would bring us into the world of tomorrow through engineering and science and computers. Knowledge was glorified while the illiterate and slow were an underclass to be pitied and spoken about in hushed tones.

In today’s version of these archetypes the ignorant jockish class are generally empty headed urban thugs in school on sports scholarships and sad white males who accept or emulate this try to fit into a social place which no longer is readily available to white males due to increasingly being pushed out of college and national level sports. The nerds really aren’t nerds anymore, but instead are the logical extension of the “Revenge of the Nerds” protagonists and are multi gendered sexual deviants and open marxists who assume they hold the mantle of the smart nerd class due to their love of video games and fantasy novels. The only legitimate people in any amount in our college system who totally reject these roles tend to be East Asian students who score better than all other groups and as such are more discriminated against in college entrance policies than even whites are. The amount of normal or conservative white students in higher education seem to be very low and generally they dont exit higher education unscathed, especially the females.

We can see in the 1990’s how this came to be, again using mass media programming as an example. The terrible movie “PCU” takes place in a time shortly after higher education had been totally and unapologetically hijacked by the SJW liberal types. The old guard party jocks are all but extinct and have devolved into nothing but a group of wasted goof offs, the old guard “smart and serious” students only exist in secret and are openly despised for representing a retro version of white American culture which is universally regarded as evil. They are of course compared to “muh evil nazis” several times. Everyone else almost without exception is a member of some leftist freak organization which are all coddled by the school administration who put education as their absolute last priority.
Important to note is that these aren’t just irrelevant movies and cheap entertainment, these are examples of the roles and values and thoughts being pushed down on people from above from every direction, but that were not commonly recognized at the time. In many ways the parody versions of these realities are helpful to show us the true nature of things through satire. It’s as if the people who are responsible for forcing these things on us feed us entertainment mocking us for submitting to their agenda. I have heard many times that the people who really run things are fond of waving it in our faces this way.

1950s integration by itself was not enough to destroy our national intelligence, 1960s hippie leftism also was not enough to destroy our national intelligence, 1970s drug culture was not enough to destroy our national intelligence. Social programming which forced fake roles onto our educational classes in the 1980s were the key and by the 1990s they had all melded together into what we have today as the dominant culture in our schools at all levels. It isn’t just the teachers and staff being reds that are the problem, we had that since the time Senator McCarthy was hunting reds wherever they were hidden. It took the combination of these destructive social elements unleashed on our youth to finally kick us down a few notches and make whites start performing at a lower level and by extension so did the blacks. The degenerated garbage culture embraced by the blacks who are no longer held to a higher standard is exported globally by mass media corporations hoping to cause a dumbing down effect on foreign culture. And we wonder why the world thinks Americans are violent degenerated morons…
The world used to think americans were all cowboys, now they think we are all idiots from rap music videos.

We all know various examples of how we appear to be dumbed down over previous generations but how many recognize that this is good for our handlers who want us to be easily led?

You may have an understanding of the social pressures placed on our people and think that you are immune to it’s effects since you see the problem and don’t fit into any of the manufactured archetypes I’ve mentioned, but I guarantee that at some level you are affected, if not by one I’ve mentioned then by another I have not. We must all inspect every aspect of ourselves and compare it to the best examples we have of the past. Our grandparents, great grandparents, pioneers, settlers, national heros (when is the last time we had one of those?), and great thinkers of the past.

Compare yourself to a man such as President Theodore Roosevelt. Compare yourself to Daniel Boone. Recognize that at one time the attitudes and performance of these men was not considered uncommon. Strip away the modern sentiment in your mind, the pop culture or subculture influences and take a clear view of these men from the past who challenged death and their own limitations to carve a destiny from this country. There are very few great men such as them today, there are no new legends of great men to inspire us to rise higher and fight harder and persevere. We live in an age of forced mediocrity that affects every race equally. Men aren’t men anymore or worthy of the respect we would give a man of the past. Women aren’t ladies anymore and likewise deserve very little respect when compared to earlier generations. We have been stripped of our heros and our inspiration.

If you aspire to be worthy of your ancestors and the men who carved this civilization from the wilderness you must become more like them in every aspect possible. Educate yourselves about these men and their exploits, inspire yourself to greatness based on their example, and mold your weak modern body into something which would be capable of surviving in an era before convenience and luxury were the norm. Become proficient in a skill, become an expert on a subject that interests you. Adjust your personal code to being one of honor and respect. Stop being selfish, think of the greater good and reject destructive individualist notions which were created to justify being less than your potential. Reject vices as much as possible. Improve your diet and above all learn to create. Consuming media does not improve you. Consuming television, movies, video games, or pointless podcasts made by other mediocre men does not cause you to excel, it makes you complacent. Think of the best interests of your ethnic group, it isn’t evil and hateful. Think of the best interests of your country, it isn’t immoral. Take pride in what you are and where you come from. Your heritage defines you. You come from a long long line of men who all worked and sweated and bled and suffered in ages much harder to exist in and they did it well enough to have carved a civilization out of the wilderness and breed you into existence. Give these men your respect and live up to their examples.

Further articles going into areas of personal improvement are in the works. Until then remember this, a real man is capable of accepting his limitations and faults and addressing them accordingly. If you are incapable of this you are not and never will be a real man. If you are capable I welcome you to join us on our journey to revitalize our people and serve as an example to the future.

Defeatism and the Bowel Movement are Soulmates

The notion that we can’t win in our struggles, that the battle is already over, that we are stuck in our present trajectory for all time is something we all see far too often in certain circles. It is also wrong.

Often the people expressing these hopeless ideas the most have realized that the methods they supported are useless and destined to fail no matter how many times they are tried. While they are correct that most prefabricated political and social ideals used by the fringe political spectrum are hopeless at best and counterproductive at worst their pessimistic attitudes stem from failures of their supported methods and not with the situation in the world as it really exists.

It would come as no surprise to many people here that so called “National Socialists” and “Fascists” and generic low tier “White Nationalists” can often find themselves in doldrums if they get past their cultism and hype and bother to analyze their overall affect on the world as things get worse. They in particular have always suffered most of all from antisocial elements, hobbyists, adventure seekers, infiltrators, provocateurs, psychopaths, sociopaths, drug addicts, and other associated kinds of detritus.

The life cycle of someone from the “Bowel Movement” as we like to call it generally starts out with naive idealism and a willingness to go with the flow of things and accept the overall culture and custom set of the cult. They mean well and somehow someone convinced them that this is the only alternative that can possibly reverse the decline of the west among other things. While this is obviously false these naive people have no framework of knowledge to judge the message against and accept what they are told at face value. Usually within a period of 2 to 10 years they have grown completely disillusioned with the bowel movement, the groups in it, and all of the counterproductive nonsense they’ve seen over time. While these people still believe that things are worth saving and they still generally wish to help the west and their people they become more jaded and disillusioned to the point of giving up and walking away for one reason or another, whatever the final straw may be.

It is indisputable that the turnover rate for the bowel movement is almost the same as the entry rate. The numbers never seem to rise for very long due to this process which has been in effect since the bowel movement started with the first neonazi George Lincoln Rockwell in the 1950s. If there was no turnover at all and every convinced neonazi or “white nationalist” stayed the course we would surely have millions in the USA built up by now, tens of millions possibly, but we don’t. At best we have ten thousand right of center people in general due to the bowel movement neonazis destroying the Alt-Right after the election, and again tainting the term nationalism by associating it with low functioning trash and cheap Hollywood stereotypes. I would like to clarify that so called “white nationalism” is a counterproductive philosophy and has no business at all attaching itself to the word nationalism. Some misguided readers may take offense to my statements in the last two sentences, but they cannot argue against the fact that every single thing these groups say or do seems to make things worse for all of us in general. I have never once in 20 years of my political journey seen any of these groups accomplish anything of note other than feeding ammunition to their enemies and providing a bogeyman for the system to guilt average whites with. It seems to me that must be the actual goal of the bowel movement since its true believers claim to have a string of victories under their belt despite the consequences of their actions and optics.

I think it’s funny that when I manage to encounter bowel movement true believers, neonazis, or whatever else I am often accused of nihilism and defeatism myself for not supporting them in their detrimental escapades. They like to sling NPC slogans at me in place of actual arguments against the points I make. They will say things like “what have YOU done for the ‘movement’?” They assume that if I don’t support a waste of time I am not capable of criticizing it. By that logic I have no room to make critical statements to a drug addict because I don’t take part in their lifestyle. My reply that I am not a part of their movement and have no wish to be on any level seems not to make sense to them. After all, how can I support the best interests of my people, country, and culture if I refuse to support the most vocal groups pretending to fight for it? It seems that the old wisdom of judging by action instead of words is foreign to these people.

Indeed if these people were serious results would matter over rhetoric. The simple fact is that they are a cult. They believe nobody outside of their cult has any value or wisdom and as such they stay in their cult riding out the mishaps until finally they tire of the entire thing and abandon it. When you see a group like Lega Nord in Italy gain power and influence, and make motions to actually implement actions which can slow or halt the destruction of Italy these cultists scoff. Of course Lega Nord isn’t good enough, they don’t support or advocate for bowel movement cults and heroes so how could they be? They don’t pretend to be a post WW1 era political group. They aren’t obsessed with WW2. Of course the measures being taken by Poland and Hungary also aren’t good enough. They aren’t pretending to be the next reincarnation of Hitler so how could they be? I’m sure that the banners held by Polish nationalists with both a crossed out hammer and sickle and crossed out swastika confound these people to no end. They are not pleased with the relative success these nations have had in resisting the destruction facing other European nations, it is not good enough for them because they are doing so without being cultists and validating the bowel movement. They acknowledge that both Poland and Hungary are providing a safe haven for other native European people to escape to, which is hard to deny on any level, but seem to think it’s largely insignificant because the nations in question are practicing legitimate nationalist policies and refusing to accept the mantle of WW2 era groups.

This negative attitude also works its way back into the general negativity and defeatism of the cult at some point. The bowel movement has been a running joke for so long that it effectively died out due to the fact that hardly anyone in it took it seriously anymore. It effectively died out by the mid 2000s with only the Rockwell descended NSM remaining in any capacity and even their numbers were exaggerated greatly by their leadership. I guess that all bad things must come to an end, but sadly due to bad actors in the Alt-Right it was brought back from the dead and merged into the Alt-Right resulting in some Frankenstein abomination which met a similar fate as the monster from the book.

I and several others I’ve worked with over the years predicted that result, we predicted that the Charlottesville fiasco would be the death stroke against the alt-right, we predicted that the self appointed leaders of the alt-right would destroy it, and we predicted a severe shrink in the number of self identified “alt-righters”.

While this was clearly a case of the parasite killing the host the parasite still lives on. The remainder of this Frankenstein’s monster now are even more radicalized, even more defeatist, and claim that since they failed and it all blew up in their faces the only path left is to make things worse and larp as terrorists and extremists of the most foul type. These people really do believe that the fight is lost and as such there is no other course but to support deranged freaks and wear skullmasks and and act like sociopaths. I would tell them that the fight isn’t lost, your failure of a movement is. Move on, learn from the past, and pick something which isn’t disgusting to normal respectable people. If any of you really do care about the future of our people and civilization there are actual things you can do aside from pouring gas on the fire and causing ADL donations to skyrocket.

And I would like to add for the benefit of these people that you are not “National Socialists”. NSDAP party leadership was in universal agreement that it was not for export. Therefore you are neonazis, you’re a bastardized joke stealing the symbolism and rhetoric of a group which would not have liked you. It is time to grow up and move past that, and if you really care about the future of our western people and civilization you will. Pretending to be Falangist, Fascist, or whatever else is again the same. Supporting evidence to this claim of National Socialism not being for export will be presented in a follow up article.

Sadly the majority of these bowel movement people are a lost cause and never will reform or become productive. It is an absolute shame that people who supposedly mean well and actually thought they could change the world were subverted into throwing their time and energy down the drain to benefit the people who are trying to destroy us. Of course there is an explanation for this situation, it is the fault of the usual suspects, the people who gain the most from there being counterproductive groups such as these and I’m sure many of you know who they are. If you provide supporting evidence for the claims of your enemies which furthers their goals you in effect serve them and their interests.

Its apparent to most of us that the negative overall effect of the bowel movement is by design, it existing as a counterproductive cult is by design, and it being used as a bogeyman to guilt average whites into being more submissive is also by design. It fits all the checkboxes of being a controlled opposition built to fail. Considering it has never done anything but fail I would say that’s all the proof I need, because what are the odds of it having nothing but endless negative effect for the views it wishes to promote? What are the odds of a coin always landing on the same side for 60+ years?

It is clear to me and anyone else reasonable that actual Nationalism is the way to go. Populism is the future and gets results, but it is only worth anything if it is held to a high nationalistic standard. We here support actual American Nationalism rooted in pre-WW2 American identity. Not the bowel movement parody of it promoted by an infamous joke article website I won’t name and by a joke organization which is nothing but a legacy bowel movement group with an American flag draped over the top who I also won’t dignify by naming. The so called “American Nationalist Party” is similarly another dead end due to the fact that it is a civic nationalist group with deep ties to freemasonry and with pictures floating around of the president engaging in homosexual inter-racial foreplay, I don’t understand what kind of new age nationalism that group claims to represent but it doesn’t sound like the kind of cosmopolitan freemason wet dream I would want to raise a family around.

There will be a new serious organization built from those who work with and support this website. Details will be presented in due time. Until then stay the course, hold your heads up, and refuse to settle for less.

On Optics, Censorship, Witchhunts, Free Speech, and the Future

I chose to write the first article on this site about a specific topic for a very important reason.We have witnessed a paradigm shift in how the system treats online speech and nobody really has made note of it, in the most literal sense of the word we have reached a turning point. Where is the outrage? Where are the paranoid claims that the sky is falling? Where are the people as worked up over the implications of this event as they were about leftist propaganda regarding net neutrality? The reason there is no outrage is because the situation that set a precedent involved the sort of person who the rest of the world finds to be an obnoxious disgusting moronic freak, including myself and the others involved in this project.

Of course I’m referring to the chronic edge-posting and fed-posting by one particularly diseased individual, who went overboard thanks to encouragement from other sick individuals and managed to get himself arrested as a potential hazard to the world over his social media activity.

I and many others have been predicting for some time that these skullmask wearing pseudo-terrorists, who are merely nihilists and sadistic freaks pretending to be slightly less obnoxious neonazis, would cause an event before the 2020 election cycle to kick off a wave of censorship, anti-right backlash and sentiment, and somehow set a precedent to justify the system arresting and harassing people over their social media activity. While we expected some sort of violence this event was still effective enough, partially due to the event from Christchurch NZ.

All it takes is one time before it becomes normal and this mentally defective individual who thought he was some kind of rebel warrior fighting for his race blundered his way into a situation where we all now must worry about our potentially offensive internet behavior and past activity being dredged up and used against us by the system itself. Personally I have spent the last several days purging all facebook comments and posts just to ensure there is nothing I may have said in the heat of the moment online which could result in a real life jail-based postblock when arrests for this thing become common. As an aside I will make note here that there has never been one single instance where these neonazis have ever benefited the race they claim to be fighting for, instead they have constantly benefited the people who they claim are their enemies. Funny how the controlled opposition plays out, isn’t it?

We are soon entering EU/UK level online behavior policing, and we have nobody to thank for it but these neonazi clowns who Hitler would have purged himself for being antisocial elements. Pardon my speculation here but these people are far worse than the SA were ever rumored to be. While the SA were rowdy drunken antisocial brawlers and perverts who scared little old ladies they never were Satanic terrorist worshiping freaks with a fetish for extreme sadism who wear their mental instability on their sleeves as a badge of honor. If you at all doubt the mental state of these people I would urge you to read one of their favorite fetish novels, written specifically for their little cult, called “Iron Gates”. You can read it online for free.

Moving forward its imperative that everyone accepts the new way. We can no longer reasonably expect not to be arrested or attacked by the system itself over our online posts. Any of you foolish enough to associate with these people will find yourself guilty by association and being watched more closely than someone who avoids them like the plague. We live in a surveillance state and any of you openly interacting with these freaks on the internet leave records of it everywhere you go. It’s time for any of you who aren’t a totally lost cause to walk away and tell those freaks you want nothing to do with their sabotaging and provocating behavior. We have no time for hobbyists and adventure seekers and antisocial elements. There must also be zero tolerance towards people who share their rhetoric and the associated memes ironically.

Since we are now becoming Europe in regard to online policing we had better start acting like it if we expect to survive into the future. Everyone from libertarians and nationalists to neonazi clowns and even feisty boomer Trump supporters will be affected by this at some point. Either we move forward like the European Identitarians and smart nationalist parties such as Lega Nord or we get silenced into oblivion. Their survival strategies and presentable optics should be a lesson to us all.

As a final note I would tell anyone reading this to view their online activity as being a totally open book with no secrecy. Don’t say or promote anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother or mother to see. You can explain rational political and social beliefs to anyone if you’re smart, but you also know where to draw the line. It’s time to start thinking about how you look to average people because as the arrests start mounting all they will hear about is the sick freaks going to jail for posting pictures of cringe and gore who claim to be on your side. It is time you get used to disavowing them.